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Charles Bardsley in his English Surnames, 1873, says Greaves, Graves, and Groves have the same origin.  A greave was a woodland avenue graved or cut out of the forest.

Lysons in his Magna Britannia (Fifth vol., pub. 1817) says, "The family (Greaves of Derbyshire) took its name from a place called the Greaves or Greves in the parish of Beeley, where they resided as early as the reign of Henry III."

Burke's Commoners, 1838, says, "The family of Graves is of high antiquity, its patriarch having passed into England in the train of the Conqueror.  Burke says that the family of Greaves or Greves of Mosely, Worchestershire [genealogy 236], "was founded in England by one of the Companions in the arms of the Conqueror."  In the grant of arms to Richard Graves of Gloucester (the Mickleton family) last century, it says that the Gloucester Graves were descended from Graves of Heyton, Yorkshire, "near which place there is an hamlett written in ancient deeds Greava, Greva, La Greave, and Greve, now called Greaves and Graves," which without doubt gave that surname to the family.

Are we to infer that the family gave its name to the places called Greaves or that they got their name from the places?  It was very unusual for a place to get its name from that of its settlers.  Fully three fourths of the old landed families in England whose records date back to before the fourteenth century, when surnames began to be common, derive their family names from their places of settlement.

Burke goes on to say, "The first of its members, however, of whom we possess any authentic record is ----- Les Greaves who was settled at Beeley and Greaves as early as the time of Henry I (years 1100-1135), from which time until the end of the seventeenth century, his descendants continued to reside there.  In 1664 the old hereditary estates at Beeley were sold to John, Earl of Rutland, and the head of the family left Beeley and settled at Mayfield, Staffordshire, where his descendants have ever since remained."






The ancestry of John Graves (b. 1540, d. 1595) is said (in Graves-Miller Genealogy, by Charles Miller Graves, 1989) to be: (1) John Grevis, b.c. 1175, (2) Hugo Grevis, b.c. 1200, (3) William Grevis, b.c. 1230, (4) Egidrus Greves, b.c. 1290, m. Leticia ‑‑‑‑‑‑, b.c. 1295, (5) Thomas Grevis, b.c. 1315, (6) Johannis Grevis, b.c. 1340, (7) John Greves, b.c. 1395, (8) William Greeves, b.c. 1445, m. Agnes ‑‑‑‑‑‑, b.c. 1455, (9) John Greves, b. 1497, d. 1546, (10) John Greaves, b.c. 1540, d. 1595, m. Alice Boune, b.c. 1550.

This lineage is very similar to that given by Richard Denno (R‑1), summarized on the chart on the next page, except that the chart gives one more generation between William8 and John9 in the preceding list.  (Much of the following discussion is also from Richard Denno.)

The beginning of the account of the Greaves family of Beeley is in the reign of the Plantagenet king of England, Henry III.  William Greaves, son of Hugo, received grants of land from William of Chatsworth and the Abbott of Beauchief.

Giles Greaves and his wife Leticia inherited land in 1316, and granted land to their son Thomas in 1324.

Thomas used a seal on a document, and the heraldic device is an eagle displayed.  This swift and powerful bird of prey is used by the Greaves family as a symbol and is evidence in later years of the continuity of the family line.

All records of this period are in Latin, and are legal documents, not parish registers.  The will of William Greaves mentions his wife Agnes, son John, and the chapel of St. John the Baptist, Beeley.


On the evidence of the heraldic eagle, one prominent seventeenth century Greaves family is probably descended from the Greaves family of Beeley.  The father of this distinguished family was Rev. John Greaves (b. 1578, d. 1616), rector of Colemore, Hampshire.  He married Sara ‑‑‑‑‑‑.

John Greaves (b. 1602, d. 1652) was his eldest son, educated at Balliol College, Oxford, and was chosen professor of geometry at Gresham College, London.  He toured the Middle East, collecting Arabic, Greek and Persian manuscripts, and studied the Pyramids.  He returned to Oxford and was appointed to the 2nd Savilian professorship of astronomy.  He was a friend to William Harvey, and after his death his work aroused the praise of Edmond Halley.

Nicholas and Thomas Greaves, his brothers, also studied at Oxford, gaining doctorates of divinity.

Sir Edward Greaves (b. 1615, d. 1680), the youngest brother, was physician to Charles II, who conferred a baronetcy on him in 1646.


Another family which may be related to the Greaves family of Beeley is that of William Greaves (c. 1600-1663) of Norton near Sheffield.  In seven generations of his descendants there were at least 13 ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Some preached the Good News in foreign lands, including the missionary Richard Pearson Greaves (c. 1825-1870) who died in Calcutta, India.  A partial lineage of his descendants is: William1 Greaves, 1600-1663, William2, 1630-1697, William3, 1662-1719, Charles4, 1700-1773, George5, 1756-1837, Joseph6, 1793-1880, Richard Pearson7, 1825-1870.

Several other Graves families are recorded, and although there is no documented evidence of connection with Beeley, yet most Greaves families are in the counties of Lancashire, Yorkshire and Cheshire, and may have migrated from Derbyshire centuries ago.  Maybe even Mrs. Greaves of the Rutland Arms Hotel who accidently invented the Bakewell Pudding is distantly related.

The map on the next page shows many of the locations in the vicinity of Beeley where Greaves families lived in past centuries and still live today.





John Greaves (1) was born about 1490 (or 1497) and died in 1546.  He married Joanna ‑‑‑‑‑‑.  By the time their son John was 18 years old, both his father and mother were buried in Beeley.  These are the earliest records of Greaves family members in the parish registers of Beeley, which were started in 1538 by command of King Henry VIII.

At the bottom of this page is a sketch of Beeley Hill Top, home of the Greaves family (owned and occupied in 1995 by the family of Mr. Rupert Turner, Beeley Hilltop, Matlock, Derbyshire DE4 2NW, England).  On the next page is a summary chart of some of the descendants of this family.  (R‑1)

Children - Greaves

+2.  John Greaves, b.c. 1540, m. Alice Boune, d. 1595.

  3.  Robert Greaves









John Greaves (2) was born about 1539-1540 and died in 1595 (or 1614 per R‑5).  He married Alice Boune (or Bowne or Brown), daughter of William Boune (or Brown) of Holme, Derbyshire, England.  Holme at Bakewell is about 4 miles from Beeley. They lived at Greaves.  Alice was born about 1550 (not likely if her son John was born about 1553 or 1560) and died in 1592.

John farmed at Beeley as a yoeman but, on inheritance of his father’s wealth, purchased in 1560 the Manor of Beeley from Nicholas Vaux, who was at that time in trouble for his adherence to the Roman Catholic Church.  The purchase included a house, later called Beeley Hill Top, which overlooks Chatsworth Park.  (R‑1, R‑5)

Children - Greaves

+4.  John Greaves, b.c. 1553, m. Ellen Slack, d. 1621.

  5.  Emma Greaves, b. 1555.

  6.  Elizabeth Greaves, b. 1556.

  7.  William Greaves, b. 1557.

  8.  Richard Greaves; b. 1560, d. 1597.  The will of a Richard Greaves was proved 1597, will Lichfield & Coventry.

  9.  Alice Greaves (not listed as a child by R‑5)






John Greaves (4) was born about 1553 or 1560 (this date is suspect, based on the reported birth dates of his parents) and died in 1621 (how can this be if his will was proved in 1614?).  He married Ellen (or Ellin) Slack (or Slacke), daughter of John Slack of Brough, Derbyshire.  Lysons says, "John Greaves in the reign of Elizabeth was a joint purchaser of the manor of Beeley at which place they continued to reside until about 1700."

Glover, in his History of Derbyshire (ca. 1830) said Warner de Beelegh, and afterwards his son Serlo, held Beeley Manor about the reign of Richard I, and after passing to the Cheneys of Northamptonshire it came into the possession of Lord Vaux of Harrowden, whose youngest son Nicholas held it in the right of his mother and in 1560 sold it to the family of Greaves who had been settled at the Greaves from the time of Henry III.  In 1687, the Greaves family sold it to the Saviles who lived at the Hill Top, formerly the Greaves.  It was later the property of the Duke of Devonshire.

John Greaves who married Ellen Slack had from Dean and Capter of Lichfield a lease of tithes of Curborough, Froggat, Stoke, Monsal Dale, and Longdon for the lives of himself and sons John, Richard, and Edward at a rental of £1.18.0, together with a fine (MSS pertaining to Dean of Lichfield).

John Greaves's will was proved in 1614 (Lichfield wills).

Children - Greaves

+10.  John Greaves, b. 1581, m. Dorothy Alleyne, d. 1643.

+11.  Richard Greaves, b. 1583, m. Margaret Supper, d. 1672.

  12.  William Greaves, b. 1585, m. Jane Kniveton.  William Greaves was rector of Brailsford, Derbyshire from 1607.  He and all his brothers were staunch royalists.  He was ejected from his living by the Parliament of 1646.  John Crompton of Derby was appointed in his place.  A fifth part of the benefice, in this case £15, was paid yearly by Crompton to Mrs. Greaves for the maintenance of herself and her children.  William Greaves died before the Restoration, when Crompton was ejected (Cox's Annals).  William's wife was the youngest daughter of Sir William Kniveton of Mercaston (created bart. in 1611), descended from Sir Matthew de Kniveton (living at Bradley Hall, 1301-  ).  Sir William Kniveton's wife was Matilda Rollesley, heiress of her father John, descended from Henry de Rowlesley (time of Richard I).  Sir William's grandson, Sir Arthur, was the last of the family who succeeded to its splendid estates, lost all in the cause of loyalty, was governor of Tutbury Castle, was fined so heavily he was obliged to sell his estates.

  13.  Edward Greaves, b. 1587; administration of an Edward Greaves estate, 1618, Lichfield.

  14.  Charles Greaves, b. 1589.

  15.  Abraham Greaves, b. 1590.

  16.  Mary Greaves, b. 1598.






John Greaves (10) was born in 1581 and died in 1643 per R‑5.  He married Dorothy Alleyne (or Allen), daughter of George Alleyne or Allen of Woodhouse and Barbara Vernon of Haddon.  Barbara was cousin and contemporary of Dorothy Vernon, the heroine in the well known tradition of the elopement with Lord John Manners.

George Alleyne's ancestors are mentioned in deeds as having been settled in Derbyshire in 1484.  "Inquisition taken at Wirksworth 10 Aug. 11 Elizabeth (b. 1569) before Andrew Haring, Eschetor after the death of Thomas Alleyn, yoman - seised in fee of land in Chappell in le Ffrith worth £4- of a moiety of the manor of Stanton Hall, of a messuage at Stanton and lands in Stanton and Stanton Lyes worth £4 and of tithes at Byrchover worth £3- held of the King as of his manors of Tutbury and Grafton.  Thomas died at Stanton Lyes 19 Sept. 1563 and George Alleyn was son and heir and was 43 years of age (court of ward and Liveries)."  This George was the father of George (d. 1598) and grandfather of Dorothy who married John Greaves.

Through his wife, John Greaves became possessed of Stanton Woodhouse and other properties.  He was an ardent Loyalist, and in Beeley Manor House where he lived is still to be seen a finely carved Royal coat of arms over the fireplace in one of the bedrooms of the picturesque old house.  (It is rumored that King James I may actually have stayed in the house.)  The Revolutionary party deprived John Greaves of much of his property, and he and his wife went to live at Stanton Woodhouse (as it was then spelled).  The last male representative of the family of John Greaves died at Stanton Woodhouse in 1730.  This ancient house is situated on a hillside not far from Rowsley.  It is approached through a wood composed partly of fine Spanish chestnuts.  Their overhanging boughs form a frame for the low greystone house with its irregular gables, its porch and latticed casements.

Near the porch a streamlet falls into a stone basin 'round which ferns cluster.  On the right, farther up the hillside, are more old gabled buildings, which appear larger than the dwellings and are used as stables.  The house has a very quaint "old world" appearance.

Nor does the inside belie this impression.  From the low arched porch, a narrow, rather dark passage leads to a good sized but also low panelled hall, opening on the right to a flight of the broad stone steps so often seen in old Derbyshire houses.  They lead to a narrow walled garden from which the stables are reached.  I think the plenishing of this hall must be much the same as when Barbara Alleyn lived there.  Three very long black oak tables surround the walls, some quaint old oak chairs and oak stools, a round table, and a curiously carved mantlepiece complete the furniture.  On the ground floor there is one quaint little panelled chamber, all white, with two latticed casements looking different ways. Beyond the hall, a few winding stone steps lead to the upper story on which are several panelled quaint rooms. The front of the house looks towards the garden which is on the rather steep hillside.  Some very fine ancient yews, just below the gravel walk, which is bordered by old fashioned flowers, shade a narrow paved walk. Farther down the bank is a second avenue of yews; their boughs overshadow another paved alley so completely that one can enjoy a walk there in heavy rain without feeling the drops that patter on the branches.  I am obliged to confess that it is probable that additions have been made to the oldest parts of Stanton Woodhouse since sturdy John Greaves went there with Dorothy Alleyne, but they are not intrusive.

Stanton Woodhouse is now the Derbyshire home of the Duke of Rutland.  (See the next page for a drawing of Stanton Woodhouse.)

Children - Greaves

+17.  John Greaves, b.c. 1608, m. Elizabeth Wood, d. 1673.

+18.  George Greaves, b. 1612, m. Dorothy Wagstaff.

  19.  Richard Greaves

  20.  Gilbert Greaves

  21.  Robert Greaves

  22.  Roger Greaves

+23.  Joseph Greaves

+24.  Thomas Greaves, married.

+25.  Barbara Greaves, m. Thomas Bagshaw, d. 1681.

  26.  Ann Greaves

  27.  Dorothy Greaves


Richard Greaves (11), of Birchover, married Margaret Supper, daughter of Henry Supper of Darley.  Richard's descendants were not long of Birchover.  The Reliquary, vol. 6, 1866, gives an elegy by Leonard Wheatcroft "upon the death of all the greatest gentry in Darley Dale who loved hunting, hawking and several other games.  The poet's view well known to you, to be too true, and so adieu, by me Leo W 1672."  Each stanza is devoted to one of the family or individual, and the first runs:

"As I on Oaker Hill one day did stand

Viewing the world which I could not command

I turned my face towd Berchore (Birchover) partly west

To view where Greaves us't to have their nest

But out alas I found they were all gone

Not one was left to rest against a stone."











John Greaves (17) was born about 1608 and died in 1673[1].  He apparently married Elizabeth Wood, daughter of William Wood.  He was the oldest son and the successor to the estate.  Burke says nothing about him except that he had a son John who married Ann Birch (a mistake for Birds which he repeated several times) and that he was the father of William of Mayfield, Joseph of Ingleby, and George of London.

Mr. Swift has, however, an abstract which states that John Greaves who married Ann Birds died without issue. His will confirms this.

There is in Beeley Church a flagstone occupying the S.E. angle of the belfrey floor bearing this inscription: "This marble stone doth presse but not oppresse the body of John Greaves of Greaves, Esq., who was always a true son of the Church of England, merciful and charitable to the poor, patient and courageous in a tedious sickness, and at length, being full of faith and hope, did exchange this troublesome world for a better, the 13 Oct. 1694."

In the floor at the north aisle is another flagstone with: "In norte lucrum, the remains of that excellent woman Mrs. Ann Greaves, daughter of George Birds of Stanton Hall, gent, and relict of John Greaves of Woodhouse, Esq., lie here interred, her better part to blissful regions ascended the 25th May 1700.  To whose pious memory this marble is dedicated by her brother Mr. Thomas Birds."

The fact of the stone having been placed here by her brother looks as if John Greaves did die without children.  If he left children, they were sadly wanting in filial feeling.

If John Greaves did die without children, who then were the Greaves of Mayfield descended from?  Burke says the head of the family sold the estate at Beeley and Stanton and settled at Mayfield.  If so, why are the arms of the Mayfield family different from those of Beeley?

The arms of Greaves of Greaves are: Gules, an eagle displayed or, crowned argent.  The arms of Greaves of Mayfield are: per bend, gu. & vert, an eagle displayed or.

Dugdale (visitation of Derby, 1662) gives the following pedigree: John Graves of Graves, father of John Graves who married dau. of William Wood and had John aged 18 in 1662, and George who married and had 5 sons.

The last named John (aged 18) was the one who married Ann Birds.  The family of Birds, Bird, Bride was of considerable standing in Co. Derby about 200 years ago, and they lived at Locko, Youlgreave, Ashford, Eyam, and other places.  Descendants of this once opulent family are still living in Youlgreave and Matlock but are now only working men.  George Birds, father of Ann, possessed half of the Manor of Stanton Hall.  In 1604, George Bird (father or grandfather of above George) was one of three churchwardens of Youlgreave.

In the civil wars the Greaves family took the part of Charles I and, in consequences of their losses in it, the old hereditary estates at Beeley were sold, and the head of the family settled at Mayfield.

Children - Greaves

  28.  John Greaves, b.c. 1644, m. Ann Birds, d. 13 Oct. 1694.


George Greaves (18) was born in 1612 per R‑5.  He married Dorothy Wagstaff.  In Youlgrave registers is Dorothy, daughter of George and Dorothy Greaves, baptized 20 Nov. 1640.  It seems likely that the "head of the family" (mentioned in the discussion of George's brother John) who settled at Mayfield was a son of George, rather than of John.

On 1 Oct. 1649, John and George Greaves with nine others presented a petition for repair of Baslow Bridge over the Darwin.  Baslow is about four miles north of Beeley.

George had 5 sons, according to Dugdale (visitation of Derby, 1662).  It seems probable that George named one of his sons William after his uncle William, the rector of Brailsford, and that he was the William who settled at Mayfield, Staffordshire, and married Margery Lees.  Other children listed provided by R‑5.

Children - Greaves

+29.  William Greaves, b.c. 1650, m. Margery Lees, 1687, d. 1712.

  30.  James Greaves

  31.  son

  32.  Dorothy Greaves

  33.  son

  34.  Margaret Greaves

  35.  son

  36.  Elizabeth Greaves

  37.  Mary Greaves


Joseph Greaves (23) married.  He had at least the one child listed below.

Children - Greaves

  38.  Charles Greaves of Woodhouse, J.P. in 1710, d. 1720 (?).  He married Eliza Taylor, daughter of William Taylor of Southwell.  In churchwarden's account of Youlgrave (or Oldgreave) among the implements is a "cloath for ye communion table and 2 large napkins given by Charles Greaves of Woodhouse."


Thomas Greaves (24) married.  He settled at Hurlston Hall, Lancashire[2].  Per R‑5, founder Greaves of Irlam.

Children - Greaves

  39.  Thomas Greaves

  40.  William Greaves

+41.  John Greaves, m. Hannah Langley.


Barbara Greaves (25) married Thomas Bagshaw of the Ridge, Derbyshire.  She died 1681, he 1649, both buried in the chancel of Chapel en le Frith church.  He was 7th in descent from Thomas Bagshaw of the Ridge (time of Henry VI) whose 4th son Nicholas was ancestor of Mary Bagshaw who married Henry Marwood Greaves in 1829, hence the Greaves-Bagshaws.

Children - Bagshaw

+42.  Henry Bagshaw, bapt. 1634, m. Ann Bereton, d. 1675.

  43.  Elizabeth Greaves, b. 1637, m. (Rev.) Thomas Clayton.

+44.  Thomas Bagshaw, bapt. 1638, m. Mary Allestree, d. 1721.

  45.  John Bagshaw, b. 1639.

  46.  Nicholas Bagshaw, b. 1640.

  47.  Florence Bagshaw, m. Edmund Potts.

  48.  Dorothy Bagshaw, b. 1644, d. without issue.






William Greaves (29) was born about 1650 and died in 1712.  He married Margery Lees in 1687.  She died in 1700.  They lived at Mayfield, Staffordshire  Their descendants achieved distinction as Justices of the Peace, clergy, and in the professions.  (R‑1, R‑5)

Children - Greaves

+49.  William Greaves, b. 1687, m. Elizabeth Bradley, d. 1753.

+50.  Joseph Greaves, b. 1688, married, d. 1756.

  51.  George Greaves, b. 1692, never married.  Died without children before 1738, leaving his property in equal shares to the children of his brothers William and Joseph.  R‑5 lists year of death as 1782.

  52.  Jane Greaves, b. 1695, m. William Evans, d. 1755.



John Greaves (41) of Shaw Hall, Lancashire, "bought an estate and entailed on his descendants."  He married Hannah Langley, daughter of ‑‑‑‑‑‑ Langley of Agecroft Hall near Manchester.[3]

Children - Greaves

+53.  Thomas Greaves, m. Mary Birch, d. 1793.

  54.  John Greaves, never married.  He sold his property in England, settled in Jamaica, and there gained a considerable fortune.



Henry Bagshaw (42) was baptized in 1634 and was buried in 1675.  He married Ann Bereton, daughter and co-heir of Edward Bereton of Hurdlow, Derbyshire.  She secondly married Henry Carrington of Whiteknowls, Chapel en le Frith.

Children - Bagshaw

  55.  Henry Bagshaw, bapt. 1665, living in 1697.

  56.  Anna Bagshaw, b. 1668.

  57.  Edward Bagshaw, b. 1670.

  58.  Thomas Bagshaw, b. 1672, d. 1678.

  59.  William Bagshaw, b. 1674.


Thomas Bagshaw (44), of Bakewell Hall, eventually succeeded to the Ridge estate.  He was baptized 1638, died 1721, and was buried in Bakewell church.  He married Mary Allestree, daughter of Thomas Allestree of Alvaston. She died in 1704 at age 64.

Children - Bagshaw

  60.  William Bagshaw, died in infancy.

  61.  Thomas Bagshaw, bapt. 1670.

  62.  John Bagshaw of Grays Inn, barrister, died without children.

+63.  Charles Bagshaw, b.c. 1673, m. Alicia Maria Ashton, d. 1717.

  64.  James Bagshaw

  65.  Stephen Bagshaw

  66.  Mary Bagshaw

+67.  Rachel Bagshaw, m. William Fitzherbert.






William Greaves (49) was born in 1687 and died in 1753.  He married Elizabeth Bradley, sister or daughter of ‑‑‑‑‑‑ Bradley, vicar of Mayfield.  She died 17 July 1736.  (R‑1, R‑5)

Children - Greaves

+68.  William Greaves, b. 1710, m. Dorothy Ley, d. 1781.

  69.  Joseph Greaves, b. and d. 1720.

+70.  Sarah Greaves, m. Edmund Evans, 1738, d. 1749.


Joseph Greaves (50) was born in 1688 and died in 1756.  He married.  They lived at Ingleby.  (R‑5)

Children - Greaves

+71.  Joseph Greaves, m. Ann Brooke-Boothby, 1737.

+72.  William Greaves, m. Sarah Clegg.

+73.  Robert Greaves, m. Elizabeth Clegg.



Thomas Greaves (53), the heir, died in 1793[4], and was buried at Eccles.  He married Mary Birch, related to the celebrated Col. Birch.  He was the owner of very large estates near Manchester.

Children - Greaves

  74.  Amy Greaves, m. R. Hall.

  75.  Alice Greaves, m. N. Hartley.

+76.  John Greaves, b. 1750, m. Mary Lancashire, c. 1789, d. Dec. 1815.



Charles Bagshaw (63) was born about 1673 and died in 1717 at age 44.  He married Alicia Maria Ashton, daughter and co-heir of Benjamin Ashton of Hathersage.  She died in 1719.  There may be some question as to whether Charles was a son of Thomas and Mary.

Children - Bagshaw

  77.  Thomas Bagshaw of Hathersage Hall, dsp (died without issue).

  78.  Benjamin Bagshaw of the Ridge, dsp. 1739, m. Catherine Statham, dau. of Sir John Statham of Wigfall.  She m(2) Lieut. George Phillips and m(3) ‑‑‑‑‑‑ Barker of Chiswick.

  79.  Robert Bagshaw of Hull, dsp.

  80.  Francis Bagshaw, rector of Hamstead, dsp.


Rachel Bagshaw (67) married William Fitzherbert of Tissington, "descended from a Norman knight, Herbert, whose son called Fillius Herbert and Fils of Fitzherbert gave a patronymie to the family."  When the children of Rachel's brother Charles died without issue, she then inherited the Ridge estate.

William Fitzherbert was born in 1671 and died in 1739. He was recorder of Derby.

Children - Fitzherbert

+81.  William Fitzherbert, b. 1712, m. Mary Poyntz-Meynell, d. 1753.

+82.  Catherine Fitzherbert, m. Richard Bateman, 1755.






William Greaves (68) was born in 1710 and died in 1781.  He married Dorothy Ley, sister of George Ley of Mayfield.  She died in 1784.  This marriage may have brought Mayfield Hall[5] and farms into the Greaves family.  (R‑1, R‑5)

Children - Greaves

+83.  George Greaves, b. 1747, m(1) Elizabeth Pipe, 1775, m(2) Susanna Biddulph, Dec. 1783, d. 1828.

+84.  Robert Charles Greaves, m. Elizabeth Harthill, 1775.

+85.  John Davies Greaves, b. 17 Jan. 1750, m. Elizabeth Newton, 9 April 1770, d. 24 Feb. 1784.

  86.  William Greaves, d. 1753.  Died young.

  87.  Joseph Greaves, d. 1756.  Died young.

  88.  Ralph Christopher Greaves, m. Ann Vincent, d. 1781.  No children.

+89.  Dorothy Greaves, m. Richard Dodsley Flamstead.


Sarah Greaves (70) died in 1749.  She married Edmund Evans, vicar of Mayfield, vicar of Alton, and Rector of Bradley, all in Staffs.  The marriage settlement was dated 16 July 1738, and her fortune was £3000.  This was probably her portion of the property of George Greaves of London who died before 1738.  Sarah and Edmund were buried under the altar in Mayfield church.  (R‑1, R‑5)

Children - Evans

+90.  William Evans, b. 1740, m(1) ‑‑‑‑‑‑, m(2) Elizabeth Spencer, d. 1816.

+91.  Elizabeth Evans, m. Thomas Goodwin.



Joseph Greaves (71) of Aston, HS 1765, married Anne, only daughter of Sir Brooke-Boothby of Ashbourne Hall, 5th Bart., by first wife Ann Byard, daughter of John Byard of Derby.  Joseph's marriage settlement was dated 28 Sept. 1737.  His wife Ann (or Anne) died in 1739.

Children - Greaves

+92.  Mariah Greaves, m. Edward Sneyd.

  93.  Ann Greaves, never married, d. 1827.


William Greaves (72) settled at Liverpool and married Sarah Clegg, daughter of Joseph Clegg, Mayor of Liverpool, 1748.  (R‑1, R‑5)

Children - Greaves

  94.  Harriet Greaves, m. George Thomson Jacob.

+95.  Joseph Greaves, m. Ann Phillippa Jones.


Robert Greaves (73) married Elizabeth Clegg.  Elizabeth was sister of Sarah, daughter of Joseph Clegg by Elizabeth Mainwaring, eldest daughter of James Mainwaring of Bromborough, Cheshire.  A Liverpool directory of 1790 has "Mrs. Elizabeth Greaves, 4 Cans St. Ranelagh St. and Cap. George Greaves" same address, probably her son.  (R‑5)

Children - Greaves

  96.  George Greaves



John Greaves (76) was born in 1750, died in Dec. 1815, and was buried at Eccles.  He was of Irlam Hall, Lancashire.  He married about 1789 to Mary Lancashire, third daughter of John Lancashire of Polefield, Prestwich.  John Greaves realized great wealth by commercial pursuits.  He was partner with Sir Robert Peel in the banking house of Peel, Greaves and Co. of Manchester, and afterwards with the firm of Scholes Tetlow and Co.

Children - Greaves

  97.  John Greaves, b. 15 April 1793, succeeded his father, was magistrate and DL for Lancashire, and Major in local militia.  According to Burke, 1838, he was "patron of the fine arts, and his collection of pictures, coins, medals and curios are esteemed at considerable value."  He had estates in Lancashire, Middlesex, Surrey, Derby and Ches.

  98.  Thomas Greaves, never married, d. March 1824.

  99.  Mary Greaves, b. 1797, d. 1865.

  100.   Sarah Greaves, died in infancy.



William Fitzherbert (81), M.P., was born in 1712 and died in 1753.  He married Mary Poyntz-Meynell, daughter of Littleton Poyntz-Meynell of Bradley.

Children - Fitzherbert

+101.   William Fitzherbert, b. 1748, m. Sarah Perrin, d. 1791.

  102.   Thomas Fitzherbert, never married, d. 1767.  He was Lieut. in the Army.

  103.   Alleyne Fitzherbert, never married, d. 1839.  Created Lord St. Helens in 1801.

  104.   Selina Fitzherbert, m. Henry Gally, d. 1823.  He was Knight of Langold, Notts.


Catherine Fitzherbert (82) married Richard Bateman of Hartington in 1755.  He was baptized in 1719, and was descended from Robert Bateman of Hartington (temp. Henry VII).

Children - Bateman

+105.   Hugh Bateman, m. Temperance Gisborne, 1786.

+106.   Richard Bateman, m. ‑‑‑‑‑‑ Kalinge.






George Greaves (83) was born in 1747 and died in 1828.  He became rector of Stanton on the death of John Rolleston in 1770.  He was also rector of Swarkestone, near Stanton, from 1795.  (Stanton by Bridge is not near Stanton Leys or Woodhouse.)  He died surviving all his sons and leaving his daughters as co-heirs.

He was married twice.  He first married Elizabeth Pipe in 1775.  She was the daughter of Samuel Pipe, rector of Walton on Trent (youngest of the branch from John de Pipe of Belleston, Staffs., time of Richard II), by Dorothy, daughter of Stamford Wolverhampton, magistrate for Staff. and Warw. Samuel Pipe and Dorothy Wolverhampton were second cousins, both descended from Francisse Wolfreston (who died 1666) by Frances Middlemore, eldest of 22 children of George Middlemore of Haslowell, Worc.

The Rev. George Greaves married second Susanna Biddulph in Dec. 1783.  She was a daughter of Walter Biddulph, descended from Robert de Biddulph, daughter and heir of Thomas de over Biddulph, 48 Ed. III (according to Shaw)  (R‑5).

Children - Greaves, by Elizabeth Pipe

+107.   Lydia Elizabeth Greaves, b. 10 Nov. 1775 (Ingleby), m. Paul Belcher.

  108.   Dorothy Catherine Greaves, b. 18 Oct. 1776, d. 13 Nov. 1795 (Stanton).

  109.   Frances Greaves, b. 28 Oct. 1777.

  110.   Georgina Greaves, b. 13 July 1780, m. William Dodsley Flamstead (her cousin), d. 1809.  3 children.

  111.   George Graves, b. 19 Aug. 1781 (Stanton), d. 1801.

Children - Greaves, by Susanna Biddulph

  112.   Edward Greaves, an officer in the 11th light dragoons, d. 1815.

  113.   Robert Charles Greaves, officer in 41st foot, d. 1814.

  114.   William Henry Greaves, d. 1803 (in childhood).

  115.   Susanna Greaves

  116.   Anna Marie Greaves, died in infancy.

+117.   Mary Louisa Greaves, m. R. Beaumont.


Robert Charles Greaves (84) married Elizabeth Harthill, "an heiress" of Donesthorpe, Leistershire.  She died in 1821.  Robert "assumed the name of Ley" (according to Burke).  They lived at Ingleby Hall but did not own it, for Lyons ( year 1817) said "it is owned by Sir Francis Burdett and occupied by R. C. Greaves."

In the 26th vol. of the Reliquary (year 1886) are Family Jottings by the late Mrs. Marshall Hall (b. 1802, d. 1885) written just before she died and supplied to the Reliquary by her son.  Mrs. Hall's mother was a daughter of Hans Winthrop Mortimer by a daughter of Lord Hamilton. Mrs. Hall said, "My mother, then Theodosea Mortimer, when young used to visit at Ingleby, a very pretty place near Swarkstown.  The grounds were charming, and Mr. and Mrs. Greaves and their two daughters lived there.  At Ingleby my mother made the acquaintance of Mrs. Greaves' two cousins, the young Misses Green, the elder of whom, Valentine, became Theodosea's husband."

The following two children were their only offspring.

Children - Greaves

  118.   Ann Lydia Greaves, b. 1777, m. William Greaves (#120), 20 Dec. 1798, d. 4 June 1804.  See #120 for descendants.

+119.   Elizabeth Frances Greaves, b. 1779, m. Humphry Senhouse, 27 Sept. 1803.


John Davies Greaves (85), of Burton on Trent, was born 20 (or 17) Jan. 1750 and died 27 (or 24 per R‑5) Feb. 1784, both in Foremark, Derbyshire.  He married Elizabeth Newton on 9 April 1770 in Willington, Derbyshire.  She was a daughter of Richard Newton, "who was nearly related to Sir Isaac Newton.  An original portrait as well as some of his plate are still in possession of the family." (Burke)  Richard Newton's wife was Sarah (or Saran?) Debank, a daughter of William Debank of Burton and Sarah Goring of Frodley.  Elizabeth Newton was born in 1743 in Burton on Trent, and died about 1822.

"The famous Col. Goring, the faithful adherent to the fortunes of the young chevalier, who died a field marshall in the Prussian Service," was a kinsman of Sarah Goring, and Dr. Greaves of Mayfield had in his possession a beautiful silver medal about the size of half a crown but thicker, which was presented by Prince Edward to the Colonel.  On one side is the head of Charles Edward; on the reverse an old "dead tree with a young one springing up from its roots, with this inscription, 'Reverscet 1650'."

Of the same branch was George Goring who "gallantly distinguished himself in the civil wars as 'General Goring'.  He retired to the Netherlands and acquired fresh laurels as Lieut. Gen. of the King of Spain Army." (Burke)

Of the following children, at least John, Robert, Thomas and Richard were born in Burton on Trent, Staffordshire.  (R‑4, R‑5)

Children - Greaves

+120.   William Greaves, b. 1 Feb. 1771, m(1) Ann Lydia Greaves (#118), 20 Dec. 1798, m(2) Sarah Evans (#130), 3 April 1809, d. 19 Dec. 1848.

+121.   George Williamson Greaves, b. 1774, m. Sophia Brailsford, 18 Sept. 1799, d. 11 April 1829.

+122.   John Greaves, b. 4 Aug. 1776, m. Ann Wilson, 21 Feb. 1799, d. 1823.

+123.   Robert Christopher Greaves, b. 4 Oct. 1778, m. Sarah Hackett, 15 July 1800.

+124.   Thomas Ley Greaves, b. 17 Nov. 1780, m. ‑‑‑‑‑‑, d. Sept. 1834.

  125.   Richard Greaves, b. 5 Oct. 1781, never married, d. 1833 (per Burke).

+126.   Dorothy Greaves, m. John Smith.


Dorothy Greaves (89) married Rev. Richard Dodsley of Spondon, Derbyshire.  He took the name of Flamstead.  Lysons says, "In 1817 the Rev. Richard Flamstead, Minister of Chellaston, is the great nephew of Flamstead the celebrated astronomer."  It is assumed that this is the same clergyman, or perhaps they were cousins.  (R‑5)

Children - Flamstead

  127.   William Dodsley Flamstead, m. Georgina Greaves (#110, dau. of Rev. George Greaves).  2 sons, 1 dau.

  128.   Christopher Flamstead, m. Joyce Beaumont.  He was rector of Swynnerton, Staffs.  She was descended from Edward Beaumont of Barrow, said to be descended from Richard, Viscount de Beaumont who m. Constance, natural daughter of Henry I of England.  In 1689 a raid was made on the Catholics to disarm them, and at the Derby sessions of that year is the following entry: This court beinge certified that Mr. Robert Beaumont (greatgrandfather of Joyce) of Barrow, a papist, hath noe armes in his custody but a gunne about five foot long in the barrell."  Christopher's issue was a daughter married to a clergyman.



William Evans (90) was born in 1740 and died in 1816.  He was the vicar of Mayfield and Rector of Grindon.  He first married the widow of Mr. Peacock of Rodgeley.  They had no children.  He married second Elizabeth Spencer, daughter and heiress of John Spencer of Wyaston Hall, Derbyshire.  (R‑5)

Children - Evans, by Elizabeth Spencer

  129.   Elizabeth Evans, b. 1787, never married, d. 1807 at age 20.

  130.   Sarah Evans, b. 1789, m. William Greaves (#120), 3 April 1809, d. 1869.  See #120 for descendants.


Elizabeth Evans (91) married Thomas Goodwin of Ashbourne. He was a grandson of William Goodwin who "came and settled at Monyash, Derbyshire, in Reign of Charles II." This William had by his first wife a son George.  His second wife was a widow with an only daughter.  The son George and the daughter were married at Ashbourne; he was 16 and she was 14 when married.  Martha, their firstborn, was only 15 years younger than her mother.

Children - Goodwin

  131.   Edmund Goodwin, b. 6 Nov. 1778, m. Ann Shelly (of Oulton Hall, Staffs.), d. 17 Nov. 1846.

+132.   William Goodwin, m. ‑‑‑‑‑‑ Parrott.

+133.   George Goodwin, b. 22 Aug. 1784, m. Alice Morrison, d. 6 Oct. 1851.



Mariah Greaves (92) married Edward Sneyd of Hyshly Lodge. He died in 1832.

Children - Sneyd

  134.   Emma Sneyd, never married, d. 10 Nov. 1858.



Joseph Greaves (95) married Ann Phillippa Jones.  The Liverpool Directory of 1790 lists Joseph Greaves, merchant, 8, Water St.; Greaves and Denison, Brokers, 8, Water St.; Greaves and Denison, Wine and Brandy Vaults, back of 7, Chorley St.

Children - Greaves

  135.   Joseph Greaves, m. Jane Lumley, d. 1861.  Had children.

  136.   Richard Greaves, m. Ellen Susanna Vandaleur, 1846, d. 1872.  He was General in the Army.  She was dau. of Sir John A. Vandaleur, General.

+137.   George Frederick Greaves, m. Ann Richards, d. 1869.



William Fitzherbert (101) was born in 1748 and died in 1791.  He was created Bart. in 1784.  He married Sarah Perrin, only daughter of William Perrin of Jamaica.  She died in 1795.

Children - Fitzherbert

  138.   George Fitzherbert, died young.

  139.   Charles Fitzherbert, died young.

  140.   Sir) Anthony Fitzherbert (Second Bart.), b. 1779, never married, d. 1798.

+141.   Henry Fitzherbert, b. 1783, m. Agnes Beresford, d. 1858.



Sir Hugh Bateman (105) succeeded his grandfather, Hugh Bateman, in 1777, and was created Bart. in 1806 with remainder to the male heirs of his daughters.  He married Temperance Gisbourne, daughter of Thomas Gisbourne of Derby and Anne Bateman (daughter of William Bateman of Derby), in 1786.

Children - Bateman

  142.   Catherina Bateman, m. Sir Edward Dolman Scot.  Had children.

  143.   Amelia Anne Bateman, m. Sir Alexander Hood.  He d. 1824.


Richard Bateman (106) was DL, JP, HS, 1812, Derby.  He married the only daughter of Rev. Thomas Kalinge of Uttoxeter.

Children - Bateman

  144.   Richard Thomas Bateman

  145.   John Bateman

  146.   James Alleyne Sacheverell Bateman

  147.   Thomas Osborne Bateman, b. 1809, d. 1874.  DL 1850.

  148.   Hugh Athelstan Bateman, d. at age 16.

  149.   Joyce Bateman, d. at age 15.

  150.   Mary Bateman, m. Rev. James Chichester.

  151.   Elizabeth Catherine Bateman, died young.






Lydia Elizabeth Greaves (107) was born 10 Nov. 1775 at Ingleby, Derbyshire.  She married Paul Belcher, M.A.  He was rector of Heather and vicar of Mayfield.  He was appointed headmaster of Ashbourne Grammer School in 1796, and died in 1836, leaving 4 sons and 4 daughters.  (R‑5)

Children - Belcher

  152.   George Paul Belcher, b. 1800, m. Ellen Cresswell, 1846, d. 188-.  He was the eldest son, of Heather Manor House, Ashby de la Zouch.  No children.  Ellen was dau. of Nicholas Cresswell of Idridgehay, Derbyshire, who was Lord of the manor, Patron and vicar of Butterton, Staffs.

  153.   Robert Shirley Belcher, b. 1805, m. Helen Worthington, 1832, d. 8 June 1895.  She was b. 1811, d. 22 Nov. 1864, dau. of William Worthington of Burton and Martha Evans (dau. of Henry Evans of Coldwell Hall, Derby).

  154.   Six other children


Mary Louisa Greaves (117) married R. Beaumont.  He was a surgeon at Repton (?) and Melbourne, both in Derbyshire.

Children - Beaumont

  155.   George Beaumont, b. 1825.

  156.   Lydia Susanna Beaumont



Elizabeth Frances Greaves (119) was born in 1779.  She married Humphry (or Humphrey?) Senhouse of Ellenborough, otherwise Nether Hall, Cumberland, on 27 Sept. 1803.  He was HS 1826, and was descended from Walter de Sawyhouse, temp Richard I and John.  His second cousin, Sir Edward Law, was created Lord Ellenborough in 1802, and it was Humphrey's father, another Humphrey, who gave Sir Edward permission to assume Ellenborough.  The father of the last named Humphrey married Mary, daughter of Sir George Fleming of Carlisle, and Maryport was named after her.

Until 1705 there was only one house at Ellen-foot, a farmhouse built by Humphrey Senhouse in 1718.  This house is now the site of Maryport.  The town owed its origins to the efforts of Humphrey Senhouse.  Pennant, writing in 1774, says there were then more than one hundred houses there.

A chapel was built at Maryport in 1760.  In it is a monument to Humphry Senhouse, the founder of Maryport, who died in 1770.  The Senhouses are descendants of Edward I.  (R‑5)

Children - Senhouse

+157.   Elizabeth Senhouse, b. 28 April 1805, m. Joseph Pocklington, 13 Oct. 1835, d. 6 May 1890.

  158.   Humphrey Senhouse, b. 16 April 1809, d. 24 June 1884.

  159.   Catherine Senhouse, d. 26 Jan. 1853.

+160.   Ellen Senhouse, m. John Taubman Goldie-Taubman, 18 April 1837, d. 5 Feb. 1838.



William Greaves (120), M.D., J.P. for Stafford, was born 1 Feb. 1771 and died 19 Dec. 1848.  He lived at Mayfield Hall, Staffordshire (almost on the Derbyshire line), although he was only a tenant and the Hall belonged to someone else.  It was owned by Rev. George Greaves and, after his death, by his daughters.  It was later owned by F. Wardle.

Dr. William Greaves, on the death of his uncle George, became the representative of the family.  He first married his cousin Ann Lydia Greaves[6] (#118), daughter of Robert Charles Greaves and Elizabeth Harthill, on 20 Dec. 1798.  Ann was born in 1777 and died 4 June 1804.  William secondly married his cousin Sarah Evans (#130), daughter of William Evans and Elizabeth Spencer, on 3 April 1809 in Mayfield Parish, Staffordshire, England.  She was born in 1789 in Staffordshire, and died 21 Feb. 1869.  Sarah was in the 1851 census for Mayfield, Staffordshire.  (R‑1, R‑4, R‑5, R‑8)

Children - Greaves, by Ann Lydia Greaves

  161.   Charles Springel (or Sprengel) Greaves, b. 18 July 1801 (Ingleby Hall; about 3 miles east of Repton and 6 miles south of Derby), m. Emma Frances Tyson, 11 Feb. 1841 (Ashbourne, Derbyshire), d. 3 June 1881.  He was Q.C., M.A. in 1825, called to the bar at Lincolns Inn in 1827, was a JP and DL for Stafford, and Magistrate for Derby.  He learned Hebrew, Arabic, Phoenician and Ethiopic, and took a great interest in the Derbyshire Archeological Society.  She was the only dau. of William Tyson, surgeon at Ashbourne, and d. 1880.  They had no children.

  162.   Ann (or Anne) Lydia Greaves, b. 1804, m. Rev. John Huysh (or Huish) (of Clysthydon, Devonshire), 1831 (Mayfield Parish).  He was b. 15 Sept. 1800, d. before 1838, and was 18th in descent from Richard de Hywes of Lod Hywis, Somerset, temp. John.

Children - Greaves, by Sarah Evans

+163.   Spencer Greaves, b. 25 Feb. 1810, m. Mary Drewe, d. 1855.

  164.   Elizabeth Greaves, b. 14 Nov. 1812, never married.

+165.   Sarah Lydia Greaves, b. 8 Nov. 1814, m. John Jones, 4 Nov. 1845, d. 21 Feb. 1878.

  166.   Frances Greaves, b. 24 March 1816, d. 1816.

  167.   William Goring Greaves, b. 5 May 1818, d. 11 April 1838.

  168.   Edmund Evans Greaves, b. 13 March (or April) 1820, d. 7 June 1837.

  169.   Alice Greaves, b. 15 Nov. 1822, never married.

+170.   Talbot Aden Ley Greaves, b. 16 March 1826, m(1) Catherine Elizabeth Caroline Colyear Bricknell, 24 March 1853, m(2) Ann Louise Pargeter, March 1887, d. 1899.


George Williamson Greaves (121) was born about 1774 and died 11 April 1829.  He was an attorney.  He married Sophia Brailsford on 18 Sept. 1799 in Chesterfield, Derbyshire.  She was born in 1776 and died in 1859.  All their children were born in Winster, Derbyshire (west of Matlock).  (R‑4, R‑5)

Children - Greaves

+171.   William Greaves, b. 1800, m(1) Barbara Turner, 1826, m(2) Rosamund Moreton, 29 April 1870, d. 1873.

  172.   George Greaves, b. 25 Oct. 1801 (or 1805 per R‑5), m. Elizabeth Hill.

  173.   Henry Greaves, b. 3 March 1803.  He was a surgeon at Repton, Derbyshire.


John Greaves (122) was born 4 Aug. 1776 in Burton on Trent, Staffordshire, and died 4 Sept. 1823.  He married Ann Wilson on 21 Feb. 1799 in Burton on Trent..  She was born in Burton on Trent, Staffordshire.  All their children were born in Burton on Trent.  (R‑4)

Children - Greaves

  174.   John Davis Greaves, b. 6 Aug. 1800.

  175.   Elizabeth Frances Greaves, b. 8 Sept. 1802.

  176.   George Greaves, b. 12 March 1806.

  177.   William Greaves, b. 12 March 1806.


Robert Christopher Greaves (123) was born 4 Oct. 1778 in Burton on Trent, Staffordshire.  He married Sarah Hackett on 15 July 1800 in Burton on Trent.  She was born in Burton on Trent.  Both their children were born in Burton on Trent.  (R‑4)

Children - Greaves

  178.   Robert Christopher Greaves, b. 21 June 1816.

  179.   William Greaves, b. 21 June 1816.


Thomas Ley Greaves (124) was born 17 Nov. 1780 in Burton on Trent, Staffordshire, and died in Sept. 1834 in Foremark, Derbyshire (near Ingleby, south of Derby), and was buried in Foremark.  He was an attorney at Derby.  He married ‑‑‑‑‑‑.  (R‑4)

Children - Greaves

  180.   Edward Greaves; an attorney at Derby.

+181.   Augustus Goring Greaves, b. 1813, m. Millicent Ellen Brookhouse, bef. 1869.

+182.   Richard Newton Greaves, b. 9 July 1814, m. Harriet Vernon, d. Nov. 1885.

  183.   Harriet Greaves

  184.   Sophia Greaves

  185.   Mary Greaves


Dorothy Greaves (126) was born in 1773.  She married Capt. John Smith of Repton.  (R‑5)

Children - Smith

  186.   John Smith; "in Holy Orders".

  187.   daughter, died at about age 20.



William Goodwin (132) married ‑‑‑‑‑‑ Parrott of Holmes Chapel, Cheshire.  (Goodwin, 1848)

Children - Goodwin

  188.   daughter, died young.

  189.   daughter, died young.

  190.   Elizabeth Goodwin


George Goodwin (133) was born 22 Aug. 1784 and died 6 Oct. 1851.  He married Alice Morrison of Mount Morrison, Peel, Isle of Man.  She was born 12 Jan. 1813 and died 25 Feb. 1889.

Children - Goodwin

  191.   George Thomas Goodwin, b.c. 1839, d. 26 Aug. 1846 (age 7).

  192.   Sarah Elizabeth Goodwin, may not have married.

  193.   Adeliza Goodwin, m. Samuel Barnes (of Liverpool), 1884.

  194.   Edmund Evans Greaves Goodwin (?), b. 24 Aug. 1844.

  195.   Christina Eleanor Goodwin

  196.   George James Morrison Goodwin (?), b. 11 Oct. 1851.



George Frederick Greaves (137) of Briory Close, Windemere, Westmoreland, England, was in the Army List, 1814-1830.  He was captain of the 60th Rifles, served in the Peninsular War under the Duke of Wellington, and settled in Venice about 1850.  He lived in the Palazzo Contarini, San Trovaso, Venice.  He died in 1869.

He married Ann Richards.  She was born 24 Oct. 1806 in Chester, England, and died 27 Aug. 1877 in Stockholm.  It appears that they had 11 children living in 1877.

Sources of the information about this family include Burke’s Landed Gentry, 6th ed., 1882, “Greaves in Staffordshire”, and Austrian military records.

Ole Pein wrote an article, “John Davies Mereweather and Ann Greaves”, published on pages 26-29, The Journal of the Bristol and Avon Family History Society, no. 45, Autumn 1986.  According to this article: “North of Stockholm, a short walk from the old toll houses, which still stand, there is a large cemetery.  Entering through gate number 3 one will find in an area called 12B, two tombstones with intriguing inscriptions.  They read (in English):

Ann Greaves

Born at Chester

on the 24th of October 1806

Died at RĆlambshof

on the 27th of August 1877

Into thine hand I commit

my spirit. Thou hast

redeemed me, O Lord, God

of truth

31st Ps. 5th v.


Here sleeps the sleep of death

John Davies Mereweather

Knight of the order of the crown of Italy

English chaplain at Venice

from 1855 to 1887

He was born in Bristol

on the 7th day of September 1816

and died in Venice

the 18th day of June 1896

31st Ps. 6th v.

Here, apparently, are buried first an English lady, who died in Stockholm at the age of 70 and then, nineteen years later, an English priest, who had died in Venice.

My investigations in the cemetery archives revealed that Mrs. Greaves had come from Venice and that the grave (No. 2760) had been arranged for her by her son-in-law, a lieutenant Arfwedson.  The Arfwedson family is well documented and from printed sources I found out that the oldest known ancestor is Arfwed Andersson, a tradesman in Stockholm in the 1650’s.

Carl Edward Arfwedson, the lieutenant in question, was born in 1847, son of Johan Edward Arfwedson and Louise Adrienne De Geer.  He graduated from the military academy in 1869.  He then went to Venice where he met Adela Helena Greaves.  In 1871 they married.  Adela was the daughter of George Frederick Greaves and his wife Ann nee Richards.  She was born at Belgirate in 1847.  The young couple soon left Venice for Sweden, and Carl Edward Arfwedson continued his military career in the Royal Life Dragoons.

Mr. Rolf Arfwedson, grandson of Carl Edward and Adela, has been kind enough to provide me with much information....

Mrs. Greaves’s daughter, Adela, and son-in-law, Carl Edward Arfwedson, had left Venice for Sweden in 1871.  After a lengthy correspondence it was decided that Mrs. Greaves should visit them in Stockholm.  She had doubts about the journey and sought the advice of Mereweather, chaplain, neighbour and friend of the family.  He encouraged her to go.  In the beginning of August 1877 she arrived in Stockholm and installed herself at RĆlambshof, the summer house rented by her daughter.  However, a bad cold developed into pneumonia, and Ann Greaves, nee Richards, died on 27 August 1877.  She was buried three days later.”  (R‑2)

Children - Greaves

  197.   Sir) George Richards Greaves, b. 9 Nov. 1831, m(1) Ellen Hutchinson, 1859, m(2) Julia Rose Morris, 1903, d. 11 April 1922.  He entered the Army in 1849, and served in Punjab, New Zealand, Cyprus, etc.  He was K.C.M.G., K.C.B., created 1881.  He was educated at the Royal Military College, Sandhurst, was Deputy Assist. Quartermaster General in New Zealand, 1860-66; was in the 70th Foot; was Major General in the Army.  Ellen died in 1880, and was dau. of Brig. Gen. Hutchinson.  Sir George was Chief of Staff in Ashanti, 1878-79, Administrator of Cyprus, 1879, Adj. Gen. of the Army in India, 1879-84, Deputy Adj. Gen. to the forces, and Major Gen. commanding Murat Division, Bengal Army, 1885.  Created G.C.B. 1896, retired 24 June 1896.  Was Commander in Chief of Bombay Army, 1890-93, and later Col. of the East Surry Reg.

  198.   Joseph William Richard Greaves, b. 1835 (Chester, England), d. 7 March 1914 (Vienna).  He was the son of a British officer (Jägerhauptmann?) in Italy.  7 June 1850 he was prov. Voluntär Marine Cadet k.k. Marine, unmarried in 1871, 1877 Fregatten-Kapitän, Trieste, 8 Sept. 1879 Ruhestand, 1894 lived in Vienna, Ungargasse 63.

  199.   Adela Helena Greaves, b. 1847 (Belgirate, Novara), m. Carl Edward Arfwedson, 1871, d. 1935.  He was b. 1847, d. 1913.

  200.   Richard Greaves, 1852 Kadett bei den11. Huszaren.  1853 Unter-Leutnant bei den 11.  Husaren.  1856 Oberleutnant ibid.  1859 Rittmeister ibid.  1864 Rittmeister bei den 4.  Ulanen.  1866 ausgeschieden.

  201.   Thomas Richard Greaves, b. 28 April 1850 (Milan), d. 13 Dec. 1873 (Trieste).  He was son of an English rentier.  He pretended to have spent 3 years at Eton.  In 39. Linien Infanterei Regiment 16 May 1868.

  202.   more children



Sir Henry Fitzherbert (141) was born in 1783 and died in 1858.  He became 3rd Bart. after the death of his older brother Anthony in 1798.  He married Agnes Beresford, daughter of Rev. William Beresford.  She died in 1863.

Children - Fitzherbert

+203.   William Fitzherbert, b. 1808, m. Annie Alleyne, d. 1896.

+204.   Richard Henry Fitzherbert, b. 1809, m(1) Ellen Margaret Hepworth, 1841, m(2) Susan Castle, d. 1885.

+205.   Alleyne Fitzherbert, b. 1815, m. Angelina Hallenden, d. 1860.

+206.   Anthony Fitzherbert, b. 1818, m. Elizabeth Horne.

+207.   John Fitzherbert, b. 1820, m. Arabella White, d. 1894.

  208.   Selina Fitzherbert, m. Francis Wright (of Osmaston Manor, Derbyshire).  He d. 1873.

  209.   Harriet M. Fitzherbert

+210.   Frances R. Fitzherbert, m. Godfrey Arkwright, d. 1849.

  211.   Judith Fitzherbert

+212.   Augusta Fitzherbert, m. John G. N. Alleyne.






Elizabeth Senhouse (157) was born 28 April 1805 and died 6 May 1890, both in Netherhall, Cumberland.  She married Joseph Pocklington of Barrow Hall, JP, DL, HS, on 13 Oct. 1835.  He was born 21 Nov. 1804 in Winthrop, Nottinghamshire, and died 17 Feb. 1874 in Barrow Hall, Cumberland.  (R‑10)

Children - Pocklington

  213.   Ellen Pocklington, m. Lieut. Col. Robert Henry Lowe, 15 May 1862.  He was b. 1831, served in the Grenadier Guards, 3rd son of William Drury Lowe and Caroline Esther Curzon (daughter of Nathaniel, 2nd Lord Scarsdale).

+214.   Blanche Pocklington, b. 26 Sept. 1837, m. Alfred Scarsdale, 1856, d. 4 April 1875.

+215.   Mary Pocklington, b.c. 1840, m. Wilfrid Lawson, Dec. 1860, d. 1910.

+216.   Humphrey Pocklington-Senhouse, b. 13 Aug. 1843, m. Florence Catherine Macan, 29 April 1879.

+217.   Fanny Pocklington, m. Beauchamp Prideaux Selby, 1881.


Ellen Senhouse (160) married Capt. John Taubman Goldie-Taubman on 18 April 1837.  He was speaker of the House of Keys, Isle of Man.  He died 3 May 1852, and she died 5 Feb. 1838.

He secondly married Caroline Everina Hovenden, daughter of J. E. Hovenden, in 1840.  By this marriage he had: Francis, Lieut. 5th Fus., b. 5 May 1842, m. Mary Elizabeth Golding, dau. of Philip Golding; Alexander Hovenden, Capt. 2nd West Yorkshire Militia, married; Sir George Dashwood, on his knighthood changed his name from Goldie-Taubman to Taubman Goldie, was knighted for his services in the Niger District, was member of the Privy Council.

Children - Goldie-Taubman

+218.   John Senhouse Goldie-Taubman, b. 28 Jan. 1838, m. Amelia Donald Ankerville Grove-Ross, 1860, d. 9 Nov. 1898.



Spencer Greaves (163) was born 25 (or 23) Feb. 1810 in Mayfield, Staffordshire, and died in 1855.  He was an officer in the Army.  He married Mary Ann Drewe (or Drew), daughter of Robert Drew, on 31 Dec. 1840 in Repton, Derbyshire.  She was born about 1820 in Saffron Waldon, Essex.  They were in the 1841 census for Llanllagau, Montgomeryshire, Wales, and in the 1851 census for Towyn, Merionethshire, Wales.  The last 3 children were born in Towyn, Merionethshire.  (R‑11)

Children - Greaves

+219.   William Spencer T. Greaves, b. 1843, m. Louisa Mary Eld, d. Sept. 1880.  2 sons, 2 dau.

  220.   Edmund (or Edward) Evans Greaves, b. 20 July 1846 (Towyn, Merionethshire, Wales), married.  Was Commander in the Royal Navy.  One son.

+221.   Charles Greaves, b.c. 1848, m. Annie Coopey, 20 Aug. 1874, d. 1890.

+222.   Alice Greaves, b. 1850, m. Edward Endymion Porter, 1871.


Sarah Lydia Greaves (165) was born 8 Nov. 1814 in Mayfield, Staffordshire, and died 21 Feb. 1878.  She married Sir John Jones on 4 Nov. 1845 in St. Georges, Hannover Square, Westminster, London.  He was an illegitimate son of Horace David Cholwell and Ann Isaacson, was born 31 July 1809 at 5 Carlisle Street, Parish of Lambeth, Marylebone, Middlesex, England, and died 22 Feb. 1878.  They were both buried in Section A of Torquay Cem., Devon.  Neither one has a headston or monument, and indications are that none was ever installed.

In 1827 he was commissioned as an ensign in the 5th Northumberland Regiment and served in that unit until 1832.  His father, Sir Horace, was a colonel in the 5th Regiment and probably purchased John’s commission.  In 1833 John transferred to the 60th Regiment, KRRC, where he served until 1861 or 1862.  John was made a Knight Commander of the Bath (KCB) in 1858 for his services in the 1857 Indian Mutiny.  In the 1861 census he was a Colonel in the 60th Rifles.  In the 1871 census he was a Major General, and lived at 23 Burlington Road, Marylebone, Paddington, London.  He retired from the army in 1877 and died in 1878.  (R‑8)

Children - Jones

+223.   Ernest William Jones, b. 1847, m. Elizabeth Alice Underwood, 4 March 1871, d. Sept. 1905.

  224.   Augusta Elisabeth Caroline Jones, b. Aug. 1829 (Ireland), bapt. 18 Aug. 1849 or 28 Oct. 1853 (Mayfield, Staffordshire), d. 1882.


Talbot Aden Ley Greaves (170) was born 16 March 1826 in Mayfield, Staffordshire, and died in March 1899 in Barton Regis, Gloucestershire, England.  He first married Catherine Elizabeth Caroline Colyear Bricknell (or Brecknell) on 24 March 1853 in Mayfield, Staffordshire.  She was called Caroline, only child of Capt. Bricknell or Brecknell and Lady Catherine, dau. of 3rd Earl of Portmore.  She died 8 Dec. 1885.  He married second Ann (or Anna) Louise (or Louisa) Pargeter, daughter of Hanbury Pargeter and Anna Elizabeth Sweet, in March 1887 in Paddington, London.  She was born in 1855 in Germany.  They had no children.  Talbot was M.A., and was vicar of Clifton, Bristol.  Mayfield Vicarage was in his gift.  Talbot and Anna were in the 1891 census for Clifton, Gloucestershire.  (R‑8)

Children - Greaves

  225.   Beatrix Anne A. Greaves

  226.   Henry Jay Greaves



William Greaves (171) was born in 1800 and died in 1873.  He "brought up to the law, never followed it."  He first married Barbara Turner, daughter of Capt. Thomas Turner of Hales Hall, Stafford, and Barbara Blake (dau. of Sir John Blake, Bart., of Menlough Castle, Ireland), in 1826.  She was born in 1806 and died in 1867.  They had a large family, and lived in his house, "The Hermittage", Mayfield, Staffordshire (according to Goodwin, 1848).

The dates of birth for the children of William and Barbara and their places of residence are from a letter written to William A. B. Greaves from his sister (probably Eliza) and in the possession of R‑6.

He married second Rosamund Moreton, daughter of Nathan Moreton (a stonemason), on 29 April 1870 in St. Werburghs Church, Derby, Derbyshire.  They had one child.  Rosamund was born in 1849 in Duffield, Derbyshire, and was only 21 when she married William.  After William died, Rosamund married second Benjamin Moseley.  (R‑5, R‑6, R‑7)

Children - Greaves, by Barbara Turner

  227.   Thomas Wallscourt Blake Greaves, b. 5 Nov. 1827, d. 1862 (or 1869[7]).

  228.   William Albert Brailsford Greaves, b. 12 Feb. 1829, m. Annie MacKenzie, d. 1925.  According to R‑5, he arrived in Sydney, Australia in 1856 along with other brothers and sisters.

  229.   Valentine Blake Greaves, b. 2 March 1830, m. Edith Adderton, d. 1909.

  230.   Frederick Williamson Greaves, b. 17 Nov. 1831, d. 1896.  He was the last of the Greaves name at Ashbourne and Mayfield, according to Harrison.

  231.   Percival Charles Greaves, b. 13 Jan. 1833, m. Lucy Hann, d. 1924.  Lived in New South Wales, Australia.

  232.   Eleanor Barbara Greaves, b. 7 Aug. 1834.  Lived in Manchester, England.

  233.   Clement Lynch Greaves, b. 13 Sept. 1835, m. Mary ‑‑‑‑‑‑.  Lived in Stoke, England.

  234.   Agnes Christabella Greaves, b. 21 Jan. 1837, m. J. F. Doberer.  Lived in New South Wales, Australia.

  235.   Edward Turner Greaves, b. 13 July 1839.  Lived in Meading, England.

  236.   Charlotte Anne Greaves, b. 1841, d. 1841 (at age 4 months).

  237.   Catherine Sophia Poyser Greaves, b. 1 Jan. 1843 (or 1851[8]).  Lived in Ashbourne, England.

+238.   Octavius Butler Greaves, b. 16 June 1844, m. Mary Thorley, 1870, d. 1907.

  239.   Eliza Clementine Greaves, b. 11 April 1847, m. George Greaves.

Children - Greaves, by Rosamund Moreton

  240.   George Greaves, b. 1872.  The 1881 and 1901 censuses showed George living with his mother, Rosamund, and her second husband Benjamin Moseley.  The 1901 census listed him working as a railway clerk.



Dr. Augustus Goring Greaves (181) was born about 1813 in All Saints, Derbyshire, and died 1 Oct. 1871 in Derbyshire.  He married Millicent Ellen Brookhouse about 1841 in Derbyshire.  She was born about 1820 in St. Alkmunds, Derbyshire, and died in June 1899 in Belper, Derbyshire.  He was an eminent surgeon at Derby.  (R‑3, R‑5, R‑9)

Children - Greaves

+241.   Charles Augustus Greaves, b. 1842, m. Helen Eva Jane Cox, 20 June 1869, d. 24 April 1921.

+242.   Edith Ellen Greaves, b.c. 1824, m. John Godfrey, March 1870, d. Sept. 1904.

  243.   Edward Newton Greaves, b. 1845 (St. Werburghs, Derbyshire), d. Sept. 1875 (Cheadle, Staffordshire).

+244.   Henry Ley Greaves, b.c. 1846, m. Beatrice Anne Bowyer, 1878, d. 27 Dec. 1899.

+245.   Frederick William Greaves, b. June 1849, m(1) Miss Jones, m(2) Henrietta Frances Millett, 31 March 1880.

  246.   Arthur Floyer Greaves, b. 1852, d. 1852.

  247.   Florence Mary Greaves, b. 1857, d. 1860.


Richard Newton Greaves (182) was born 9 July 1814 at St. Mary's Gate, Derby, England, and died in Nov. 1885 in Derby.  He married Harriet Vernon, daughter of William Vernon and Catherine Strong.  She was born 17 Oct. 1813 in St. Michael, Derby.  According to one source, Richard was a silk dealer.

The 1841 census records Richard Greaves, 25, clerk, Harriett Greaves, 25, and Emma Greaves, 4, living at 7 Iron Gate, Derby.  Also recorded as living at the same address are Catherine Vernon (his mother-in-law), 50, cork manufacturer, William Vernon, cork cutter, and Frederick Vernon, 12.  Also living there were Joseph Dawson, 25, druggist, and Mary Durdham, 15, G.S.  The baptism certificate of daughter Emma records Richard and Harriett living at St. Mary's Gate and his occupation as bookkeeper, while the baptism of his son 2 years later shows them living on Normanton Road (a district in the city of south Derby) and his occupation as "gentleman".  The 1864 Post Office Directory of Derbyshire records Richard Newton Greaves as manager to Samuel Allsop & Sons, Burton ale stores, 23 London Street, Derby.

The 1881 census listed him at St. Werburgh, Derby as an ale and spirit merchant, born in Derby, widowed, living at 23 Gerard St.  Also living there was a servant, Anne Woodward, 53, who was born at Trusley.

His will of 18 July 1885 records him as an ale and spirit merchant, residing at Ash Cottage, Hayworth St., New Zealand, in the parish of St. Werburgh, Derby.  He left his Arboretum Street house to his son Thomas Ley Greaves.  To his son Edward Augustus Greaves he bequeathed 400 pounds and stock of spirits in his possession in Friar Gate.  To his daughter-in-law Mrs. Vernon Richard Newton Greaves he left 200 pounds.  To daughter Emma Gamble 300 pounds.  To his son Thomas Ley Greaves he left 20 pounds per annum to be paid quarterly by Edward Augustus Greaves.  He also left all the profits that may accrue from the sale or performance of his dramas to Edward Augustus Greaves.  Probate was granted at Derby 2 Dec. 1885.  (R‑4)

Children - Greaves

+248.   Emma Greaves, b.c. 1838, m. Joseph Gamble, 6 Dec. 1868.

  249.   Thomas Ley Greaves, bapt. 1 Nov. 1846 (St. Werburgh, Christ Church, Derby), d.c. Nov. 1910 (Derby, Derbyshire).

  250.   Edward Augustus Greaves, b.c. 1856, d.c. 1910 (Derby, Derbyshire).

+251.   Vernon Richard Newton Greaves, b.c. 1857, m. Mary ‑‑‑‑‑‑, c. 1877.



Sir William Fitzherbert (203) was born in 1808 and died in 1896.  He was 4th Bart., DL, HS, 1866.  He married Annie Alleyne, daughter of Sir Reynold A. Alleyne, BC. She died in 1864.

Children - Fitzherbert

  252.   William Fitzherbert, b. 1842, d. 1874.

  253.   Beresford Fitzherbert, b. 1844, d. 1873.

+254.   Richard Fitzherbert, b. 12 April 1846, m. Mary Anne Arkwright, 1871.

  255.   Hugo Fitzherbert, b. 1847, d. 1864.

  256.   Agnes Fitzherbert, m. Maj. Gen. William R. Martin.

  257.   Wilhelmina Fitzherbert, never married, d. 1862.

  258.   Anne Fitzherbert, m. Charles Fletcher, d. 1890.

+259.   Frances Fitzherbert, m. Edward S. Harcourt-Vernon.


Richard Henry Fitzherbert (204) was born in 1809 and died in 1885.  He first married Ellen Margaret Hepworth, only daughter of James Hepworth of Tovil Race, Kent, in 1841. She died in 1845.  He secondly married Susan Castle, daughter of Nicholas Castle of Stapleton Grove, Bristol.

Children - Fitzherbert, by Ellen M. Hepworth

+260.   Walter H. Fitzherbert, b. 1842, m. Mary Carr.

  261.   Adeline Fitzherbert, m. Francis Beresford Wright (of Woolton Court, Warwick).

  262.   Ellen Fitzherbert, m. Lt. Col. Charles Hill (M.P., of Farley, Staffordshire).

Children - Fitzherbert, by Susan Castle

  263.   Reginald Fitzherbert, b. 1849.  He was rector of Somersal.

+264.   Arthur Fitzherbert, b. 1853, m. Lucy Marshall.

  265.   Norman Fitzherbert, b. 1858.

+266.   Anthony Fitzherbert, b. 1863, m. Catherine Bull.

  267.   Florence Fitzherbert, m. Rev. C. Moncrieff (vicar of Tamworth, Warwick).

  268.   Mildred Fitzherbert, m. Francis Moncrieff (Fifth son of Lord Moncrieff).

  269.   Lilian Fitzherbert, b. 1855, d. 1866.

  270.   Mabel Fitzherbert

  271.   Augusta Fitzherbert, m. Frederick W. Peacock (of Gorton Hall).

  272.   Agnes Fitzherbert, m. Rev. Reginald Harvey.  He d. 1895.

  273.   Cicely Fitzherbert, m. Alfred E. Dickenson.

  274.   Hilda Fitzherbert


Alleyne Fitzherbert (205) was born in 1815 and died in 1860.  He was rector of Warsop, Notts.  He married Angelina Hallenden, daughter of James Hallenden of Langford Hall, Notts.

Children - Fitzherbert

+275.   Herbert H. Fitzherbert, b. 1842, m(1) Anne Farmer, m(2) Janet Knox, d. 1873.

+276.   James Fitzherbert, m. Cecil Maule.

+277.   Henry R. Fitzherbert, b. 1852, m. Martha Kennedy.

  278.   Charles Fitzherbert, b. 1856, m. Kate Mackenzie (dau. of Thomas Mackenzie of New Zealand).

  279.   Rev.) Alleyne Fitzherbert, b. 1860, m. Frances Smith (dau. of Rev. Henry Smith).

  280.   Catherine Fitzherbert, m. Ignatius Callaghan, d. 1889.

  281.   Harriet Fitzherbert, m. Rev. Arthur A. Wilmot.  He d. 1876, 4th son of Sir H. Wilmot.

  282.   Mary Fitzherbert, m. Rev. W. Alex Woodward.

  283.   Grace Fitzherbert, m. Edward E. Harcourt-Vernon, d. 1881.  Her children died in infancy.  He secondly married her cousin Frances Fitzherbert.  He was descended from Sir Henry Vernon, Lord of Haddon (temp Henry VII) who was the g-grandfather of Dorothy Vernon, who m. John Greaves of Beeley.

  284.   Selina Fitzherbert, m. Benjamin Newton (of Wormesley Grange, Hereford).  Had children.


Anthony Fitzherbert (206) was born in 1818.  He married Elizabeth Horne, daughter of Rev. William Horne, rector of Barming.

Children - Horne

  285.   Gerald Fitzherbert, b. 1853.

  286.   Francis Fitzherbert, b. 1854.


John Fitzherbert (207), M.A., was born in 1820 and died in 1894.  He married Arabella White, daughter of William White of Shrubs, Co. Dublin.

Children - Fitzherbert

  287.   Capt.) Henry Fitzherbert, b. 1862, m. Mary Wilson (dau. of Hon. Eugene Wilson of Minneapolis, MN, U.S.A.).

  288.   Godfrey Fitzherbert, b. 1864.

  289.   Isabel Fitzherbert, m. James L. Randall.

  290.   Maude Fitzherbert

  291.   Rachel Fitzherbert

  292.   Edith Fitzherbert


Frances R. Fitzherbert (210) married Rev. Godfrey Arkwright, 3rd son of Rob Arkwright of Sutton Hall.  She died in 1849.  He secondly married Marion Hillary Adelaide Pellew, daughter of Hon. Rev. George Pellew, D.D., Dean of Norwich.

Children - Arkwright

  293.   Francis Arkwright, b. 1846, m(1) Louisa Milbank, m(2) Evelyn Addington (dau. of William Addington, 3rd vicar of Sidmouth).  Louisa was dau. of Henry Milbank, and d. 1873.  Francis was of Overton Hall, Derbyshire and Coton House, Warwick, M.P., J.P.

  294.   Rev.) William Henry Arkwright

  295.   Frances Alice Arkwright, d. 1864.


Augusta Fitzherbert (212) married Sir John G. N. Alleyne, 3rd Bart., of Chevin House, Belper.  He was born in 1820, and was the eldest surviving son of Sir Reynold A. Alleyne and Rebecca Olton, daughter of John Olton of Barbados.

Children - Alleyne

+296.   Reynold Alleyne, b. 1852, m. Susanna Meynell.

  297.   Anthony Alleyne, b. 1858, d. 1859.

  298.   Agnes Alleyne, m. Frederick Corfield.  He was eldest son of Rev. Frederick Corfield, vicar of Shirley, Derbyshire.  Had children.

  299.   Judith Alleyne, m. William de Burgh Jessop (of Overton Hall, Derbyshire).  He died in 1894, leaving children.

+300.   Rebecca Alleyne, m. Frederick C. Arkwright.

  301.   Maude Alleyne, d. 1864.  She may have married and had children Grace, Mary, Katherine, and Augusta, or these may have been her sisters.






Blanche Pocklington (214) was born 26 Sept. 1837, and died 4 April 1875 at Lower Berkeley Street, St. Marylebone, Middlesex, London.  She married Alfred, 4th Lord Scarsdale.  He was born 12 July 1831 in Kedleston Hall, Derby, Derbyshire, and died 23 March 1916 in Kedleston, Derby.   (R‑10)

Children - Scarsdale

  302.   George Nathaniel Scarsdale, b. 11 Jan. 1859, m. Mary Leiter, 1895.  He was created Lord Curzon in 1898 in the Peerage of Ireland, and was Viceroy of India.  She was dau. of L. Z. Leiter of Washington (Washington, DC, U.S.A.?).

  303.   Sophia Caroline Scarsdale, m. Rev. Charles McMichael, 1882.  Had children.

  304.   Mary Eveline Scarsdale, d. 1862 (in infancy).

  305.   Francis Nathaniel Scarsdale, b. 15 Dec. 1865.

+306.   Alfred Nathaniel Scarsdale, b. 12 March 1866, m. Henrietta Mary Montague, 1891.

  307.   Asheton Nathaniel Scarsdale, b. 10 May 1867.

  308.   Eveline Mary Scarsdale, m. Sir James Miller, 1893.

  309.   Eleanor Florence Scarsdale

  310.   Geraldine Emily Scarsdale

  311.   Margaret Georgina Scarsdale


Mary Pocklington (215) was born about 1840 in Netherhall, Cumberland, and died in 1910 in Aspatria, Cumberland.  She married Sir Wilfrid Lawson.  He was born in 1829, was M.P. from Carlisle, 1859-1885, afterwards for Cockermouth.

Children - Lawson

  312.   Wilfrid Lawson, b. 1862, m. Camilla Macan (dau. of Turner A. Macan of Elstow, Beds.), 1891.  He was DL.

  313.   Arthur Lawson, b. 1866.

  314.   Mordaunt Lawson, b. 1868.

  315.   Ellin Lawson, m. Hon. Arthur Henry Holland-Hibbert, 1884.  He was of Nunden, 2nd son of Henry, 1st Lord Knutsford.  Had children.

  316.   Mabel Lawson

  317.   Lucy Lawson

  318.   Josephine Lawson

  319.   Godfrey Lawson, b. 1880.


Humphrey Pocklington-Senhouse (216) was born 13 Aug. 1843.  He was HS Cumberland, 1892, JP Northampton and DL Cumberland, and Lieut. Col. Westmoreland Cavalry.  He married Florence Catherine Macan, eldest daughter of Turner A. Macan of Cardiff, Armagh, on 29 April 1879.

Children - Pocklington-Senhouse

  320.   Humphrey Pocklington-Senhouse, b. 4 March 1880, d. 1889.

  321.   Guy Joseph Pocklington-Senhouse, b. 27 Oct. 1882.

  322.   Oscar William Pocklington-Senhouse, b. 4 May 1891.

  323.   Dorothy Margaret Pocklington-Senhouse

  324.   Blanch Violet Florence Pocklington-Senhouse


Fanny Pocklington (217) married Beauchamp Prideaux Selby of Powston, Northumberland, J.P., in 1881.

Children - Selby

  325.   Beauchamp Henry Selby, b. 1882.

  326.   Prideaux Joseph Selby, b. 1885.



Sir John Senhouse Goldie-Taubman (218) was born 28 Jan. 1838 and died 9 Nov. 1898.  He was of the Nunnery, Isle of Man, speaker of the House of Keys.  He married Amelia Donald Ankerville Grove-Ross, daughter of Capt. Grove-Ross of Invercharron.  She was Sir John's 2nd cousin, both being descended from Lieut. Gen. Thomas Goldie of Goldie Ley, Dumfries.

Children - Goldie-Taubman

  327.   John Leigh Goldie-Taubman (J.P.), b. 15 Feb. 1861.

  328.   Ellen Margaret Goldie-Taubman, b. 1862, m. Capt. Fry (West Yorkshire Reg.).  Had children.

  329.   Charles Francis Goldie-Taubman, b. 9 July 1865, d. 23 June 1898 (Niger District).  He was Capt. in 4th King's own Regt.

  330.   Ernest Harcourt Goldie-Taubman, b. 24 Dec. 1868.  Was Capt. Royal Irish.

  331.   Gerald Goldie-Taubman, b. 15 April 1873.

  332.   Amy Alice Goldie-Taubman, m. James Mackay Wilson (of Currygrane, Edgeworthstown, Longford Co.).

  333.   Eveline Goldie-Taubman



William Spencer T. Greaves (219) was born about 1842 or 1843 in Meifod, Merionethshire, Wales, and died in Sept. 1880.  He married Louisa Mary Eld.  She was born about 1842 in Upper Aosam, India.  They were in the 1871 census for Osmington, Dorset, England, with 2 daughters and 4 servants.  She was in the 1881 census for Montevideo House, Chickerell, Dorset, widowed, with her 4 children and 4 servants.

Children - Greaves

  334.   Adena (or Adana) L. M. Greaves, b.c. 1869 (Weymouth or Wyke, Dorset).

  335.   Loui (or Loue) C. Graves, b.c. 1870 (Weymouth or Wyke, Dorset).

  336.   Lionel W. G. Greaves, b.c.1873 (Chickerell, Dorset).

  337.   John A. L. Greaves, b.c.1875 (Chickerell, Dorset).


Charles Greaves (221) was born about 1848 in Towyn, Merionethshire, Wales, and died 1890 in Gloucestershire, England.  He married Annie Coopey, daughter of George Amos Coopey, on 20 Aug. 1874 in Lewisham St. Mary, London, England.  She was born in 1856 in Lewisham, London, and died 22 Nov. 1936 in Birdgrove House, Mayfield, Staffordshire.  All their children were born in Brockley, London.  (R‑11)

Children - Greaves

  338.   Spencer Charles Greaves, b.c. 1876, d. April 1899 (Gloucestershire).

  339.   Mary Ethel Greaves, b.c. 1878.

+340.   Edmond Percy Greaves, b. 20 Aug. 1880, m(1) Harriet ‑‑‑‑‑‑, m(2) Ida C. Kimball, c. 1925, d. 9 March 1953 (Duvall, King Co., WA, USA).  Harriet was b.c. 1891 in WA.  Ida was b.c. 1907 in WA.  He was in the 1920 census for Seattle, King Co., WA, with his first wife.  He was in the 1930 census for Seattle with his second wife and her mother.  He was a dairyman.

  341.   Huyshe Greaves (son), b.c. 1883.

  342.   George Newton Greaves, b.c. 1888, d. 28 Feb. 1916 (USA).


Alice Greaves (222) was born in Mayfield, Derbyshire.  She married Edward Endymion Porter of East Hill, Somerset in 1871.  He was born in the Sept. quarter of 1843 in Honiton, Devon, and was the second son of William Porter and Elizabeth Gibbs Ludlow of Hembury Fort, Devon.

Children - Porter

+343.   Florence Evelyn Greaves Porter, b.c. 1872, m. W. Crook, d. 1905.

  344.   William Edward Endymion Porter (or William Endymion Huyshe Porter), b. March quarter 1874 (Kensington, Greater London).

  345.   Henry Spencer Porter, b. 24 Sept. 1875.

  346.   Charles Edward Ludlow Porter, b. 1877.

  347.   Alice Porter

  348.   Lillian Mary Porter, b. 1881 (Paddington, Middlesex).



Ernest William Jones (223) was born in 1847 in London, Middlesex, and died in Sept. 1905 in Wandsworth, London, Surrey.  He married Elizabeth Alice Underwood, daughter of George Underwood and Eliza Sheard, on 4 March 1871 in Wirral, Cheshire, England.  She was born in March 1848 in Aston, Warwickshire, and died in 1901 in Lewisham, London.  (R‑8)

Children - Jones

  349.   Horace John G. T. Jones, b. March 1872 (Langport, Somerset).

  350.   Ernest Jones, b. 1874 (London, Middlesex).

  351.   Marguerite Jones, b. 1876 (Newport, Somerset).

+352.   Harold William James Jones, b. 3 April 1877, m. Nellie Gertrude Palmer, 4 April 1914, d. 3 May 1949.

  353.   Claude Greaves H. T. Jones, b. 1879 (Batheaston, Somerset).

  354.   Lilly Marguerite Kathleen S. Jones, b. Dec. 1875 (Thornbury, Avon, Gloucestershire).



Octavius Butler Greaves (238) was born in 1844 and died in 1907.  He married Mary Thorley in 1870.  She was born in 1845 and died in 1890.  He emigrated to Australia with his wife and family in 1883.  (R‑5)

Children - Greaves

  355.   Barbara Mary Agnes Greaves, b. 1871, m. Otto Nowetzski, 1889.

  356.   Albert Valentine Greaves, b. 1874, married, d. 1920.

  357.   Louisa Kathren Greaves, b. 1876, m. A. J. Dorr.

  358.   Lillian Christabella Greaves, b. 1878, m. H. O. Reisener, d. 1953.

+359.   Percival Edward Turner Greaves, b. 1883, m. Katie Orton Walding, d. 1952.



Dr. Charles Augustus Greaves (241) was born in 1842 in Derbyshire, and died 24 April 1921 in Derby, Derbyshire.  He married Helen Eva Jane Cox on 20 June 1869 in Hardingstone, Northamptonshire.  She was born about 1846 in Ireland, and died 26 Aug. 1924 in Derby, Derbyshire.  All their children were born in Derbyshire.  (R‑3, R‑9)

Children - Greaves

  360.   Eva Blanche Edith Greaves, b. Dec. 1870, d. July-Sept. 1954 (Hastings, Sussex).

  361.   Francis (“Frank”) Ley Augustus Greaves, b. 4 July 1874, m. Constance May RiceMay 1906 (Derbyshire), d. 16 April 1930 (Crediton, Devon).  He was a physician and surgeon.  She was b. June 1882 in Derbyshire.

  362.   Charles Clifford Greaves, b. March 1876, d. 19 Oct. 1936 (St. Leonards-On-Sea, Sussex).

  363.   Florence Emily Greaves, b. Sept. 1877, d. Dec. 1881 (Derbyshire).


Edith Ellen Greaves (242) was born about 1844 in St. Werburghs, Derbyshire, and died in Sept. 1904 in Derbyshire.  She married John Godfrey, son of Valentine Godfrey and Sarah ‑‑‑‑‑‑, in March 1870 in Derby, Derbyshire.  He was born about 1824 in Duddington, Northamptonshire, and died in March 1891 in Stamford, Lincolnshire.  They were in the 1871 census for St. Martin, Lincolnshire.  They were in the 1881 census for Stamford Baron, St. Martin, Northamptonshire.  Edith was in the 1901 census for Derby, Derbyshire.  (R‑3, R‑9)

Children - Godfrey

  364.   Augustus Charles Godfrey, b. Dec. 1871 (Stamford, Lincolnshire).

  365.   Edith Maude Mary Godfrey, b. March 1874 (St. Martins, Lincolnshire).

  366.   Cedric Valentine Godfrey, b. Sept. 1876 (Stamford Baron, St. Martins, Northamptonshire, later considered part of Linclonshire), m. Susannah Mary Cronshaw (?), June 1904 (Yorkshire, East Riding).

  367.   Winifred ("Freda") Annie Godfrey, b. Sept. 1880 (Stamford Baron, St. Martin, Northamptonshire), m. Thomas Beresford Normanshaw, Sept. 1908 (Derbyshire).  He was b.c. 1886.


Henry Ley Greaves (244) was born in 1846 in St. Werburghs, Derby, Derbyshire, and died 27 Dec. 1899 in Worthing, Sussex.  He married Beatrice Anne Bowyer in 1878 in Wandsworth, London.  She was born in 1848 in Edinburgh, Scotland.  (R‑3)

Children - Greaves

  368.   Marjorie Beatrice Millicent Ley Greaves, b. 17 Nov. 1884 (Scotland), m. William Arthur Newcombe, Sept. 1904 (Middlesex, Surrey), d. 21 Oct. 1977 (Olney, Buckinghamshire).  He was b.c. 1873 in Liverpool, Lancashire, and d. 6 July 1930, son of Arthur Newcombe and Agnes Lang Dalglish.

  369.   Humphrey G. L. Greaves, b. 1887 (Scotland).


Frederick William Greaves (245) was born in June 1849 in St. Werburghs, Derby, Derbyshire.  He first married Miss Jones.  He married second Henrietta Frances Millett on 31 March 1880 in Westminster, Middlesex.  She was born in 1852 in Billingford, Norfolk.  All their children were born in Mackworth, Derbyshire.  (R‑3, R‑9)

Children - Greaves

  370.   Harold F. Greaves, b.c. 1881 (Mackworth, Derbyshire).

  371.   Godfrey (or Geoffrey) M. Greaves, b.c. 1883.

  372.   Henry G. Greaves, b.c. 1885.

  373.   Kathleen F. Greaves, b.c. 1888.

  374.   Margaret E. Greaves, b.c. 1890.



Emma Greaves (248) was born about 1838 in Derby, Derbyshire, and died in Ashbourne, Derbyshire (?).  She married Joseph Gamble on 6 Dec. 1868 in Duffield, Derbyshire.  He was born 9 July 1837 in Duffield, Derbyshire.  (R‑4)

Children - Gamble

  375.   Florence Eda Gamble, b.c. 7 Feb. 1870 (Quarndon, Derbyshire), d.c. 1870.

  376.   Arthur William Gamble, b. 7 Feb. 1870, d.c. 1875.

  377.   Lucie Ada Gamble, b. 30 July 1871 (Duffield, Derbyshire).

  378.   Maud Gamble, b.c. 1873 (Duffield, Derbyshire), m. George Gilson.  He was b. in Derby.

+379.   Joseph Frederick Gamble, b.c. 1875, m(1) Elizabeth Richardson, m(2) Lilian Sarah Poyser, d. 1946.

+380.   Lilsie Helena Gamble, b.c. 1879, m. John Phillips.


Vernon Richard Newton Greaves (251) was born about 1857.  He married Mary ‑‑‑‑‑‑ about 1877.  She was born about 1859 in Derby, Derbyshire.  (R‑4)

Children - Greaves

  381.   Lucy A. Greaves, b.c. 1878 (Derby, Derbyshire).

  382.   Richard L. Greaves, b.c. 1880 (Littleover, Derbyshire).



Richard Fitzherbert (254) was born 12 April 1846.  He was 5th Bart., Rector of Warsop.  He married Mary Anne Arkwright, daughter of Edward Arkwright of Halton, grandson of Sir Richard Arkwright, in 1871.

Children - Fitzherbert

  383.   Hugo Meynell Fitzherbert, b. 1872.

  384.   William Fitzherbert, b. 1874.

  385.   Richard Arkwright Fitzherbert, b. 1876.

  386.   Violet Amie Fitzherbert, b. 1878.


Frances Fitzherbert (259) married Edward E. Harcourt-Vernon of Grove Hill, DL Notts., HS.  She was his second wife.  He had first married her cousin Grace Fitzherbert (#283).

Children - Harcourt-Vernon

  387.   Granville Harcourt-Vernon, b. 1891.

  388.   Sybil Harcourt-Vernon

  389.   Ida Harcourt-Vernon

  390.   Muriel Harcourt-Vernon

  391.   Evelyn Harcourt-Vernon



Walter H. Fitzherbert (260) was born in 1842.  He married Mary Carr, daughter of Rev. Thomas William Carr.

Children - Fitzherbert

  392.   Thomas Carr Fitzherbert, b. 1887.

  393.   Michael Fitzherbert, b. 1888.

  394.   Harriet Fitzherbert


Arthur Fitzherbert (264) was born in 1853.  He married Lucy Marshall, daughter of Major Marshall.  He apparently moved to New Zealand.

Children - Fitzherbert

  395.   Arthur Fitzherbert, b. 1882.

  396.   Beresford Fitzherbert, b. 1884.

  397.   Hugo Fitzherbert, b. 1885.

  398.   Mildred Fitzherbert


Anthony Fitzherbert (266) was born in 1863.  He married Catherine Bull, daughter of Charles Bull.

Children - Fitzherbert

  399.   Dulse Fitzherbert, b. 1894.



Herbert H. Fitzherbert (275) was born in 1842 and died in 1873.  He first married Anne Farmer.  She died in 1867. He secondly married Janet Knox, daughter of Sir Frederick Knox of Wellington, New Zealand.

Children - Fitzherbert, by Anne Farmer

  400.   Harold Fitzherbert, b. 1862.

  401.   Egbert Fitzherbert, b. 1867.

Children - Fitzherbert, by Janet Knox

  402.   Augustus Fitzherbert, b. 1872.

  403.   Rowena Fitzherbert

  404.   Ethel Fitzherbert


James Fitzherbert (276) was M.P., Rector of Tissington. He married Cecil Maule, eldest daughter of Rev. William Maule, M.A.  She died in 1882.

Children - Fitzherbert

  405.   Humphrey Fitzherbert, b. 1879.

  406.   Edward Fitzherbert, b. 1880.

  407.   Douglas Fitzherbert, b. 1882.

  408.   Dorothy Fitzherbert


Henry R. Fitzherbert (277) was born in 1852.  He married Martha Kennedy, daughter of W. F. Kennedy of Wellington, New Zealand.

Children - Fitzherbert

  409.   Claude Fitzherbert, b. 1884.



Reynold Alleyne (296) was born in 1852.  He married Susanna Meynell, daughter of John Meynell of Tapton Grove, Derbyshire.

Children - Alleyne

  410.   John Alleyne, b. 1889.

  411.   Reynold Alleyne, b. 1892.

  412.   Augusta Alleyne

  413.   Eleanor Alleyne

  414.   Alice Alleyne

  415.   Ida Alleyne

  416.   Kathleen Alleyne


Rebecca Alleyne (300) married Frederick C. Arkwright of Willersley, Derbyshire.

Children - Arkwright

  417.   Richard Alleyne Arkwright, b. 1884.

  418.   George Alleyne Arkwright, b. 1885.






Alfred Nathaniel Scarsdale (306) was born 12 March 1866. He married Henrietta Mary Montague, daughter of Hon. Spencer Dudley Montague, in 1891.

Children - Scarsdale

  419.   Magdelain Blanche Scarsdale

  420.   Rosamond Mary Scarsdale



Edmond (or Edmund) Percy Greaves (340) was born 20 Aug. 1880 in Brockley, London, and died 9 March 1953 in Duvall, King Co., WA, U.S.A.  He first married Harriet ‑‑‑‑‑‑.  She was born about 1891 in Washington.  He was in the 1920 census for Seattle, King Co., WA, with Harriet.  He married second Ida C. Kimball about 1925.  She was born about 1906 or 1907 in WA.  He was in the 1930 census for Seattle with his second wife and her mother.Edmond and Ida were in the 1940 census for Richmond, Snohomish Co., WA with 2 daughters.  He was a dairyman.  (R‑11)

Children - Greaves

  421.   Ethel Greaves, b.c. 1932 (WA).

  422.   Marilyn Greaves, b.c.1934 (WA).



Florence Evelyn Greaves Porter (343) was born about 1872, and died in 1905 in Belize, British Honduras.  She married W. Crook.

Children - Crook

  423.   son

  424.   daughter



Harold William James Jones (352) was born 3 April 1877 in Batheaston, Bath, England, and died 3 May 1949 in Battersea, London.  He married Nellie Gertrude Palmer, daughter of Annie Palmer, on 4 April 1914 in Surrey.  She was born 6 May 1879 and died 17 May 1952, both in London, England.  In the 1911 census, Harold was living with his mother in Brentford, Middlesex.  He was a Civil Services Executive Engineer.  He worked in Malaya where all their children were probably born.

Harold presented a tigress to the London Zoo on 18 Sept. 1922.  It was called “Fury” and was captured in Kivala Kangsa, Perak, Federated Malay States.  She was euthanized on 8 Dec. 1936, after having received an injury.  The archivist at the London Zoo says there are no photos.  (R‑8)

Children - Jones

  425.   Denise Jones, b. 1913.

+426.   Betty Jones, b. 1915, m. Dennis Olliver.

+427.   Richard David Jones, b. 12 Sept. 1916, m. Anna Lotte Jaschinski, d. 12 July 1989.



Percival Edward Turner Greaves (359) was born in 1883 in Australia, and died in 1952.  He married Katie Orton Walding.  (R‑5)

Children - Greaves

  428.   William Octavius Butler Greaves, b. 1905, m. Elsie Young, d. 1970.

  429.   Percival Edward Turner Greaves, b. 1907, married, d. 1930.

+430.   Robert Albert Valentine Greaves, b. 1909, m. Sylvia F. Arthur, d. 1962.

  431.   George Lewis Greaves, b. 1912, m. Gwen Nielsen, d. 1976.

  432.   Horace Orton Greaves, b. 1914, d. 1930.

  433.   Douglas Victor Greaves, b. 1915, m. Maureen Madsen, d. 1990.

  434.   Katie Orton Greaves, b. 1918, m. Harold Smith, d. 1971.

  435.   Ivy Mary Greaves, b. 1920, d. 1925.

  436.   Lillian Rose Greaves, b. 1922, m. Clyde Mullighan, d. 1985.



Joseph Frederick Gamble (379) was born about 1875, and died in 1946 in Somersal Herbert, Derbyshire.  He first married Elizabeth ("Beth") Richardson.  She was born 1879 in Moira, Leicestershire, and died 23 Aug. 1941 in Ashby de la Zouch, Leicestershire.  He married second Lilian Sarah Poyser.  She was born about 1901, and died in Feb. 1990 in Somersal Herbert, Derbyshire.  (R‑4)

Children - Gamble, by Elizabeth Richardson

+437.   Geoffrey Bassano Gamble, b. 6 Aug. 1905, m. Kathleen Plowright, 28 June 1929, d. 5 June 1992.

+438.   Margaret Katie Gamble, b. 21 July 1906, m. Jack Archer.

+439.   Vernon Gamble, b. 15 Nov. 1908, m. Ruth Vida Wilson, d. 5 May 1989.

  440.   Philip Newton Gamble, b.c. Aug. 1912, m. Edna Skyrme, d. 1986 (Exmouth, England).


Lilsie Helena Gamble (380) was born about 1879.  She married John Phillips.  (R‑4)

Children - Phillips

  441.   David Phillips, m. Vi Allen.

  442.   Eunice Phillips, m. Bill Brazendale.


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[1] Year of death per R‑5.

[2] Hurlston Hall was mentioned in the Doomsday Book in 1086.  It is very near Ormskirk.  It became part of a golf club in 1994.

[3] For hundreds of years, Agecroft Hall in Pendlebury, Lancashire, was the distinguished home of England's Langley and Dauntesey families. At the end of the 19th century, however, Agecroft fell into disrepair, and in 1925 it was sold at auction.  Hearing of this tremendous opportunity, Richmonder Thomas C. Williams, Jr. purchased the structure, and had it dismantled, crated, and shipped across the Atlantic, and then painstakingly reassembled on the James River in a Richmond neighbourhood known as Windsor Farms.  (See Agecroft Hall History,, and Agecroft Hall,

[4]R-1 reports him as b. 1680, d. 1750.  The lineage reported by R-1 is: John m. Hannah Langley, Thomas (1680-1750) m. Mary Birch, John (1710-1780) m. Mary Lancashire, John (1750-1816), John (1793-1849).

[5] Mayfield Hall is near Ashbourne, Staffordshire, in what is now called Middle Mayfield.

[6] She may have gone by the name Anne Lydia Ley, since her father Robert Charles Greaves assumed the name of Ley (for what reason is not known).

[7] His death date was given as 1862 by R‑5, but R‑6 said he died of Blights or Brights complaint at age 42.

[8] Her birth date was 1843 according to R‑5, and 1851 (“age 40 in 1891”) according to R‑6.