Nov. 11, 2008
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Carpathia Hosting Announces Jon Greaves as New Chief Technology Officer

Jon GreavesASHBURN, Va., Nov. 11 /PRNewswire/ -- Carpathia Hosting, the leading provider of enterprise managed hosting services for government agencies and businesses, announced today the addition of Jon Greaves to the Carpathia management team as Chief Technology Officer. In his new role, Greaves will lead Carpathia's commitment to use technology to deliver innovative services and to ensure the delivery of repeatable and scalable solutions to Carpathia customers. He will also focus on continuing the evolution of the strategy and products and services portfolio at Carpathia.

"We are excited about Jon joining our organization. Jon's leadership, vision and experience will allow us to continue to innovate and extend our industry-leading service delivery platform for managed services, virtualization and datacenter optimization services," said Peter Weber, CEO of Carpathia Hosting. "Jon will be a key member of the management team as we continue this exciting period of growth and expansion."

A recognized leader in the information technology services industry, Greaves has spent a significant part of his career in managed services and operations with a particular emphasis on remote services delivery. Prior to joining Carpathia Hosting, Greaves was a Distinguished Engineer and held the role of CTO of Sun Microsystems' Services business. At Sun, he created the Services Innovation Office whose focus is to further services research by collaboration with academia, industry and government. Greaves was also responsible for Sun's network services vision and strategy, enabling a suite of remotely delivered services provided by Sun and its partners. Prior to Sun, Greaves was instrumental in leading the architecture and development of SevenSpace's industry-leading remote management and delivery platform. He is recognized as an expert on systems security and privacy, playing a strategic role in representing the telecommunications industry in developing international standards in response to Critical Infrastructure Protection and U.S. Presidential Decision Directive 62 and 63. Greaves has also held positions at British Telecom, MCI and Concert.

"With the advances in virtualization technology, customers now have the opportunity to embrace dynamic computing solutions and develop strategies to take advantage of cloud computing. Although these solutions can increase complexity, it does offer opportunities for customers to optimize their computing resources," said Greaves. "Carpathia Hosting is building a suite of datacenter optimization services to help manage this complexity, unlocking the true value of dynamic computing, providing the availability and performance customers require. This will allow customers to blend private, semi-private and public cloud computing solutions to create tiers of compute based on availability, performance and privacy requirements."

Greaves will expand upon his vision of the datacenter of the future and the evolution of datacenter optimization services in an e-Book that was also announced today. The e-Book, titled Datacenter of the Future, will give insight into the future of datacenters. It will be published one chapter per month over the next eight months. The Forward to the e-Book is available for download immediately.