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Elizabeth Graves (1) was born about 1787 and died after 1860. She married Stephen Grant. He was born about 1786 and died before the 1860 census. He supposedly served in the Revolutionary War. In the 1860 census of St. Barts Parish, Walterboro, SC, Elizabeth Grant, widow of Stephen Grant, was living with Rebecca and Richard Hubbard, and was 70 years old. All their children were probably born in Walterboro, Colleton Co., SC.

It is possible that Elizabeth was related (sister?) to John Samuel Graves who married Mary Blocker (genealogy 106). There was also a Peter Greaves listed in Colleton Co. in the 1810 census. The spellings Graves and Greaves were often used interchangeably at this time in SC. (R-1)

Children - Grant

2. (Dr.) John Henry Grant, b. 29 April 1806, m. Abigail R. Weston, c. 1831, d. 22 Jan. 1884. She was b. 28 Aug. 1813 and d. 18 Feb. 1881. 9 children.

3. Jefferson Grant, b. 1808, m. Rachel Hargraves. She was b. 1809 in SC. 4 children.

4. Richard Grant

5. Elizabeth Grant

6. Mary Grant

7. Emily G. Grant, m. Jonathan Greenleaf Littlefield, 26 March 1848, d. 12 May 1906 (Cades, SC). He was a carpenter. 1 child.

8. Rebecca Grant, b. 1830, m. Richard Humphrey Hubbard. He was b. 1824, and was a stockraiser. 5 children.

9. Stephen Grant, Jr.

10. Peter Grant, b. 1822, d. after 1850 (killed by a horse).

11. Sarah Grant

12. Dempsey W. Grant, b.c. 1834, m. Rebecca Ann Wilson, c. 1840. She was b. 29 Nov. 1820 and d. 5 Oct. 1889. 12 children.


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