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Augustus W. Graves (1) was born about 1805 in VA, and died 11 March 1857 in Staunton, Augusta Co., VA.He married Elizabeth Rush, granddaughter of Peter Rush and Barbara Hanger, and possible daughter of Peter Rush, Jr.Elizabeth was born about 1812 in VA, and died 8 May 1890 in Staunton, VA.

Augustus W. Graves purchased property on Lewis St. in Staunton, Va. in 1842.His wife continued to live there until her death in 1890.From 1850 until 1872, Hannah Rush Beaton, Elizabeth's aunt, lived with them.

Much of this information is from Bible records.

Augustus was in the 1840 census for Staunton, Augusta Co., VA, with 3 males under 5, 2 males 15-20 (perhaps brothers), 1 male 30-40 (Augustus), 1 female under 5, 1 female 10-15, 2 females 15-20, 1 female 20-30 (his wife Elizabeth), and 1 female 40-50.He was in the 1850 census for Dist. 2, Augusta Co., VA, listed as Augustus W. Graves, 44, tailor, sons Porterfield, 15, tailor, James W., 9, Magnus, 5, Alenis, 3, Sylvester, 4, wife Elizabeth, 39, daughters Arabella, 13, Hannah, 6, infant, 1/12, and Hannah Beeton, 69, all born in VA.

The 1860 census for Staunton, Augusta Co., VA, listed P. B. Graves, 24, master tailor, as head of household, with wife Sarah A., 20, mother Elizabeth, 45, and siblings Hannah, 19, Magnus C., 18, Augustus, 12, Elizabeth, 6, and Mary, 10, all born in Augusta Co., VA.(R‑1, R‑2, R‑4)

Children - Graves

+2.Porterfield Breckenridge Graves, b. April 1833, m. Sarah Ann Crone, 17 Feb. 1859, d. 25 Feb. 1895.

3.Arabella (or Annabelle) Graves[1], b. 1837, m. (Major) Jacob Braithwait, 21 Dec. 1858 (Albemarle Co., VA), d. 15 Nov. 1903 (Western State Hosp., Staunton, VA).He was probably son of Jacob and Sarah Braithwaite, in 1860 census for Harrisonburg, VA.They were in the 1860 census for Harrisonburg, Rockingham Co., VA, as J. R. Braithwaite, 28, Sgt. Corp Harrisonburg, Arabella H., 23, and Mary W. Graves, 8 (her sister).In the 1870 census for Staunton, Augusta Co., VA, Arabella Braithwait, 29 was in the household of her mother Elizabeth Graves, 50, and Jacob had probably died.

4.James W. Graves, b.c. 1841.He was in the 1850 census but hasnít been found in later census records.Descendants list a Birmis (?) Graves, b.c. 1845 (or c. 1841), living in 1862, but not in 1870 census.This is probably the same person.

5.Magnus Graves, b.c. 1843, d. 22 July 1861 (C.S.A., broken neck).

6.Hannah Beaton Graves, b.c. 1846, d. Nov. 1907 (Vesuvius, Rockbridge Co., VA).

7.Sylvester Graves, b.c. 1846, d. before 1862.

8.Albert (or Alexis or Alec or Alenis) Graves, b.c. 1847.Only found in 1850 census..

9.Mary Woodward Graves, b.c. 1850 (or 1857), d. 10 Dec. 1884.

10.Augustus W. Graves, b.c. 1853, d. 21 July 1879 (Staunton, VA).

11.Elizabeth C. ("Lizzie") Graves, b.c. 1854 (age 16 in 1870 census).

12.Emmett Graves, b. Aug. 1855 (Staunton, VA), d. 28 July 1856.

13.Madrid Graves (male), not found in any census.






Porterfield Breckenridge Graves (2) was born in April 1833 and died 25 Feb. 1895, both in Staunton, Augusta Co., VA.He married Sarah Ann Crone, daughter of Caleb Crone, on 15 Feb. 1859 in Washington, DC.She died in 1897 in Cloverdale, VA.They were in the 1870 census for Staunton, Augusta Co., VA.(R‑2)

Children - Graves

+14.Louella (or Lou Ella) Graves, b. 5 Sept. 1860, m. Thomas H. Lankford, 1 May 1878 (Staunton, VA).

15.Delirah Graves, b. 20 Oct. 1863, d. 5 April 1954.

16.Claiborne (or Caleb P.) Graves, b. 19 Dec. 1866, m. Lola Crum, d. 12 March 1942.

17.Lena Houston Graves, b. 22 Oct. 1869, d. 5 July 1875.

+18.Thurston Augustus Graves, b. 2 Sept. 1872, m. Evelyn Shields Wood, 20 Sept. 1894, d. 11 Dec. 1965.

19.Ashton W. Graves, b. 15 March 1874.






Louella (or Lou Ella) Graves (14) was born 5 Sept. 1860 in VA.She married Thomas H. Lankford on 1 May 1878 in Staunton, Augusta Co., VA.He was born in Nov. 1856 in VA.They were in the 1900 census for Amsterdam, Botetourt Co., VA, when he was listed as a telegrapher and his son Forest was a grocery clerk, and 7 of their 9 children were still living.All their children were born in VA. (R‑2)

Children - Lankford

20.Forest A. Lankford, b. April 1879.

21.Ora E. Lankford, b. March 1884.

22.Ina M. Lankford, b. Aug. 1887.

23.Thomas J. Lankford, b. June 1889.

24.Donald J. Lankford, b. April 1892.

25.Eunice M. Lankford, b. Jan. 1895.

26.Sarah A. Lankford, b. March 1898.


Thurston Augustus Graves (18) was born 2 Sept. 1872 in Staunton, Augusta Co., VA, died 11 Dec. 1965 in Aqua, Rockbridge Co., VA, and was buried at Staunton, VA.He married Evelyn Shields Wood, daughter of George Almond Wood and Leanora Corrina Bell, on 20 Sept. 1894 in Bingham's Methodist Church, Albemarle (or Greene) Co., VA.She was born 20 Oct. 1869 in Nortonsville, Albemarle Co., VA, died 25 Oct. 1948 in Vesuvius, Rockbridge Co., VA, and was buried in Staunton, VA.

Of their children, at least Anna, Mattie, Julian and Everette were born at Island Ford, Rockingham Co., VA, and Robert was born in Vesuvius, Rockbridge Co., VA. George and Leanora may also have been born in Island Ford.(R‑2)

Children - Graves

+27.Anna Lee Graves, b. 31 July 1895, m. Arthur Hall Fulwider, 25 March 1912, d. 27 Feb. 1981.

28.Mattie Sewell Graves, b. 2 Aug. 1896, m. Raymond Churchill, d. 1983 (Sarasota, FL).

29.George A. Graves, b. 15 May 1899, d. 3 May 1900.

+30.Julian Magruder Graves, b. 8 Dec. 1900, m. Addie LuSarah Brown, 21 June 1922, d. 29 Aug. 1984.

31.Leanora Bell Graves, b. 23 Nov. 1903, d. 21 Oct. 1904.

+32.Everette Thurston Graves, b. 14 March 1905, m. Margaret Erle Smith, 10 Aug. 1927.

33.Robert Henderson Graves, b. 28 Feb. 1908, m. Lettie Burkholder, 7 Oct. 1936, d. 31 May 1986 (Waynesboro, Augusta Co., VA).


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[1] She was consistently listed as Arabella in census records.