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Graves Family Association

This page is mainly for books written by Graves/Greaves/Grieve family members. However, we will sometimes include books written by others about family members. Anyone is welcome to suggest or submit books to be included here. When the ancestry of family members is not identified, please tell us what it is if you know. Any links below take you to information at the original site or (when that link has expired) to a separate page. Links to other websites may expire in the future, but we will try to keep them current.

The format used below is the name of the author, followed by the name of the book and its identifying information, followed by descriptive information.

  • France Bequette,Ma grand-m�re cannibale about her great-grandmother, Mary Ann Graves, who was a member of the ill-fated Donner Party, written entirely in French. Published by Pixma and available from www.abebooks.com and www.amazon.fr. See the review by the DAR. She is a journalist and writer of a couple previous books of nonfiction, and lives in France. Descended from genealogy 168.
  • James A. Graves, Jr., writer of several books of fiction and nonfiction. Descended from genealogy 270. See his website.
  • John Alexander Graves, III, Goodbye to a River and others. Descended from genealogy 169. See his entry on the GFA website.
  • Richard Perceval Graves, author of more than 17 published books, including some about his uncle Robert Graves, the Powys brothers, A. E. Housman, and others. Descended from genealogy 68. See his website
  • Robert Ranke Graves, famous author of Goodbye to All That, I, Claudius, and others. Descended from genealogy 68. See his entry on the GFA website.
  • Ron Graves (Ronald Nelson Graves) and Ron Palermo, Adversity to Success!: 25 Optimistic People Who Overcame, Adversity to Success: 25 Optimistic People Who Overcame Physical and Mental Challenges, and 250 Optimistic Quotes for Achieving the Extraordinary. Descended from genealogies 13 and 270. See website.
  • Will Nunn Graves, Wolves in Russia: Anxiety Through the Ages, see his website. He is descended from genealogy 169.
  • William Thompson Graves, Charlotte, NC, James Williams: An American Patriot in the Carolina Backcountry, 2002, ISBN 0-595-21374-X. Descended from genealogy 169.
  • Paul Hudson, Ann Summers, Creator of the World Famous Bakewell Pudding, ISBN 978-0-9552251-7-8. He is descended from Ann Summers (who became Mrs. Greaves of Bakewell Pudding fame), so is not strictly a Greaves descendant, but his book contains information pertaining to the Greaves family. See also the article in the Graves Family Bulletin, vol. 11, no. 6.
  • Beverle Graves Myers writes historical mysteries. Face of the Enemy (co-authored with Joanne Dobson) is set in New York during World War II. Her Tito Amato Mystery series features an opera singer in baroque Venice. See her website. She is descended from genealogy 270 (or perhaps 94).