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Graves Family Association


All test result summaries on the FTDNA website can be accessed through the links below. All results from tests are posted automatically to the appropriate table or listing on the FTDNA site. The Y-DNA results table of FTDNA is the one recommended for all reference, and is the only one with all up-to-date results.

Other DNA test information on the FTDNA website can be accessed by clicking on the link below. If you are not logged into your FTDNA account when you click on this link, it is possible that a few of the test results won't be displayed.


Links to the GFA website pages are below. Although some of the information and categories on these pages may be more pertinent and helpful than some of that on the FTDNA tables, this website is not automatically updated as new results are reported. Therefore, it is much less complete than the FTDNA website.

When DNA testing for genealogy began (back around the year 2000), only Y-DNA testing was available. Then mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) testing and autosomal DNA (atDNA) testing were added, as well as a number of other tests. Although Family Tree DNA was the first (and, so far, only) testing company to provide projects for surnames and other groupings of test results, they did not initially offer pages for result summaries. Therefore, pages were created on the GFA website for the test results for the Graves/Greaves DNA project.


For Y-DNA testing, the testing of STRs (such as the Y-DNA37 and Y-DNA67 tests) has been standard since the start of genetic genealogy. This procedure has limitations, however, some of which can be overcome by the testing of SNPs on the Y-chromosome. As more SNPs are found, it appears that their use can help confirm lineages and find previously unknown connections between related families. The most recent (farthest downstream) SNP for each Y-DNA tester can be found on the Y-DNA test result table on the FTDNA website. The following charts are intended to show our progress with finding SNPs for the families of each haplogroup.

JOIN A Y-HAPLOGROUP PROJECT: To help everyone get the maximum benefit from SNP testing (including those who have taken Big Y and other newer tests), it is strongly recommended that you join the appropriate haplogroup project on Family Tree DNA, and then be sure to let us know of any discoveries so we can update the appropriate chart. The pertinent haplogroup projects can be seen on the chart for your haplogroup as green-bordered boxes. To see a complete list of all haplogroup projects, click here to go to a page on the ISOGG (International Society of Genetic Genealogy)website.

DETAILED SNP TREES FOR GRAVES/GREAVES GENEALOGY GROUPS: The Big Y test from Family Tree DNA and other advanced SNP tests have allowed the discovery of many new SNPs whose value and relative position on the ancestral tree is not yet fully known. The following SNP trees are the ones for the family groups with enough testing to allow creation of a tree.