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Graves Family Association


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The Graves Family Association
20 Binney Circle
Wrentham, MA 02093, USA
E-mail: ken.graves@gravesfa.org
Phone: 508-384-8084

Alternative Contact Method

If you suspect that an email message to us may not have gotten through, you can use the message option below. Mainly because of difficulties many internet service providers (ISPs) are having with spam, some messages are never delivered. To use this alternative contact method, please enter your message below and then click on the submit button to send it. If you want a telephone response, please include your phone number.

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Check website pages and FAQ page for answers first.
If you have any questions about the website, the Graves Family Association, the DNA testing study, or any other subject involving Graves/Greaves genealogy, you can contact Ken Graves as indicated above. However, before you do that be sure you have checked the appropriate page on the website. The answer to your question is probably there. To help you find the appropriate page, see the Site Map. See also the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.

Use online discussion groups.
There are also online discussion discussion groups where many of your questions can be answered. For example, there are lists for discussing Graves and Greaves genealogy, and a list for discussing any issues of the Graves Family Association. To see more about these lists, look at the Forums page.

What to do if no response If you do contact Ken Graves, even though he will make every effort to answer all correspondence, he may not have the time. In that case, a message to one of the online discussion lists mentioned above will reach him, and may get a helpful response from another GFA member.

A problem that has been happening lately is that anti-spam efforts by internet service providers have kept some email messages from reaching their intended destination. If you get a message that an email to the GFA cannot be delivered, this is probably the problem. In that situation, the best approach is to make a phone call or to send a message to the Graves Family Association list mentioned above.

An automatic antispam response is normal for first-time messagers.
When you send an email message to Ken Graves, if you have not previously contacted him with your current email address, you will probably get an automatic response from his anti-spam software that you will need to respond to before your message will be delivered. If such responses normally go into your spam folder, be sure to check that folder.