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Graves Family Association


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On this page you can apply or renew your GFA application and also order back issues of the Graves Family Newsletter.

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Objectives of the association

  1. To collect, preserve, connect, and publish all information on the Graves/Greaves/Grave/etc. family name, for all time periods, worldwide.
  2. To contact and involve as many Graves/etc. descendants as possible in one or more activities of the Association.
  3. To instill a feeling of pride and belonging, and a sense of heritage, in all Graves/etc. descendants.

Activities and benefits of the association

  • Graves Family Bulletin, an online newsletter with articles about genealogy and DNA testing of potential help to Graves/Greaves descendants.
  • Facebook page.
  • Family reunions (most recent National reunion was in June 2007 in Williamsburg, VA). Local reunions.
  • Trips to England (most recent one was in June 2009).
  • Help with ancestry and family research.
  • Searches for Graves records and ancestors in Britain, Ireland, U.S., Canada, Germany, and elsewhere.
  • Publication of genealogies for all Graves/Greaves families, research results, etc.
  • Help in finding others with similar interests.
  • Internet web site, Graves e-mail mailing lists.
  • DNA Study to connect families and find ancestries.
  • Other activities and benefits as announced.

Association fees

  • Annual membership: $20
  • Sustaining membership, $40/year (or more) (An opportunity to provide extra support)
  • Life membership: $600 One-time fee (No age limitation)

Payment Options

U.S. Orders

Please make checks payable to Graves Family Association and send to 20 Binney Circle, Wrentham, MA 02093.

Non-U.S. Orders

Please send Postal Money Order or International Money Order in U.S. dollars (and inquire about postage if you are ordering back issues).


Any payment can also be made online via PayPal by going to http://www.paypal.com and sending payment to the Graves Family Association at gfa@gravesfa.org.

Download Order Form Download application form (PDF)