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John Graves (1) was probably born 1750-1779 (perhaps 1775) in TN, perhaps in Giles Co. or Maury Co., and probably died 1812-1820 in Giles Co. or Maury Co., TN.  He married Ann Campbell, daughter of Alexander Campbell and Amy Eaton of Maryland, probably 1797-1801 in Giles Co. or Maury Co., TN.  She was born Aug. 1779 in Hawkins Co., TN, and died 1840 in Culleoka, Maury Co., TN.  In 1820, Ann was listed as head of household in the Giles Co., TN census with 8 children.  The following three children are the only ones known for sure.  Other probable children are: Campbell Graves (gen. 32), born about 1801, and Leonard H. Graves (gen. 180), born about 1806, both of Giles Co., TN.

Ann Campbell's family lived just south of Culleoka, Maury Co., TN, and the railroad switch there was given the name of Campbell's Station.

It is interesting that there was a John Graves (son of John W. Graves and Casander Philpott), b. 1824 in KY, m. Nancy Campbell (relative of evangelist Alexander Campbell), descended from Capt. Thomas Graves of VA (gen. 169).  Could there be a connection?  Y-DNA testing of one descendant of Leonard H. Graves (gen. 180) has shown descent from gen. 169 through Capt. Thomas Graves’s son John.  The evidence so far, based on this one test, is that the connection may be in the line from Henry White Graves, born 1692.  More testing of descendants from other lines is needed to confirm this connection.  (R‑2, R‑7)

Children ‑ Graves

+2.  Dicey Graves, b. 12 Jan. 1802, m. Cornelius Ennis, 2 June 1821, d. 3 Sept. 1840.

  3.  Alice (or Ailsey) Graves, b. 1806, m. Powell Perry, 16 April 1835, d. 19 March 1882.  She was bur. in Shane Cem. near other Graveses and Campbells.  Ailsey given as dau. of John and Ann by R‑8, per R‑4.

+4.  Alexander Graves, b.c. 1808-11, m(1) Nancy Frances White, 26 Feb. 1835, m(2) Martha H. Fuller, 10 March 1847.

+5.  John Mims Graves, b. 13 Jan. 1812, m. Rosa Ann Hight Collier, 9 May 1835, d. 29 April 1879.






Dicey Graves (2) was born 12 Jan. 1802, died 3 Sept. 1840, and was buried at old Shane's burying ground, Fountain Creek, Campbell Station, TN.  She married Cornelius Ennis on 2 June 1821 in Lauderdale Co., AL[1].  He had first married Mary Johnson on 10 Nov. 1817.  (R‑12)

Children - Ennis

+6.  John C. Ennis, b.c. 1823, m(1) Parthenia Hughey, 15 May 1848, m(2) Sarah Ann (Roundtree) Spalding, May 1871.

  7.  daughter, possibly Amy Ann Ennis.

+8.  George Riley Ennis, b.c. 1825, m(1) Mary M. Toombs, m(2) Paralee Littleton, 11 Aug. 1862.


Alexander Graves (4) was born about 1808-1811 in TN, according to census records.  He married Nancy (or Mary) Francis White, called Francis, on 26 Feb. 1835 in Maury Co., TN.  On 16 March 1849, he appeared before the Maury Co. Clerk as the guardian of his four children, Martin V., Ailsey J., Nancy A., and Elmira J. Graves, minor heirs of Nancy White, deceased.  He later renewed this guardianship for two more years.

He secondly married Martha H. Fuller on 10 March 1847 in Maury Co., TN, and had at least five more children (as shown in the 1850 and 1860 censuses for Giles Co., TN).  Martha was born about 1810-11 in NC.  They lived in Campbellsville Township in 1850 and in Culleoka Township in 1860.  They were in the 1850, 1860 and 1870 censuses for Maury Co., TN.  He was a farmer.  All his children were born in TN.  (R‑5)

Children - Graves, by Nancy F. White

  9.  Martin V. Graves, b.c. 1837.

+10.  Ailsey J. Graves, b.c. 1839, m. James N. Crain, 12 Oct. 1858, d. 1875-1879.

  11.  Nancy A. Graves, b.c. 1841.  Listed as weaver in 1860 census.

+12.  Elmira Jane Graves, b. May 1844, m. James N. Crain, 8 Oct. 1877.

Children - Graves, by Martha H. Fuller

  13.  John H. Graves, b.c. 1848.

  14.  William T. (or H.) Graves, b.c. 1850.

  15.  Marcillus A. Graves, b.c. 1851.

  16.  Joseph W. Graves, b.c. 1854.

  17.  Martha M. Graves, b.c. 1856.


John Mims (or Mimms) Graves (5) was born 13 Jan. 1812 in Giles Co., TN, and died 29 April 1879 in Culleoka, Maury Co., TN, just north of the Giles Co. line.  He and his brother Alexander Graves built a mill on Fountain Creek, which was washed away by the flood of 1856, after he and Alexander sold it.  He spent most of his life in Maury Co., where he owned 2800 acres of land in 1870.  He married Rosa Anna (or Rosanna) Hight Collier, daughter of Archilles Collier and Mary Hight, on 9 May 1835 in Maury Co.  She was born 12 March 1817 in Granville Co., NC, and died 29 July 1907 at the home of her son Samuel Jones Graves in Lynnville, Giles Co., TN at the age of 93.  They were both buried in Shane Cem., Culleoka, TN, beside his mother.  The Colliers were from North Carolina.  (R‑1, R‑2, R‑3)

Children - Graves

  18.  James Graves, b. 1837.

+19.  Paul Powell Graves, b. 1840, m. Sarah E. Kerr, 30 Nov. 1865.

  20.  Mary Ann ("Molly") Graves, b. 9 Oct. 1843, m. Thomas M. Leneave, d. 26 March 1909.  They were in the 1880 census for Dist. 20, Maury Co., TN, with no children, and his widowed mother, Elizabeth, 60, was living with them.

+21.  Emily C. Graves, b. 1844 or 1845, m. Charles Lee Bailess, 22 March 1866, d. 9 March 1874.

  22.  Lucinda Elizabeth ("Tennie") Graves, b. 1846, m. John Thomas Branch, 23 March 1886 (McKinney, Collin Co., TX).  John T. Branch was a Confederate veteran, and on 1 March 1915 Lucinda's application for a widow's pension was approved.  She died 10 Oct. 1921 in the home of a brother, W. H. Graves, in Hubbard, Hill Co., Texas, and was buried next to her brother, Samuel Jones Graves, in Hubbard, Texas.

+23.  Archellus Collier Graves, b. 10 Sept. 1848, m. Mary Elizabeth Brown, 24 Dec. 1868, d. 26 May 1921.

+24.  George Gabriel Graves, b. 9 Nov. 1849, m. Ruth D. Cheatham, d. 11 April 1924.

+25.  Susan Elizabeth Graves, b. 1 Sept. 1854, m. Charles Lee Bailess, 24 Jan. 1875, d. 2 March 1940.

  26.  John M. Graves, b.c. 1856, never married.

+27.  Samuel Jones Graves, b. 1858, m. Nan Crews, 31 Dec. 1885, d. 13 July 1921.

+28.  William Henry Graves, b. 7 Nov. 1862, m. Ella Alexander Worsham, 14 Dec. 1880, d. 14 Jan. 1940.

  29.  Frank Graves; no record other than family memory.

  30.  Three infants who died young






John C. Ennis (6) was born about 1823 in TN.  He first married Parthenia Hughey on 15 May 1848 in Lincoln Co., TN.  She was born about 1827 in TN, and died before 1870.  They were in the 1850 census for Lincoln Co., TN.  They were in the 1860 census for Limestone Co., AL.  He married second Sarah (“Sallie”) Ann (Roundtree) Spalding in May 1871.  She was born about 1832 in IL.  He was in the 1870 census for Huntsville, Madison Co., AL, with no wife.  John and Sallie were in the 1880 census for Huntsville, Madison Co., AL.  In the 1880 census, the birthplace of his father was given as Scotland.  He was a farmer in 1850, and a house carpenter in 1860-1880.  (R‑13)

Children - Ennis, by Parthenia Hughey

  31.  Mary F. Ennis, b.c. 1849 (TN).

  32.  Susan (“Sue”) E. Ennis, b.c. 1852 (TN or AL).

  33.  Robert A. Ennis, b.c. 1854 (TN).

  34.  James W. Ennis, b.c. 1859 (AL).

  35.  Annie Ennis, b.c. 1862 (AL).

Children - Ennis, by Sarah A. Spalding

  36.  Sallie P. Ennis, b.c. 1872 (AL).

  37.  Sophia A. Ennis, b.c. 1875 (AL).


George Riley Ennis (8) was born about 1825 in TN.  He first married Mary M. Toombs, daughter of James Toombs and Cinderella Benton.  She was born 27 Jan. 1825 in TN, died 8 Nov. 1861 in Obion Co., TN, and was buried in Campground Cem., Obion Co., TN.  He married second Paralee Littleton, daughter of John Littleton and Lydia ‑‑‑‑‑‑, on 11 Aug. 1862 in Obion Co., TN.  She was born about 1838 in TN.  George and Mary were in the 1850 census for Dist. 13, Marshall Co., TN.  They were in the 1860 census for Dist. 6, Obion Co., TN.  George was in the 1870 census for Caney Twp., Montgomery Co., KS, with his second wife, listed as R. E., 38.  George was a farmer in 1850 and 1860, and a merchant in 1870.  All the children through at least 1860 were born in TN, and John was born in AR..  (R‑13)

Children - Ennis, by Mary M. Toombs

+38.  Benjamin Franklin Ennis, b.c. 1850, m. Margaret C. ‑‑‑‑‑‑.

  39.  F. Q. Ennis (daughter), b.c. 1851.

  40.  George Washington Ennis, b.c. 1852.

  41.  E. A. Ennis (daughter), b.c. 1854.

  42.  M. Q. Ennis (daughter), b.c. 1856.

  43.  W. G. Ennis (son), b.c. 1860.  Not in 1870 census.

  44.  John R. Ennis, b. July 1870.  Living with his brother Ben in 1880.



Ailsey (or Ailsy or Alsey or Alcy) J. Graves[2] (10) was born about 1839 in TN, and died before 1880 (probably 1875-1879) in Maury Co., TN.  She married James N. (“Jim”) Crain, son of Martin P. Crain and Mary W. Mantloe, on 12 Oct. 1858 in Maury Co., TN.  He was born about 1840 in Maury Co., TN, and died 8 July 1905 in Mineola, Wood Co., TX.  After she died, he married her sister Jane.  They were in the 1860 and 1870 censuses for Maury Co., TN.  He was a farmer.  All their children were born in TN, probably in Maury Co.  (R‑11)

Children - Crain

  45.  James Frank S. Crain, b. 29 April 1859, d. 29 Sept. 1927 (Lake City Twp., Craighead Co., AR).

  46.  Sarah Crain, b.c. 1862.

+47.  Martin Crain, b. April 1863, m(1) Linda Belle Chambliss, c. 1884, m(2) Martha Standley, c. 1911.

  48.  Buchanan Crain, b.c. 1865.

  49.  George W. Crain, b.c. 1867.

  50.  Katti Crain, b.c. 1870.

  51.  Alick Crain, b.c. 1872.

  52.  Theodore Crain, b.c. 1875.


Elmira (Elmyra) Jane Graves (12), called Jane, was born in May 1844 in TN, probably in Maury Co.  She married James N. Crain, son of Martin P. Crain and Mary W. Mantloe, 8 Oct. 1877.  He had first married her sister Alsey.  She was listed as a spinner in 1860 census.  They were in the 1880 census for Maury Co., TN.  Their first 3 children were born in TN, probably Maury Co., and the last in Wood Co., TX.  (R‑11)

Children - Crain

  53.  Lula (“Lue”) Crain, b. Oct. 1878.

  54.  Florence Crain, b. June 1881.

  55.  Ervin Crain, b. May 1882.

  56.  Walter Crain, b. Feb. 1887.



Powell Paul (or Paul Powell) Graves (19) was born about 1840 in Maury Co., Tenn.  He married Sarah ("Sallie") E. Kerr on 30 Nov. 1865 in Maury Co., Tenn.  She was born about 1836 in Tenn.

Based on census records, it appears that Sallie was married before and probably widowed, since she was older than Powell, the children living with them were of an age to be hers, and their name was Kerr.  There are many references to a man named Kerr owning land adjoining the Graves property.  There is also a will for a man named John Campbell, near the same age as Ann Campbell (John Mims Graves' mother), leaving a bequest to his granddaughter, Sarah A. G. Kerr.  The person in this will is probably the same Sarah as the one who married Powell, so they may have been cousins.

Powell enlisted in the Confederate Army on 10 May 1861 and served in Co. E, 3rd Tenn. Regt., under the command of Joseph E. Johnson.  At the time of surrender, he was in the hospital at Macon, Ga.  He moved to Texas in 1879-80 and settled in McKinney, Collin Co., Texas.  He applied for and was approved for a Confederate Veteran's Pension on 1 March 1912.  At the time of his death, he was an "inmate" in the Confederate Veteran's Home in Austin, Travis Co., Texas.

The 1870 and 1880 censuses for Maury Co., Tenn. showed the following Kerr children, all born in Tenn., apparently all by Sallie's first marriage:  Fletcher, b.c. 1852, Andrew B., b.c. 1854, Evaline, b.c. 1857, Josa, b.c. 1862, Anna L. (Laura?), b.c. 1866.  It appears that he did not have any children of his own.  (R‑5)


Emmaline (or Emily) C. ("Emmie") Graves (21) was born 1845 (or 1844) in Culleoka, Maury Co., Tenn., and died 9 (20[3]) March 1874 in childbirth.  She married Charles Lee Bailess of Alexandria, VA, on 22 March 1866 in Maury Co., TN.  He was born 4 Aug. 1837 in Alexandria, VA, and died 7 Jan. 1918 in Culleoka, TN.  They were both buried in Friendship Cem., Culleoka, TN.  After Emily died, he married her younger sister Sue.  (R‑3)

Children - Bailess

+57.  Rufus Lee Bailess, b. 1 Sept. 1871, m. Cleopatra Tidwell, 23 May 1893, d. 18 July 1945.


Archellus ("Archie") Collier Graves (23) was born 10 Sept. 1848, died 26 May 1921 in Salem, Ark., and was buried there.  He married Mary Elizabeth Brown, daughter of Thomas Jefferson Brown and Mary Jane Flannigan, on 24 Dec. 1868 at Culleoka, Maury Co., Tenn.  He moved to Texas in 1875 and farmed near Oglesby, Coryell Co.  His wife died 1 Dec. 1924 in Pecos, Texas, and was buried in Merkel, Taylor Co., Texas.  (R‑2, R‑3)

Children - Graves

  58.  Lillie E. Graves, b. 30 Sept. 1869, d. 18 Jan. 1872 (Maury Co., TN).

  59.  Willie Gabriel Graves, b. 25 Sept. (or Feb.) 1873, d. 9 Sept. 1922.  Buried Taylor Co., TX.

+60.  Luna Mariam Graves, b. 11 Jan. 1875, m. Berry Lee McAnulty, 29 Sept. 1895, d. 26 March 1910.

+61.  Walter Roy Graves, b. 2 Dec. 1877, m. Thomas Anna Bankhead, 25 Dec. 1898, d. 23 Dec. 1971.

+62.  Rosa Anna Graves, b. 8 March 1880, m. Will Spencer, 28 Feb. 1907, d. 27 May 1930.

  63.  John Thomas Graves, b. 19 Dec. 1881, d. 18 Aug. 1885.

+64.  Earl Jefferson Graves, b. 6 April 1885, m. Bonnie Belle Bankhead, 9 Dec. 1906, d. 30 March 1963.

+65.  Ota Evalena Graves, b. 15 July 1887, m. Oscar Warren, 26 Aug. 1913, d. 6 Feb. 1961.

+66.  Mayme Bell Graves, b. 28 Sept. 1890, m(1) W. E. Lane, 10 July 1917, m(2) ‑‑‑‑‑‑ Seymour, d. 10 June 1967.


George Gabriel ("Judge") Graves (24) was born 9 Nov. 1849 in Culleoka, Maury Co., Tenn., died 11 April 1924, and was buried in Maury Co., Tenn.  He married Ruth D. Cheatham, daughter of Henry Cheatham and Celia Fitzpatrick.  She was born 28 Feb. 1855.  (R‑2, R‑3, R‑10)

Children ‑ Graves

+67.  Mary Alice Graves, b. 30 Dec. 1874, m. John M. Smith, d. 13 March 1934.

  68.  Ella May Graves, b.c. 1878, m. Henry Cunningham, d. 1955.  He was b. 1877 and d. 1944.  No children.

  69.  James Robert Graves, b. 24 Oct. 1880, never married, d. 4 Oct. 1900.

+70.  George Wallace Graves, b.c. 1880, m. Elna Hancock, d. 1 Jan. 1944.

  71.  Hugh Graves, b.c. 1883, never married, d. 20 July 1932 (took his own life).

  72.  Hattie May Graves, b. 21 Dec. 1888, never married, d. 5 March 1919.

+73.  Homer Graves, b. 3 Dec. 1893, m. Hazel Sue Hight, Nov. 1932, d. 8 Aug. 1942.


Susan ("Sue") Elizabeth Graves (25) was born 1 Sept. 1853 (or 1854[4]), died 2 March 1940, and was buried at Friendship Baptist Church, all in Culleoka, Maury Co., Tenn.  She married Charles Lee Bailess of Alexandria, VA, on 24 Jan. 1875 in Navarro Co., TX.  He was first married to Sue's older sister Emily.  (R‑3, R‑8)

Children - Bailess

  74.  Minnie Bailess, b. 1875 or 1876, never married, d. 1914.  Bur. Friendship Baptist Church, Maury Co., Tenn.

  75.  Scott Booth Bailess, b. 1879, never married, d. 3 Aug. 1895.  Bur. Friendship Baptist Church.

  76.  Angelina ("Annie") Sue Bailess, b. 10 Jan. 1883, m. Jesse Tomlinson, 27 Jan. 1915, d. 26 Nov. 1968.

  77.  Tomlinson Bailess (is this really one of their children?)


Samuel Jones ("Doan") Graves (27) was born 1858 in Culleoka, Maury Co., Tenn., died 13 July 1921 in Texas, and was buried next to his wife and sister Tennie Graves Branch in Hubbard, Texas.  He married Nannie (or Nan) Crews on 31 Dec. 1885, and moved to Texas.  He moved back to Lynnville, Giles Co., Tenn., where his mother Rosa Collier Graves died in 1907.  Nan died in 1957.  (R‑3)

Children - Graves

  78.  Lindsay H. Graves, b. 17 Dec. 1886, never married, d. 29 Sept. 1966.

  79.  Mary Graves, b. 25 Aug. 1888, never married, d. 24 July 1962.

  80.  Martha Graves, b. 25 Aug. 1888, m. Alonzo Eugene Gormley, d. April 1941.  No children.

+81.  Minnie Graves, b. 18 April 1891, m. Elmer Bairrington, d. 1925.

+82.  Homer Graves, b. 3 May 1896, married, d. 1974.

  83.  Herman Graves, b. 3 May 1896, never married, d. 1918.

+84.  Betsy Graves, b. 27 Feb. 1899, m. Marcus D. Fulmer, d. 1964.

+85.  Ada B. Graves, b. 13 April 1901, m. Frank Aston.

  86.  Katie L. Graves, b. 13 July 1904, never married, d. 31 Oct. 1971.

  87.  Ruth Graves, b. 17 Feb. 1907, m. H. Lankford King.  No children.


William Henry ("Will") Graves (28) was born 7 Nov. 1862 (per tombstone) in Culleoka, Maury Co., TN.  He married Ella Alexander Worsham, daughter of Christopher Columbus (or Clayton) Worsham and Elizabeth Tinnon, on 14 Dec. 1880 in TN, probably Culleoka.  She was born 9 July 1860 in Giles Co., TN.  William and Ella moved to Texas and settled in Hill Co.  According to family tradition, the move was to keep daughter Elizabeth away from her future husband.  Will died 14 Jan. 1940 and Ella died 20 Sept. 1943.  Both were buried at Liberty Hill Cem., 4 miles north and east of Hubbard, Hill Co., TX, on the highway to Corsicana.  The birth dates of all the following children are from the family Bible.  (R‑3, R‑5)

Children - Graves

+88.  Leroy Graves, b. 8 Oct. 1881, m. Nicie Ann Barrington, d. 22 March 1912.

+89.  William Thomas Graves, b. 21 May 1883, m. Zelma Clyde Stubbs, d. 15 Sept. 1968.

+90.  Elizabeth Graves, b. 13 Oct. 1884, m. Charles William Clark, 31 Aug. 1902, d. 20 Sept. 1946.

+91.  Archie Winters Graves, b. 17 Sept. 1886, m. Myrtle M. Millen, c. 1908, d. 27 June 1960.

+92.  Nellie Bly Graves, b. 27 Jan. 1888, m. Dill Silvester Onstott, 5 Aug. 1906, d. 22 March 1912.

+93.  James Howlett Graves, b. 28 (or 29) Oct. 1890, m. Annie Laura Moser, 23 Jan. 1916, d. 10 Nov. 1986.

+94.  Clayton F. Graves, b. 15 April 1891, m(1) Mary Lou Houx, m(2) Eula Oel Blount, d. 25 July 1981.

  95.  Sherman George Graves, b. 14 Dec. 1894, m. Elvertie Brice, d. 27 May 1959.

  96.  Audie Graves, b. 16 March 1896, m. Susan Laurence, d. 27 Aug. 1968.

  97.  Eddie Fowler Graves, b. 11 March 1898, m. Gertrude Maddox, d. 17 Oct. 1920.  He was buried in Liberty Hill Cem., Hubbard, Texas.

  98.  Katie Sue Graves, b. 4 Feb. (or Jan.) 1901, d. 14 Feb. 1901.

+99.  Willie Clivie Graves, b. 31 Jan. 1904, m. Martice Vardeman, d. 26 June 1970.

+100.   John Mimms Graves, b. 7 Aug. 1905, m. Leilah Clista Vosburg, 22 Aug. 1923.






Benjamin Franklin Ennis (38) was born about 1850 in TN.  He married Margaret C. ‑‑‑‑‑‑.  She was born about 1855 in AR.  They were in the 1880 census for Little Black Twp., Randolph Co., AR.  One or both of them may have died by 1900, since in  that census there were two Ennis grandchildren living with their grandparents in Randolph Co., AR, and neither Benjamin nor Margaret could be found.

Children - Ennis

  101.   William H. Ennis, b.c. 1878 (AR).



Martin Crain (47) was born in April 1863 in TN, and died 29 Nov. 1921 in Greene Co., AR.  In the 1870 census for Maury Co., TN, he was listed as Henry.  He first married Linda Belle Chambliss, called Belle, about 1884.  She was born in Aug. 1864 in TN.  He married second Martha Standley about 1911.  She was born about 1893 in MO.  After Martin died, Martha married Criss Hager, and they were in the 1930 census for Tyronza Twp., Poinsett Co., AR.

Martin and Belle were in the 1900 census for Lake City Twp., Craighead Co., AR, with their 3 children.  Three of their 4 children were still living.  In the 1910 census for Lake Twp., Greene Co., AR, Martin was a widower living with his daughter, Arey, and her husband.  In the 1920 census for Lake Twp., Greene Co., AR, Martin was with his second wife, Martha, and their 3 children.  He was a farmer.  (R‑11)

Children - Crain, by Linda B. Chambliss

  102.   Arey Crain, b. Oct. 1885 (TN).

  103.   child, died young.

  104.   Bertha Crain, b. Jan. 1892 (TN).

  105.   Travis Crain, b. March 1895 (TX).

Children - Crain, by Martha Standley

  106.   Wesley Crain, b.c. 1912 (AR).

+107.   Gladys Crain, b.c. 1914, m. ‑‑‑‑‑‑ Cook, c. 1928.

  108.   Clara Edith Crain, b. 23 June 1918 (AR), m. Ervin McGowin, 19 Dec. 1936 (Earle, Crittenden Co., AR), d. 24 Dec. 1981 (Wauchula, Hardee Co., FL).  He was b. 20 June 1904 in TN, and d. 9 Aug. 1974 in Doctors Hospital, Poplar Bluff, Butler Co., MO.  9 children.



Rufus Lee Bailess (57) was born 1 Sept. 1871 in Culleoka, Maury Co., TN, and died 18 July 1945 in Maury Co., TN.  He married Cleopatra Tidwell on 23 May 1893 in Rising Fawn, GA.  She was born 1 Aug. 1875 in Dade Co., GA, and died 4 Oct. 1955 in Columbia, TN.  They were both buried in Hanna Cem., Rising Fawn, GA.  They were Methodists.  (R‑8)

Children - Bailess

+109.   Mary Louise Bailess, b. 26 March 1894, m. John Leonard Redding, 6 Jan. 1914, d. 7 April 1972.

  110.   Rufus Lee Bailess, died within a few weeks of birth.



Luna Mariam Graves (60) was born 11 Jan. 1875.  She married Berry Lee McAnulty, called Lee, on 29 Sept. 1895 in Oglesby, Coryell Co., Texas.  They moved to a farm near Merkel, Texas, where she died 26 March 1910.  Lee McAnulty returned to Coryell Co., remaining there until his death.  (R‑2)

Children - McAnulty

  111.   Ernest Jefferson McAnulty, b. 21 June 1899, d. 1913.

  112.   Joseph Alford McAnulty, b. 31 July 1901, d. 1921.

+113.   Mary Myrtle McAnulty, b. 18 Jan. 1903, m. Judge Bruner.

+114.   Ruby Joanna McAnulty, b. 12 Dec. 1905, m. ------ Barron.

  115.   Opal Archie McAnulty, b. 21 Feb. 1907, m. ------ Gilbreath.  Living in Gatesville, Coryell Co., TX in 1979.


Walter Roy Graves (61) was born 2 Dec. 1877 and died 23 Dec. 1971.  He married Thomas Anna Bankhead on 25 Dec. 1898 in the Bankhead School House near Oglesby, Texas.  Anna Bankhead was born 6 July 1875 in Hill Co., Texas, and died 23 April 1942.  They lived in Crosbyton, Abilene and Lubbock, Texas.  W. R. and Anna Graves were dedicated Christians, members of the Church of Christ.  They both died in Lubbock and were buried in Rose Hill Cem., Merkel, Taylor Co., Texas.  (R‑2)

Children - Graves

+116.   Vera Belle Graves, b. 9 March 1901, m. Charles A. McDonald, 1 Jan. 1921, d. 6 Feb. 1981.

  117.   Eva Jane Graves, b. 28 July 1903, m. Ollie Claude Graves, d. 7 Nov. 1973.  They lived in Clovis, New Mexico, where O. C. Graves still lived in 1979.  (What is his connection, if any, to this Graves family?)  Eva was a Supervisor for Southwestern Bell Telephone Company until her retirement, and was a member of the Church of Christ.  O. C. owned and operated a tailor shop.


Rosa Anna Graves (62) was born 8 March 1880, died 27 May 1930, and was buried in Pinal Co., Arizona.  She married Will Spencer on 28 Feb. 1907.  They lived in Casa Grande, Arizona, where Will Spencer was a rancher.  The coroner's report stated that Rosa's "death was caused by self‑inflicted burns".  (R‑2, R‑3)

Children - Spencer

  118.   Juanita Spencer, m. ------ Waddle.

  119.   Lilly Mae Spencer

  120.   Delanie Belle Spencer


Earl Jefferson Graves (64) was born 6 April 1885 in Lamar Co., Texas, and died 30 March 1963 in Lubbock, Lubbock Co., Texas.  He married Bonnie Belle Bankhead on 9 Dec. 1906 in Merkel, Taylor Co., Texas.  Bonnie B. was born 8 Aug. 1887 in a log cabin in Coryell Co., and died 26 Nov. 1971 in Lubbock, Texas.  They grew up and attended school together in the Bankhead School House near Oglesby, Texas.  Having been taught the Will of the Lord from the New Testament, they were baptized into Christ in the Leon River at the same service.  They were members of the Church of Christ.  Both were laid to rest in Resthaven Memorial Park, Lubbock, Texas.  (R‑2)

Children - Graves

+121.   Cecil Roy Graves, b. 1 Nov. 1907, m. Pearl McCaughan, 3 Aug. 1929.

+122.   Thomas Archie Graves, b. 17 May 1909, m(1) Vona Mae Christian, 7 Dec. 1929, m(2) Margaret Winnie Dean Chennault, 8 Nov. 1975.

+123.   Charlie Herbert Graves, b. 14 Aug. 1911, m. Ruby Frances Christian, 4 July 1937.

+124.   Hoyt Jefferson Graves, b. 22 July 1913, m(1) Audrey Fay Collier, 19 April 1941, m(2) Dora Emery, m(3) Hazel Roberta Maloney, 30 Dec. 1970.

+125.   Ernest Joy Graves, b. 12 Feb. 1917, m. Hattye Loraine Perkins, 24 May 1941.

+126.   Paul Clifton Graves, b. 23 April 1919, m. Nadine Emery, 21 Dec. 1941, d. 24 June 1977.

  127.   Anna Belle Graves, b. 8 Oct. 1921, m. James D. ("Johnnie") Johnson, 6 March 1943, d. 24 June 1972.

+128.   Margarett Earl Graves, b. 7 Sept. 1925, m. Garland Warren Moore, 13 June 1942.


Ota Evalena Graves (65) was born 15 July 1887 in Coryell Co., Texas, where she was reared.  She married Oscar Warren on 26 Aug. 1913.  They reared their family in Pecos, Texas, where Oscar was in charge of City Sanitation.  Moving to Kermit, Texas, he served with the City Police Department as a Security Guard.  Ota died 6 Feb. 1961 and Oscar died about one year later.  Both were buried in Kermit, Texas.  (R‑2)

Children - Warren

  129.   Lena Belle Warren, m(1) ‑‑‑‑‑‑ Newman, m(2) ‑‑‑‑‑‑.

  130.   Paul Warren


Mayme Bell Graves (66) was born 28 Sept. 1890, died 10 June 1967, and was buried in Ventura Co., Calif.  She first married W. E. Lane on 10 July 1917 in Merkel, Texas.  They moved to Salem, Ark., where A. C. Graves, her father, died in 1921, and W. E. Lane died about 1923.  Both were buried there.  She then married Mr. Seymour and moved to Ventura, Calif.  (R‑2)

Children - Lane

  131.   Blanche Christene Lane, born in Merkel, Texas.

  132.   Infant girl, lived 3 months.

Children - Seymour

  133.   Bud Seymour, living in Ventura, Calif. in 1979.



Mary Alice Graves (67) was born 30 Dec. 1874 and died 13 March 1934.  She married John M. Smith.  He was born about 1872 and died in 1956.  (R‑10)

Children - Smith

  134.   Walter Smith, b. 1902, d. 1956.


George Wallace (or Wallace George) Graves (70) was born about 1880 near Culleoka, TN, and died 1 Jan. 1944.  He farmed land near Culleoka.  He married Elna Hancock, daughter of J. L. Hancock and S. A. Lowe.  J. L. was a son of R. M. Hancock and Polly Blair, and his wife was a daughter of Robert Lowe and Nancy Rollings.  Elna was born about 1873 and died in 1959.  (R‑2, R‑10)

Children - Graves

  135.   Nell Graves, b. 1906, d. 1907.

+136.   Mary Ruth Graves, b. 1906, m. Maurice A. Foster, d. 11 June 1998.

  137.   Katie Lee Graves, b. 1910, m. R. S. Welch, d. 7 April 2000.  No children.


Homer Graves (73) was born 3 Dec. 1893 and died 8 Aug. 1942.  He married Hazel Sue Hight in Nov. 1932.  She was born 22 Feb. 1916 and died 15 Nov. 1987.  (R‑10)

Children - Graves

+138.   Eva Homer Graves

+139.   Alice May Graves

+140.   Betty Jean Graves



Minnie Graves (81) was born 18 April 1891 and died 1925.  She married Elmer Bairrington (or Barrington).  (R‑3)

Children - Bairrington

  141.   Dutch Bairrington

  142.   Cary Bairrington

  143.   Mildred Bairrington, m. ------ Maddox.

  144.   Audie Bairrington


Homer Graves (82) was born 3 May 1896 and died 1974.  He married.  (R‑3)

Children - Graves

  145.   Billy Joe Graves, married.  4 children.

  146.   Cornelia Graves, m. Jay Snider.  1 child.


Betsy Graves (84) was born 27 Feb. 1899 and died 1964.  She married Marcus D. Fulmer.  (R‑3)

Children - Fulmer

  147.   Cecil Fulmer, married.  2 children.

  148.   Frances Fulmer, m. Jake Hamrick.  2 children.


Ada B. Graves (85) was born 13 April 1901.  She married Frank Aston.  (R‑3)

Children - Aston

  149.   James Aston; 2 children.

  150.   William ("Bill") Aston; 2 children.  1980 address: 1506 Commerce St., Dallas, TX 75201.

  151.   Franklin Aston, d. at age 11.

  152.   Scot Aston; 2 children.



LeRoy Graves (88) was listed as Roy Lee Graves on some documents, but his tombstone and other documents say LeRoy or Leroy.  He was born 8 Oct. 1881 in Culleoka, Maury Co., TN, died 22 March 1912 (the same day his sister Nellie died) of spinal meningitis, and was buried in Liberty Hill Cem., 3 miles outside Hubbard, Hill Co., TX.  He married Nicie Ann Barrington (or Bairrington).  She was born 15 Aug. 1888 in Wortham, TX, lived to be 100 years and 2 months old, and died in Mineral Wells, Palo Pinto Co., TX.  She secondly married George Washington Currington, and was buried next to him in Fairview Cem., Hubbard, TX.  (R‑7)

Children - Graves

+153.   James Olin Graves, b. 27 Dec. 1909, m(1) Mary Eunice Harris, 7 Aug. 1936, m(2) Emma Louise Woods, 1952, d. 23 March 1984.

  154.   Hazel Leroy Graves, b. June 1912, m. ------ Reasoner, d. 1990 or 1991.


William Thomas ("Tom") Graves (89) was born 21 May 1883 in Maury Co., Tenn., and died 15 Sept. 1968.  He married Zelma Clyde Stubbs, called Clyde.  They were both buried in Liberty Hill Cem., Hubbard, Hill Co., Texas.  All their children were born in Hill Co., probably all in Hubbard.  (R‑3, R‑5, R‑14)

Children - Graves

  155.   Estel Merle (“Potsie) Graves, b. 15 Dec. 1908, d. 1 June 1912 (Hubbard, TX).  Bur. Liberty Hill Cem., Hubbard, TX.

  156.   Ethel Tommie Graves, b. 20 May 1911 m. William Cecil Lipsey, 23 April 1927 (Hubbard, TX), d. 5 July 1988 (Waco, TX).  He was b. 1910.  3 sons.

+157.   William Gerald Graves, b. 28 Feb. 1914, m(1) Minnie Ola James, m(2) Claudia Louella Phelps, 1956, d. 19 Sept. 1994.

  158.   Audie Lee Graves, b. 2 Aug. 1916, m. Alva Evone Nelson, d. 5 Oct. 1977 (Dallas, TX).  She was b. 29 April 1920 in Burkburnett, TX, and d. 31 Dec. 2006 in Terrell, Kaufman Co., TX.  4 sons and 1 dau


Elizabeth ("Lizzie") Graves (90) was born 13 Oct. 1884 in Maury Co., Tenn., and died 20 Sept. 1946 in Fort Worth, Texas.  She married Charles William Clark on 31 Aug. 1902 in Waco, Texas.  Charles came from Culleoka to get her, and after marriage returned to Culleoka for a while.  He died 4 Oct. 1957 in Cleburne, Texas.  They were both buried in Liberty Hill Cem., Hubbard, Texas.  (R‑3, R‑5)

Children - Clark

  159.   Alice Clark, b. 31 July 1903 (Robinson, Texas), m(1) Lee Thompson, m(2) Harold Jones.  2 children who died before 1980.

  160.   Vera Ola Clark, b. 11 Jan. 1905 (Culleoka, Tenn.), m(1) Reuben Jones, 1 Feb. 1923, m(2) C. E. Irwin.  2 children.

  161.   Ramon (or Raymond?) B. Clark, b. 1 May 1911, d. 29 May 1912.  Bur. Liberty Hill Cem., Hubbard, Texas.

  162.   Ella Lucille Clark, b. 1 Jan. 1914 (Fort Worth, Texas), m. Theo McGee, d. 15 July 1980.  1 child.


Archie Winters Graves (91) was born 17 Sept. 1886 in Maury Co., TN, and died 27 June 1960.  He married Myrtle M. Millen, daughter of Alfred C. Millen and Roxie A. Thornton, about 1908.  She was born 21 Feb. 1891 in Indian Springs, Butts Co., GA, and died 27 Dec. 1955 in Colquitt, Miller Co., GA.

They were in the 1910 census for Parrine, Dade Co., FL, with no children, married 2 years.  He was in the 1920 census for Cabaniss, Monroe Co., GA, listed as widowed, boarding in the household of Jim and Ida Martin, with his son Millen Graves, 7.  The 1920 census for Flovilla, Butts Co., GA, listed Myrtle living with her parents, and her son Scott, 4.  Their son Archie wasn’t found in any 1920 census.  Archie was in the 1930 census for Macon, Bibb Co., GA, divorced, with children Scott W., 15, and Archie W., Jr., 18.  Myrtle was in the 1930 census for Flovilla, Butts Co., GA, living with her parents, with children Millen, 18, and Scott, 14.  All his children were born in GA.  (R‑3, R‑5, R‑14)

Children - Graves

  163.   Archie Winters Graves, Jr., b.c. 1912.  1980 address: 6238 Greylynne, Orlando, FL 32807.

  164.   Millen Graves, b.c. 1912.

  165.   Scott W. Graves, b.c. 1915.


Nellie Bly Graves (92) was born 27 Jan. 1888 in Culleoka, Maury Co., Tenn., died 22 March 1912 in Hubbard, Hill Co., Texas, and was buried 23 March 1912 in Liberty Hill Cem., four miles south of Hubbard.  Her brother, Leroy, died the same day, and it is believed that there was meningitis going around and they both caught it; Nellie, however, may have died in a diabetic coma.

Nellie married Dill Silvester Onstott, son of T. H. B. Onstott and Nancy Elizabeth Merritt, on 5 Aug. 1906.  He was born 13 April 1873 in Hill Co., Texas, died 1 May 1950 in Dallas, Texas, and was buried 2 May 1950, also in Liberty Hill Cem.  He secondly married Mary ‑‑‑‑‑‑.  She was born 8 Sept. 1883, and died 29 April 1947.  Mary Onstott and Dill's only brother, Willie D. Onstott (27 July 1867 - 1 Feb. 1947) were also buried at Liberty Hill Cem.  Nellie and Dill's first child was born in Spring Hill, Texas, and the last three in Hubbard, Texas.  (R‑5, R‑6)

Children - Onstott

+166.   William Frank Onstott, b. 19 Sept. 1907, m(1) Beulah Mae Wimberly, 22 Oct. 1924, m(2) Maggie Mae (Norman) Adcock, d. 6 May 1967.

+167.   Velma Louise Onstott, b. 30 Oct. 1908, m. Lenard Earl Myers, 27 July 1926.

+168.   Cecile Mable Onstott, b. 1 June 1910, m. O. D. Owens, 24 Aug. 1926.

+169.   Riley Dill Onstott, b. 24 Jan. 1912, m. Lena Farmer.


James Howlett Graves (93), called "Jim" or "Jimmie", was born 28 (or 29) Oct. 1890[5] in Maury Co., TN, and died 10 Nov. 1986 in Waco, McLennan Co., TX.  He married Annie Laura Moser, daughter of John Wesley Moser and Sara Evaline Milligan, on 23 Jan. 1916 in Dawson, TX.  She was born 9 Nov. 1898 in Dawson, TX, and died by 1993.  They were in the 1930 census for Hill Co., TX, with sons Wendell and Dan.  They were in the 1940 census for McLennan Co., TX, with their 3 living sons.  Jim was living in Waco, Texas in 1980.  (R‑5, R‑9, R‑14)

Children - Graves

  170.   James Wendell Graves, b. 24 Jan. 1918, m. Vivian Aahtah Teague, d. 7 Jan. 1999.  She was b. 3 Jan. 1921 and d. 25 Dec. 1997.

  171.   Coy Dulan Graves, b. 30 Jan. 1920 (Hubbard, Hill Co., TX), d. 28 March 1926.  Bur. Dover Cem.

+172.   Dan Allen Graves, b. 3 April 1927 (Hill Co., TX), m. Martha Pearl Bradley, d. 11 March 2004 (McLennan Co., TX).

+173.   John Charles Graves


Clayton F. ("Toad") Graves (94) was born 15 April 1891 in Culleoka, Maury Co., Tenn., and died 25 July 1981 in Waco, Texas.  He slipped away quietly after a week's stay in the hospital.  According to a recorded conversation between him and Jean Bymun in June 1980 (which provided much of the information given here), he said his middle initial does not stand for Franklin or anything else.

As a boy, Clayton had chores to do, but his main love was his dog, his traps, and his hunting.  He loved Tennessee, and said their farm was very rich land.  They grew watermelons that weighed as much as sixty pounds, and strawberries as big as hen eggs.

He was the seventh of thirteen children.  To this day, he still speaks with a great deal of love and respect for both his parents.  Of the thirteen children, only one did not live to be full grown.  The eleventh child, Katie Sue Graves, died as an infant.  The family Bible says she lived ten days, but Clayton insists she was twenty-eight days old when she died.  She had not been ill and the death was unexpected.  No one seemed to know the cause of death, not even the doctor.  The family pet, a dog, had gotten rabies, and had bitten a lot of their stock.  On the day Katie Sue died, several head of horses kicked their way out of the tin barn, and ran blindly into a thirty-foot ravine behind the barn, breaking their necks and killing themselves.  In the next few days, they lost some cows and pigs to the rabies, too.

About a year after the death of Katie Sue, when Clayton was about ten years old, his parents decided to leave Tennessee and move to Texas.  One son, Archie, did not want to leave, so they left him in Tennessee with his grandmother, Rosa Ann Graves.  Then, with nine children, they boarded a train and left for Texas.  The trip took about five days.  They got off the train at Waco, Texas, and settled nearby at a place called Robinson.  While they were living there, they had two more children.  Then they moved to Hubbard, Texas in Hill County.

At the age of fourteen, while attending school, Clayton met and fell in love with Mary Lou Houx, daughter of George Houx and Lue Bell Young.  They were constant companions for the next few years and at the ages of eighteen and seventeen, on Oct. 3, 1909, they were married.  They drove to Hillsboro, Texas in a buggy and got their marriage license.  Then they drove back to a place called Stanchel, near Hubbard, and got married while sitting in the buggy.  This took place in front of the preacher's house.  They were married by W. C. Bayless, and Clayton's brotheR‑in-law, Dill Onstott, stood up for them.  Then they went back to the home of Clayton's parents and stayed there for about a month until they got a place of their own.

Clayton worked at many different jobs to support his family.  He farmed, cut hair, repaired flues in train engines, was a carpenter and a painter.  He said there weren't many kinds of jobs he hadn't done.  At one time he worked for a full year for 75 cents a day.

Then, on May 29, 1920, at the age of 28 years, Mary Lou died of a stroke.  After her death, Clayton married Eula Oel Blount, a widow.  She had five or six sons from her first marriage to Charles C. Vardeman.  She had lost Charles and an infant son in a flu epidemic.  After their children were raised, Clayton and Eula moved to Waco, Texas.  Eula died of an enlarged heart on July 28, 1957.

Clayton has chosen to stay single since then.  He is now almost blind from hardening of the arteries, but he still has a good strong voice and his memory is very good for a man of eighty‑nine years.  He gets along quite well in spite of his failing eyesight.  He attends church and enjoys visitors, especially when they are members of his very large family.  He is known as "Papa" to his more than eighty descendants.  He still lives in Waco, Texas, just about two blocks from the railroad station where he first stepped off the train when he came to Texas from Tennessee.  All his children were born in Hubbard, Hill Co., Texas.  His 1980 address: 702 South 8th, Waco, TX 76706.  (R‑3, R‑5)

Children - Graves, by Mary Lou Houx

+174.   Lulu Belle Graves, b. 13 July 1910, m(1) Lester Finis Jones, 27 Feb. 1927, m(2) Harold Franklin Farmer, Aug. 1941, m(3) E. G. Honeycutt, d. 3 Dec. 1981.

  175.   Calvin Opal ("Man") Graves, b. 5 Feb. 1912, m. Ethyl Morgan.  No children.

+176.   William Paul Graves, b. 5 Sept. 1913, m. Violet Ruby Benson, 29 March 1936, d. 8 July 1967.

+177.   Nellie Mae Graves, b. 12 Oct. 1915, m. Duard Wilson Graves, 28 Aug. 1931.

+178.   Clyde Florence Graves, b. 6 Aug. 1918, m. Glenn Alford Jackson, d. 25 Oct. 1942.

Children - Graves, by Eula Oel Blount

+179.   Eula Doris Graves, b. 25 April 1925 (or 25 June 1924), m. James Burton Smith, Jr., 15 Aug. 1941.


Willie Clivie (or Clive) ("Sis") Graves (99) was born 31 Jan. 1904 and died 26 June 1970.  She married Martice ("Bud") Vardeman.  One of the children listed below married Del ‑‑‑‑‑‑, whose 1980 address was: 2802 Lakeshore Dr., Arlington, TX 76013.  (R‑3, R‑5)

Children - Vardeman

  180.   William ("Billy") Vardeman

  181.   Joe Allen Vardeman

  182.   Martice Vardeman, Jr.

  183.   Roy Don Vardeman

  184.   Jerry Glen Vardeman


John ("Johnnie") Mimms (or Mims) Graves (100) was born 7 Aug. 1905 in a small settlement very near Waco, now known as Robinson, in McLennan Co., Texas.  He married Leilah Clista Vosburg, daughter of Charlie Vosburg, on 22 Aug. 1923 at Mt. Calm, Texas.  She was born 4 Feb. 1904 in New Hope, Texas.  They were living in Waco, Texas in 1980.  All their children were born in Hubbard, Hill Co., TX.  (R‑5)

Children - Graves

  185.   Garland Gordon ("Buddy") Graves, b. 22 Feb. 1928.

+186.   Margia N. Graves, b. 9 March 1933, m. Frank Ermis, d. 28 May 1953.

+187.   Bobbie Sue Graves

+188.   Charles William Graves

+189.   John Douglas Graves


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[1] Date and place of their marriage is from IGI.

[2] Her name was spelled Alcy in the 1860 and 1870 censuses.

[3] R-3 gave her death date as 9 March 1874, and R-8 gave 17 March.

[4] R-3 gave Susan's birth date as 1853, but R-8 gave it as 1854.

[5] He was born 29 Oct. 1889 according to R-9.