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Samuel L. Graves (1) was born about 1816 in N.C., died 25 March 1869 at his home in Texas Twp., DeWitt Co., Ill., and was buried in Rose Cem., Lane, DeWitt Co., Ill. He probably first married Molly Mann, perhaps about 1833. She was definitely the mother of William and was probably the mother of the earlier children. If not, then Samuel would have had four wives and she would have been his second wife. She may have been born in S.C. He was secondly married to Mary Wright on 30 June 1855 in DeWitt Co., Ill. by Rev. Thomas Devenport (Book A, p. 135). She was born about 1820 in Ohio, and probably died 1860-69. She may have been a widow at the time of her marriage to Samuel. His third marriage was to Sarah Ann (Baily) Davis between 1863 and 1869 in DeWitt Co., Ill. She was born about 1832 in Ill., and died after the 1870 census. She was the widow of Christopher Davis at the time of her marriage to Samuel Graves. The 1870 U.S. census for Texas Twp., DeWitt Co., Ill. listed Sarah, 3 children by her previous marriage (Isaac Davis, 15, Dorcas Davis, 10, and Jerusha Davis, 7), and Charles Graves.

Probate records indicate that Samuel Graves lived in Texas Twp., DeWitt Co., Ill. He must have been a farmer, based on the list of items his widow was allowed as her dower and those sold to settle the estate, although he did not own land at that time. The 1860 census also listed him as a farmer. His children are all listed as born in Indiana, or Illinois for the later ones. The obituary of his daughter, Sarah Jane, says the family moved to Morgan Co., Ill. about 1843, but they were not in the 1850 census.

Since one of the granddaughters of Samuel Graves was named Zilpha, is it possible that Samuel could be related to the family of John Graves and Margery Harvey of Randolph Co., NC (genealogy 77).? John was born about 1750 and had a son Samuel born about 1765-70 who married Zylphia. Some of John's descendants were named Zilpha. Most descendants lived in Indiana, and some moved later to Ill. and elsewhere. (R-1)

Children - Graves, by Molly Mann

+2. Catherine A. Graves, b. April 1834, m. William T. Turney.

+3. Sarah Jane Graves, b. 1836, m. Samuel Arthur, 4 Dec. 1851, d. 7 Oct. 1907.

4. James M. (or B.) Graves, b. 1838 (Ind.).

5. John Henry Graves, b. 1839 (Ind.).

+6. William Graves, b. 24 Sept. 1843, m(1) Sarah A. Spainhoward, m(2) Savilla ------, d. 22 Sept. 1921.

7. Rebecca Jennie Graves, b. 1845 (Ind. or Ill.), m. Charles Day, 15 Aug. 1861 (DeWitt Co., Ill.).

8. Samuel Taylor Graves, b.c. 1849 (Ind. or Ill.). Living at Garnett, Kansas in 1907.

Children - Graves, by 2nd or 3rd wife

9. Charles Graves, b.c. 1866 (DeWitt Co., Ill.). Living as of 25 March 1869. Not mentioned in obituary of Sarah Jane (Graves) Arthur in 1907.






Catherine A. Graves (2) was born April 1834 (or April 1836, according to the 1900 census) in Indiana. She was living on 25 March 1869; was living, widowed, at the home of her brother William in 1900; and was not listed in 1907. She married William T. Turney before 1860. He was born about 1832 in Illinois. In the 1860 census for Texas Twp., DeWitt Co., Ill., he was listed as a farm laborer. It is not known whether they had children. (R-1)


Sarah Jane Graves (3) was born Feb. 1836 in Indiana (probably Clay Co.), and died 7 Oct. 1907 in Lane, Creek Twp., DeWitt Co., Ill. She married Samuel Arthur on 4 Dec. 1851 in Jacksonville, Morgan Co., Ill. He was born 3 Sept. 1831 in Ind., and died 22 Aug. 1898 at his home in Ospur, Texas Twp., DeWitt Co., Ill. They were both buried in Rose Cem., Creek Twp., DeWitt Co., Ill. The obituary of Sarah Jane says she lived in Morgan Co., Ill. from 1842 to 1860, and moved to Clinton, DeWitt Co., Ill. in 1860. She could not be located in the 1850 Morgan Co. or 1860 DeWitt Co. censuses.

The 1880 U.S. census of DeWitt Co., Ill. gives the birthplace of the father of Samuel Arthur as England, and that of his mother as N.Y. Samuel was a blacksmith and an inventor. Mrs. Kinder says it is possible that her dates for Maude, Deloss, and Jennie could be wrong and that they were born between Margaret and Sherman. All their children were born in Illinois, Samuel in Cass Co. James in Manchester, Scott Co., and Sherman and Albert in DeWitt Co.

The obituary of Sarah says they were parents of 12 children, 9 living in 1907. Surviving children in 1907 were Albert, Taylor and Edward of Lane, Ill.; James and Mrs. Fannie McKinney of Lincoln, Ill.; Mrs. Mary Mills of Clinton, Ill.; Sherman and Mrs. Zilpha Phares of Springfield, Ill.; Mrs. Maggie Vaughn of Va. (R-1, R-2)

Children - Arthur

+10. Samuel Taylor Arthur, b. 17 Feb. 1852, m(1) Milla Catherine Thrasher, 3 April 1873, m(2) Mary Ella ------, d. 17 Oct. 1935.

11. Maude (or Maud) Arthur, b. 26 Sept. 1853, d. 12 Sept. 1874. Bur. Rose Cem., Lane, Ill. Cemetery listing says she died at age 9 months, 26 days, which would mean she was born in Dec. 1873.

+12. Mary C. Arthur, b. 1854, m. Zachariah Mills, 8 April 1877.

+13. Frances Arthur, b. 1856, m. William McKinney, 23 Dec. 1879.

+14. James W. Arthur, b. 3 Oct. 1858, m. Minnie Elizabeth Lane, 5 Nov. 1893, d. 31 March 1917.

15. Deloss (or Delose) Arthur, b. 23 June 1859 (?), d. 21 July 1860. Bur. Rose Cem., Lane, Ill. Cemetery listing says he died 21 July 1870 at age 1 year, 1 month, 2 days.

+16. John Edward Arthur, b. 28 May 1861, m. Martha S. Jackson, 1882, d. 25 Sept. 1936.

17. Jennie Arthur, b. 1861 (?), d. 19 March 1863. Bur. Rose Cem., Lane, Ill. Cemetery listing says she died at age 1 year, 9 months, 21 days.

18. Zilpha Arthur, b. 1864, m. ------ Phares.

19. Margaret Arthur, b. Oct. 1865, m(1) T. A. Vaughn, m(2) ------ Goodrich. Lived in Farmland, Va.

20. Sherman Arthur, b. June 1875, m. Vina Updike, 1 Jan. 1897 (at the Al Goodrich home), d. 7 March 1954 (?) (Farmland, Va.). His obituary says his wife died 9 years before he did, but does not give her name, so there may have been a later marriage. The 1900 City Directory for Lincoln, Logan Co., Ill. listed him as a driver for Aders and Smysor (furniture). Family members say Sherman was an inventor and also made violins in a shop in his home in Springfield, Sangamon Co., Ill.

21. Albert Arthur, b. Oct. 1879, never married (as far as known). Living in Oct. 1934.


William Graves (6) was born 24 Sept. 1843 (or 1846, according to the 1900 census) in Illinois or Indiana, and died 22 Sept. 1921 in Lane, Creek Twp., DeWitt Co., Ill. He was buried in Rose Cem., DeWitt Co. (C. G. Oakman, Funeral Director, Rec. 2-189). His occupation was given as laborer; parents were given as Samuel Graves and Mollie Mann; informant was Charles J. Hoge. William married Sarah A. Spainhoward (or Spainhour) in DeWitt Co., Ill. (Marriage Book C-1). She was born about 1849 (or 1853) in Ill. Both her parents were born in Ky., according to census records. He probably married a second time about 1900 to Savilla ------. The 1900 census lists wife Savilla, b. March 1885, Ill., and he was given as divorced on his death certificate. (R-1, R-3)

Children - Graves, by Sarah A. Spainhoward

22. Samuel Graves, b.c. 1864 (Ill.). Based on his name appearing between that of Jennie and Hortense in the 1880 census and his age being difficult to read, it is possible he was born about 1870 instead of 1864.

+23. Jennie Graves, b.c. 1866, m. Charles J. Hoge, 21 Sept. 1885, d. 1928.

24. Therton (?) Graves, b.c. 1870 (Ill.). This name was provided by Mrs. Imogene Kinder, but did not appear in the 1880 census.

25. Hortense Graves, b.c. 1874.

26. Kate ("Katie") Graves, b.c. 1878, m. ------ Devenbaugh (?).

+27. Allen Black Graves, b.c. 1879, m. Anna Carmen Gash, 19 July 1902.






Samuel Taylor Arthur (10) was born 17 Feb. 1852 in Cass Co., Ill., and died 17 Oct. 1935 in Maroa Twp., Macon Co., Ill. He first married Milla (or Milly) Catherine Thrasher, daughter of Thomas Rhodam Thrasher and Mary A. Reckner, on 3 April 1873 in DeWitt Co., Ill. She was born 17 March 1853 and died 13 March 1917, both in DeWitt Co., Ill. Samuel and Milla are both buried in unmarked graves in Rose Cem., DeWitt Co. He secondly married Mary Ella ------. She was born March 1862, died 29 April 1930 in Chicago, Ill., and was buried in Woodlawn Cem., Clinton, DeWitt Co., Ill. There were no known children from this marriage.

Samuel was a blacksmith at Lane, Creek Twp., DeWitt Co., Ill. He also was supposedly an inventor and held some patents, but no mention of anything specific has been found. All his children were born in Illinois, and at least the last six in DeWitt Co.

Courthouse records list: 4th child, a girl, born March 28, 1878, DeWitt Co., Ill. The 1900 census shows Onie as born Oct. 1886, and says there were 9 children, 7 living (one more than shown below). The 4th child mentioned above may have been the other one. Another comment relating to their children: James Samuel and Charlotte Viona both claimed 1887 as the year of their birth, and they were not supposedly twins. Evidence points to 1885 as the correct year of birth for James. (R-1)

Children - Arthur

+28. Edmond Arthur, b. 22 Dec. 1873, m. Harpalicy Rosetta Edwards, 18 May 1898, d. 25 Aug. 1956.

29. Mary Arthur, b. 1876, probably d. 1894.

+30. Nancy Rebecca Arthur, b. 5 (?) July 1879, m(1) ------ Hurst, m(2) ------ Henson, m(3) Orlando Roberts, m(4) Fred Martin, d. 21 Dec. 1972.

+31. Thomas R. Arthur, b. 14 Dec. 1882, m(1) Ruby Rose, m(2) Ida ------, m(3) ------, m(4) Lillian Lawyer, 29 April 1917.

+32. James Samuel Arthur, b. 1 Dec. 1885, m(1) Ethel Ella Kelly, 6 June 1904, m(2) Winnie Grace Stine, 10 April 1925, d. 19 Feb. 1957.

+33. Charlotte Viona Arthur, b. 30 Nov. 1887, m(1) Elmer Adams, m(2) Thomas Dodd, m(3) ------ Goshorn, m(4) Drew Albert Baker, 14 June 1933, m(5) William Roy Day, 1959, d. 25 Aug. 1975.

+34. Asa W. Arthur, b. 13 June 1891, m. Cethel Wilson, 1910, d. 14 June 1941.

+35. Martha May Arthur, b. 1 May 1895, m. Ernest Waverley Day, 2 March 1912, d. 26 May 1969.


Mary C. Arthur (12) was born about 1854 in Ill. (June 1856, according to the 1900 census). She married Zachariah Mills on 8 April 1877 in DeWitt Co., Ill. (by Samuel Graham, Esq., Book C, p. 62). He was born Oct. 1850 in Ky. In the 1900 census, the birthplace of Mary's father is given as Scotland and that of her mother as Ind., an apparent example of the errors that can be included in the census records. (R-1)

Children - Mills

36. Freddie Mills, b.c. 1878 (Ill.).

37. Edward Mills, b. Sept. 1880 (Ill.).

38. Maude Mills, b. Ill., m. Jacob Gates, 9 Oct. 1898 (at her parents' home 1-1/2 miles west of Clinton, Ill., by Rev. C. G. Cantrell of Irvington, Ind.).

+39. Wilson Mont Mills, b. 7 May 1883 (DeWitt Co., Ill.).

40. Nina Mills, b. Feb. 1885.

41. Ivan Mills, b. May 1888.

42. Frank Mills, b. June 1889.


Frances ("Fannie") Arthur (13) was born about 1856 in Ill. She married William McKinney on 23 Dec. 1879 in Macon Co., Ill. (by S. F. Greer, County Judge). William was born about 1858 in Illinois. (R-1)

Children - McKinney

43. Lucy McKinney, b.c. 1875 (Ill.).


James W. Arthur (14) was born 3 Oct. 1858 in Manchester, Scott Co., Ill., died 31 March 1917 near Lincoln, Logan Co., Ill., and was buried 2 April 1917 in Union Cem., Lincoln. He was a railroad engineer and a coal miner. He married Minnie Elizabeth Lane, daughter of William R. Lane and Mary Nelson, on 5 Nov. 1893 in Lincoln. She was born 19 April 1875 in Jasper Co., Ill., died 3 June 1967 in Springfield, Sangamon Co., Ill., and was buried 6 June 1967 in Oak Ridge Cem., Springfield, Ill. After James died, she secondly married Charles Ball. (R-2)

Children - Arthur

+44. Ralph Lane Arthur, b. 25 Sept. 1894, m. Ruby Katherine Weaver, b. 23 April 1916, d. 23 July 1979.

+45. Lawrence J. Arthur, b. 14 Jan. 1896, m(1) Bessie M. Weaver, 27 Feb. 1916, m(2) Maria Slusraski, 6 Dec. 1969, d. 1 Dec. 1973.

46. Homer Arthur, b. Feb. 1900, m. Ruth Henry, d. 1966 or 1967.


John Edward Arthur (16) was born 28 May 1861 in Ill., and died 25 Sept. 1936 in DeWitt Co., Ill. (Book D, p. 1057). He married Martha S. Jackson, daughter of William Jackson and Elizabeth Davenport, in 1882. She was born 23 March 1863 in DeWitt Co., Ill., and died 9 Oct. 1934 in Lane, Creek Twp., DeWitt Co., Ill. They were both buried in Woodlawn Cem., Clinton, DeWitt Co., Ill.

John owned and operated a blacksmith shop in Lane, Ill. Newspaper accounts mention that he had some inventions, including a stalk and hay rake and hay tedder combined, and a steam engine, in 1897 and 1902. It is not known whether he patented these.

The 1900 census gave the birthplace of John's father as N.Y. and his mother as Ind. (R-1)

Children - Arthur

+47. Nola Forest Arthur, b. 5 June 1883, m(1) ------ Fisher, m(2) ------ Sheehan, m(3) Richard Henson, m(4) William Roy Day, 17 Sept. 1940, d. 1958.

+48. Fred L. Arthur, b. Dec. 1884, m. Ona ------.

+49. Roy Lee Arthur, b. 17 Jan. 1887, m. Etta Miller, 4 Oct. 1908, d. 15 Oct. 1918.

+50. Goldie May Arthur, b. 31 June (or Jan.) 1892, m. H. S. Walters, 10 Sept. 1913, d. 1924.

51. Son, b. 1894, d. 23 Aug. 1896 (Texas Twp., DeWitt Co., Ill.).



Jennie Graves (23) was born about 1866 in Illinois, and died 1928. She married Charles J. Hoge at the home of John J. McGraw in Clinton, DeWitt Co., Ill. on 21 Sept. 1885. He was born about 1864 and died 1939. They were both buried in Rose Cem., Creek Twp., DeWitt Co., Ill. (R-1)

Children - Hoge

52. Lillian Hoge, m. Ernest J. Stokes.

53. Bessie Hoge

54. Sam Hoge

55. Todd Hoge

56. Allie Hoge

57. William A. Hoge, b. 1886, m. Martha J. ------, d. 1941. She was b. 1878, d. 1951. They were both buried in Rose Cem.


Allen ("Allie") Black Graves (27) was born about 1879 in Garden Twp., Cherokee Co., Kans. His last name was given as Groy in the 1910 census for Cape Girardeau Co., Mo. He was a carpenter, according to the 1910 census. He also worked for the railroad at the time of his marriage.

He married Anna ("Annie") Carmen Gash, daughter of William Lewis Gash, Jr. and Susan Ethel Williams, on 19 July 1902 in DeWitt Co., Ill. She was born 12 June 1886 (discrepancy with obituary below) in Wayne Co., Ill., died 7 July 1967 in Cape Girardeau, Cape Girardeau Co., Mo., and was buried in Lorimer Cem., Cape Girardeau Co., Mo. She secondly married Elmer Manor, as noted below.

Her obituary in the Cape Girardeau South East Missourian, 7 July 1967:

"Mrs. Elmer Manor

Mrs. Carmen Anna Manor, 80 years old, Route 1, Cape Girardeau, died at 4:45 Thursday in a hospital here. She was a housewife and had lived in Cape Girardeau most of her life.

She was born June 12, 1887 in Fairfield, Ill. She was married in December 1922 at Jackson to Elmer Manor, who survives her.

Mrs. Manor is survived by a son, William Graves, Flint, Mich.; two daughters, Mrs. Ruddle Gleason, Cape Girardeau, and Mrs. Burney Seabaugh, Millersville; a sister, Mrs. Opal Lefler, Flint; seven grandchildren and 13 great grandchildren.

The body is at Ford and Sons Funeral Home where friends may call tonight.

Funeral services will be conducted Sunday afternoon at 2 at the funeral home. The Rev. Collie Shirrell, pastor of the First Church of God, will officiate. Burial will be in Lorimier Cemetery."

In the Cape Girardeau South East Missourian, 21 Aug. 1944, appeared the following obituary for her father.

"W. L. Gash, 84, died. Retired Carpenter.

William L. Gash, Jr., 84 years old, a retired carpenter, died suddenly at 8:30 a.m. today at his home. He complained Sunday night of feeling badly and early today, after arising, he complained of feeling ill and returned to bed. He died a few minutes later. Coroner J. F. Sigmund was called from Jackson to make an inquiry and held the aged man died from natural causes. The body was removed to the Haman Funeral Home.

Mr. Gash was born April 12, 1860 in Wayne County, Illinois. He came to Cape Girardeau 40 years ago from Clinton Co., Illinois and had been engaged in the carpenter's trade here. He was married Nov. 4, 1878 to Miss Susan Williams.

He is survived by his wife, a son, Carl Gash of Cape Girardeau; 2 daughters, Mrs. Elmer Manor of Cape Girardeau and Mrs. Claud Jeris of Flint, Mich.; six grandchildren and 10 great grandchildren. Three children died in infancy and a son, J. C., died when 21 years old." (R-3)

Children - Graves

+58. Garnet Graves, b.c. 1904, m. Burney Seabaugh, d. 13 July 1967.

+59. William Cecil Graves, b. 26 Feb. 1907, m. Marjorie Byrde Pike, 14 Aug. 1937.

60. Ailene Graves, m. Ruddle Gleason.


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