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Graves Family Association

This directory was previously published every few years and mailed to current and new members. In the future, the directory will be maintained as an online database, and will continue to be available only to Graves Family Association members. It will continue to contain names, addresses, telephone numbers (except when requested to not publish), e-mail addresses, and proven or probable Graves/Greaves ancestry of all members of the Graves Family Association. All inactive as well as active members are included. Membership status is shown in parentheses after the name as A for active, the most recent year of membership for inactive, and D for deceased. Sustaining members and life members are also indicated by symbols.

For the ancestry of each member, the line of descent from each Graves or Greaves ancestor will be shown.

At the end of the membership listing that was previously published was a listing by ancestor. This information will be available in the online version of the directory.

After the ancestor listing was a listing of all the ancestor/genealogy numbers, followed by a listing of all members by country and U.S. state. This ability to identify which descendants of each genealogy live where is expected to be available in the online directory.

The primary purpose of this directory is to help connect GFA members with others interested in the same lines, and to help everyone learn more about their Graves/Greaves ancestry and their part of the family.