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Graves Family Association

William Graves was a painter who lived in England, probably in North Yorkshire, from 1852 to 1938.  He painted scenes of areas in the Scottish lowlands near Edinburgh and in the North country of England near Leeds.  Who were his parents and what is his ancestry?

Several of his oil paintings have recently been for sale by McTague of Harrogate, and are displayed on their website at http://www.mctague.co.uk.  To see more, go to their website and click on the link for oil paintings.  Some of those paintings are shown below.


William Greaves (Exh.1882-1920)
oil on canvas, 30"x 50"
William Greaves (1882-1890) "WATERLOO LAKE, ROUNDHAY PARK, LEEDS"
Oil on canvas, 10"x 14"
William Greaves (1882-1890) "THE GRAYHOUND, WHITBY,"
oil on board, 12"x 10"
William Greaves (1882-1890) "IN SHERWOOD FOREST" Oil on canvas, signed , original label on reverse, in good original gilt frame. 36"x 28"
William Greaves (1882-1890) "HAREWOOD CHURCH" Oil on canvas laid on board,
9"x 12" in original gilt frame,