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William Graves (1) was probably born about 1615-20 in England, assuming he was about the same age as his wife. He died in the summer of 1679 in Newtown, Long Island, NY (may have been part of CT at that time).

He married Sarah Dibble, widow of John Dibble, on 7 Nov. 1647 in Stamford, CT. This is the first known record of William's presence in America. Sarah was born in 1618, and died 13 Sept. 1656 in Stamford, CT.

John Dibble was probably a son of immigrant Robert Dibble or Deeble of Dorchester, MA.

This may have been a second marriage for William. That this was not his first marriage may be deduced from the fact that his son John was, in 1660, noted in John Winthrop's medical journal as "John Graves of Wethersfield, now of Newtown" [The American Genealogist, 23:126]. Although John Graves might well have been Winthrop's patient while still a boy, it would seem probable that, if so, Winthrop would have given his father's name also. Thus, an adult in 1660 could hardly have been born after 1647. William Graves had another son, name unknown, who is implied to be dead in 1679, leaving then several children. If he were Sarah's child, he must have died before he was 31, so we conclude that he, like his brother John, was child of an earlier marriage. William Graves also had a daughter who, if she were Sarah's child and born in 1648, would have been about 18 when she married Samuel Dibble in 1666 or thereabouts. We conclude that it is questionable as to whether Sarah was her mother. These four are all the known children and they all died in the lifetime of their father.

Some time after July 1662, when Edward Stevenson was still alive, but before 31 Dec. 1670, William Graves married, third, a wife named Ann who was then the widow (according to Mr. John Insley Coddington) of Edward Stevenson of Newtown. On the latter date she made a will [Coll. of N.Y. Hist. Soc., Wills, 1:467], styling herself as Ann Graves, wife of William Graves of Newtown, but this will, which mentions daughters Elizabeth Everit and Abigail Denton and cousin Thomas Stevenson, and was witnessed by Abraham Frost and John Pettit, was not allowed. Aside from the reference to her husband, no mention is made of the Graves family. It is clear that she gave birth to no Graves children.

William was first found in Stamford, CT, then moved to Windsor, CT, in the same colony. He is believed to have moved to Newtown, Long Island at the time of the Indian troubles. [However, McCracken's article only refers to his move from Stamford to Newtown, not mentioning a move to Windsor.] Newtown Town Minutes, 1:97, show a grant of three-quarters of an acre to him on 31 Jan. 1667/8, and 1:109, twenty acres laid out to him on 1 Dec. 1674, but he was probably there much earlier and may, indeed, have been there as early as 1660 when, as previously mentioned, his son John was recorded by Winthrop as then of Newtown.

Both William Graves and his son John died testate.

There may also be pertinent information in TAG 32:143 regarding Miriam (Dibble)(Gillett) Palmer. (R-1, R-3)

Children - Graves

2. John Graves, never married, d. June or July 1679 (Newtown, L.I.). Testate.

+3. son, m. Hannah ------.

+4. Abigail Graves, m. Samuel Dibble, c. 1666, d. 19 Jan. 1666.

5. Benoni Graves, d. 12 April 1657 (Stamford, CT).

6. Deliverance Graves, m. Josiah Hallett, by New York license dated 3 July 1677. We have no evidence that she was William Graves' daughter and she is not mentioned in his will, but she could have been his daughter if she died very shortly after marriage.






Son (3), name unknown, died intestate, date not known. He married Hannah ------, perhaps Hannah Scudder. Hannah Scudder was born 19 Aug. 1649 in Salem, MA, and died in June or July 1679 at Newtown, Long Island, having survived her husband. The following children are probable, based on an article in TAG 33:188. (R-3)

Children - Graves

7. Mary Graves. She is believed not to be the Mary, wife of Thomas Case, who was mentioned in the wills of William Graves and John Graves (his son), but a later Mary married to Thomas Case who may or may not have been Thomas1 Case or a son of his named Thomas. She was the wife named in his will in 1692 and was still a resident of Newtown in 1698.

8. Elisheba (called Elishep) Graves, m. Richard Allison (of Newtown, and Burlington, NJ).

9. Sarah Graves, m. John3 Albertus (John2, Pietro Cesare1). She survived him when he died about 1709.

10. Deliverance Graves; mentioned as yet unmarried in the will of John2 Albertus, but not called granddaughter. She m. by New York license dated 24 Sept. 1697, Walter Taylor.


Abigail Graves (4) may have been born about 1647-50, probably in Windsor, Hartford Co., CT, and died 19 Jan. 1666 at the birth of her only child in Windsor, CT. She is said to have died because of "bewitchment". A description of this is contained on pages 37-43 of the Samuel Wyllys collection of witchcraft documents (originals in Providence, RI, with copies in Conn. State Library, Hartford, CT).

McCracken (R-3) said her name was unknown.

She married Samuel3 Dibble (Thomas2, Robert1) about 1666, probably at Newtown, Long Island. He was born 19 Feb. 1643, was baptized 24 March 1643/4, and died 5 March 1709, all in Windsor, CT.

After Abigail died, Samuel secondly married Hepzibah Bartlett on 21 June 1668 in Windsor/Simsbury, CT. Samuel doubtless met his first wife because Sarah, widow of his uncle John2 Dibble of Stamford, had married William Graves in 1647. Samuel married for a third time to Frances Cranston on 25 March 1703.

Information on the Dibble family can be found in History of the Dibble Family, by Van Buren Lamb, Jr., and Your Ancestors, 2:5:115; 2:6:143, by the same author. (R-1, R-2, R-3)

Children - Dibble

+11. Abigail Dibble, b. 19 Jan. 1666/7, m. George Hayes, 29 Aug. 1683, d. after 1725.






Abigail Dibble (11) was born 19 Jan. 1666/7 in Windsor, CT, and died after 1725 (since she was living at the time her husband died). She married George1 Hayes on 29 Aug. 1683 in Windsor, CT, and died 2 Sept. 1725 in Simsbury, CT. This was her husband's second marriage. She was the mother of all his children except the eldest, who died in infancy.

For the Hayes family, see the Rev. C. W. Hayes, The Hayes Family of Windsor and Granby, CT (Buffalo, 1883), p. 3, also Register, supra, 36:387ff. The proof that it was this Abigail Dibble who was mentioned in William Graves' will as his grandchild then living in Conn. and not some other Abigail Dibble, granddaughter of his second wife by her first husband John Dibble, is to be found in the following conveyance recorded in Newtown Minutes 2:439: "Know all men by thes presants that wee Abrham And Samuel Deeble both In habeetence in Conitecut Collony by vertue of a letter of Atturny derived from Gorg Hays & Abigail Hays all In habetents of Coniticut Colleny in new England doe owne to have, sould and mead over unto Thomas Stevenson from us our hayrs Executors and Administrators & asines, by vertur of our Letter of Attorny unto Thomas Stevenson his hairs or assignes all our Right and title and Intrust of that part of the Esstat that william Graves desesed formerly Inhabeten of new towne in Quens County on Long Island geave to his Grandchild Abigail hays by his Last Will and testiment ..." etc. Dated 6 Sept. 1684 and signed by Abraham Deeble and Samuel Deeble; witnessed by Elias Doughty and Richard Gibbs. We identify Abraham Dibble of this conveyance as son of Robert1 Deeble, and Samuel Dibble as Samuel3 (Thomas2, Robert1), father of Abigail (Dibble) Hayes. The male line to President Rutherford Birchard7 Hayes runs: George1, George2, Daniel3, Ezekiel4, Rutherford5, Rutherford6. (R-1, R-3)

Children - Hayes

12. Joanna Hayes, b. 2 Oct. 1692 (Windsor, CT), m. James Hillyer, Jr., 5 Jan. 1709/10 (Simsbury, CT), d. after 1780.


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