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Graves Family Association

The Graves Family Association and the descendants of the Graves/Greaves/etc. ancestors listed below are very anxious to find connections between these ancestors and more information about any of these ancestors. Please let us know if you find additional information or clues. We also encourage you to do research to find connections and earlier ancestry of any of these ancestors. If you want to act as coordinator and be in charge of research for any of these families, let us know and we will add you as the official coordinator for the family.

There are many name and place similarities, and it is important that you don't assume that similarities are the same as proof. For example, there were at least 6 different immigrants to America in the 1600's named Thomas Graves.

It is important to understand that these genealogies and all the other information on this web site has been put here to help people. The material has been gathered by many, many people working together over the years and sharing information with each other and with the Graves Family Association. No one makes any money on any aspect of this activity, and many people have spent thousands of dollars of their own money, but still willingly share their information in order to help others. We hope you will be willing to help and to share your additions and corrections to this material also.

How to find your ancestor and your family

You may either browse through the following list or click on the appropriate letter below to go directly to that portion of the listing. Note that the listing is alphabetized first by last name (since there are a few surnames that are not a variation of Graves) and then by first name. Graves, Greaves and other variations are listed as if they were all the same surname. In addition, you can use the "Find" or "Search" function of your browser to search for a name (for instance, the name of a spouse), or you can search for the number of a genealogy if you know that number.

If you don't find your ancestral family here, use the search box at the top right corner of every page of this website to search for specific names or places in the known part of your family.

What this list is and is not

Note that this list is NOT an index of all the names in the various genealogies. To find names within the genealogies, use the search function provided at the left of all the web pages. There is a link from each ancestor in the following list to the corresponding genealogy when the genealogy exists. If there is no link, that usually means that no descendant has provided any information. (For privacy reasons, we have not shown the names and addresses of individuals who are sources of the information, but those can be provided to those interested. We also do not plan to list information about living descendants in these genealogies, for the same reason.) Submit additional information or ask questions.

Proof, documentation and sources

It is very important that genealogies be thoroughly researched and that each fact and relationship be documented. When source documentation is shown, others can decide whether the evidence is sufficient to support the relationships and statements in the genealogy. What is the point in claiming an ancestry 14 generations back if the great-grandfather you thought was yours is really someone else with the same name? Since much of the information in these genealogies is submitted material (even though it has been checked in a limited manner by the Graves Family Association), there are undoubtedly errors. Also, people have often not submitted their sources, or sometimes not even recorded them. If you believe something in a genealogy is wrong or have documentation to support something, please let us know.

In the computer versions of some of the genealogies included here, there are footnotes giving documentation. Originally these footnotes were not carried over to these HTML versions because of software limitations. As genealogies are updated, these footnotes are now appearing as endnotes (at the end of the document). For older genealogies, we will be happy to let you know whether we have additional documentation.

The R- numbers appearing at the end of most paragraphs in the genealogies are numbers that indicate who submitted the information or, in some cases, what book or other publication the information is from. The contact information for these submitters is not on this site to protect the privacy of the submitters. However, it is available on request from Ken Graves.

Special features:

  • Genealogy names that have an asterisk before the genealogy number and don't have a link to a genealogy have not been created. That is usually because someone has submitted this as their ancestor but hasn't provided enough information for a genealogy to be created.
  • All completed genealogies will have the date of creation or most recent revision following the name and genealogy number.
  • New genealogies (within the last month or so) will be indicated by the word NEW in red. (Some of these may have been listed as ancestors before, but there was no genealogy.
  • Genealogies that have been revised (within the last month or so) will show the word REVISED in red.
  • Genealogies that have been deleted or combined with another genealogy will be listed on a separate page. If the genealogy you are looking for was here before but is now missing, this is the page to check.

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