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Ferdinand Graves (or Greves) (1) was born about 1818 in Hanover, Germany.  He married Caroline Miller.  She was born about 1825 in Hanover, Germany.  They came to America in the mid-1800's. Ferdinand was a blacksmith and had a carriage manufacturing business on West Broadway, N.Y. City, NY, and a second carriage business in Rahway, NJ.  He may have married second Johanna ‑‑‑‑‑‑.  They were in the 1850 census for Woodbridge, Middlesex Co., NJ, with no children.  They were in the 1860 census for Rahway, Union Co., NJ.  He was in the 1870 census for Ward 2, Rahway, Union Co., NJ, and his wife was listed as Johanna, 40, also born in Hanover, Germany.  In 1870, William Graves, 48, carriage blacksmith, born in Hanover, Germany, perhaps a brother of Ferdinand, was living with them.  All Ferdinand’s children were born in NJ.

The decline of the carriage making business was brought about by the invention and commercialization of the automobile.  For a while the Graves family switched to auto-body making, but there is no indication that they successfully adapted to the transition.  (R‑1)

Children - Graves

+2.  Ferdinand L. Graves, b. April 1852, m. Anna Maria ‑‑‑‑‑‑, c. 1872.

+3.  Paulina Graves, b.c. 1856, m. Phillip Wagner, c. 1875.

+4.  Herman A. Graves, b. May 1858, m. Kate ‑‑‑‑‑‑.

+5.  Albert Graves, b. Feb 1861, m(1) Teresa Carrall, 28 June 1880, m(2) Agnes Anna Truba, c. 1896.

  6.  George Otto Graves, b.c. 1865.

  7.  Julia Graves, b.c. 1867.

  8.  Anna Graves, b.c. 1869.






Ferdinand L. Graves (2) was born in April 1852 in NJ.  He married Anna Maria Benkel, called Mary, daughter of John T. Benkel, about 1872.  She was born in Oct. 1853 in Bavaria.  They were in the 1880 census for Ward 2, Rahway, Union Co., NJ, with her listed as Anna Maria, 26, and Ferdinand as a carriage manufacturer.  Living with them was her father and George Otto Graves, 15, clerk in the carriage business.  They were in the 1900 census for Ward 3, Rahway, Union Co., NJ, with him as a livery keeper, and wife Mary, 46.  In 1900, 6 of their 7 children were still living.

Children - Graves

  9.  Margaret L. Graves, b.c. 1872.

  10.  Ferdinand F. T. Graves, b. Oct. 1873.

  11.  Walter Graves, b. July 1881, m. Mary R. ‑‑‑‑‑‑, c. 1828.  She was b.c. 1902 in PA.  They were in the 1930 census for Howell Twp., Monmouth Co.,. NJ, when he was a building painter.

  12.  Flora Graves, b. Dec. 1882.

  13.  Carl Graves, b. Sept. 1890.

  14.  Maria Graves, b. June 1893.


Paulina (or Polina or Poline or Bolena) Graves (3) was born about 1856 in NJ, and died before 1910.  She married Phillip Wagner about 1875.  He was born about 1850 in Germany.  They were in the 1880 census for Ward 3, Rahway, Union Co., NJ, when he was a saloon keeper and blacksmith, and her brother Herman, carriage blacksmith, was living with them.  He was in the 1910 census for Newark, Essex Co., NJ, widower, living with his brother-in-law Albert Graves.

Children - Wagner

  15.  Mary Wagner, b.c. 1875.

  16.  Poline Wagner, b. July 1879.


Herman A. Graves (4) was born in May 1858 in NJ.  He married Kate ‑‑‑‑‑‑.  She was born in June 1869 in NY.  They were in the 1900 census for Ward 5, Rahway, Union Co., NJ.  They were in the 1910 census for Ward 2, Rahway, Union Co., NJ.  Kate was in the 1920 census for Ward 3, Rahway, Union Co., NJ, as a widow, and her sister, Gertrude Gilbert, was living with her.  He was a carriage blacksmith.  All their children were born in NJ.

Children - Graves

  17.  Herman A. Graves, b. June 1891.  Printer in 1920.

  18.  George O. Graves, b. Jan. 1893.

  19.  Charles Earl Graves, b. Jan. 1899.  Bank stenographer in 1920.


Albert Graves (5) was born in Feb. 1861 in the U.S.  He lived in N.Y. City, NY.  He first married Teresa Carrall of Rahway, NJ on 28 June 1880 in St. Mary's Church, Rahway, NJ.  She was born about 1862.  According to their marriage return, her parents (handwriting difficult to read) were Lemuel (or could be Jeremiah) Carral (or Carrol) and Ellen Cullen, both born in Ireland.

He married second Agnes Anna Truba about 1896.  She was born in Feb. 1874 in Austria.  They were in the 1900 and 1910 censuses for Newark, Ward 10, Essex Co., NJ.  He was a saloon keeper in 1900, and a salesman in a grocery store in 1910.  All his children were born in NJ.  Albert purchased a farm in Farmingdale, NJ, and retired there, possibly dying there.  (R‑1)

Children - Graves, by Teresa Carrall

+20.  Florence Matilda Graves, b. July 1880 or 1 Jan. 1881, m. Charles H. Horton, c. 1900.

Children - Graves, by Agnes A. Truta

  21.  Emma Graves, b. Feb. 1899.

+22.  Albert P. Graves, b.c. 1901, m. Florence Matthews, c. 1924.

  23.  Myrtle Graves, b.c. 1904.

  24.  Edward Graves, b.c. 1906.






Florence Matilda ("Mae") Graves (20) was possibly born in July 1880 or 1 Jan. 1881.  She suffered from chronic kidney disease and died at an early age.  She was buried from Vesey Street, Newark, NJ.  She left home at a very early age and kept house for a Dr. Francis Smith in Union, NJ.  The doctor was friendly with a pharmacist, Bernard Horton of Newark, and that was how Mae met Bernard’s brother, Harry Horton.

She married Charles H. (“Harry”) Horton of Newark, NJ, son of Charles H. Horton and Pauline Giles, about 1900.  He was born about 1880 in England, and died before he was 50 years of age of tetanus poisoning.  They were in the 1910 census for Ward 10, Newark, Essex Co., NJ, when he was a lathe hand in a sadlery hardware business, and 3 of their 6 children were still living.  She was in the 1920 census for Ward 15, Newark, Essex Co., NJ, listed as a widow.  All their children were born in NJ.

The marriage broke up about 1910 when Harry began to run around with Rose Kahn, a married school teacher or secretary in Newark.  Helen and Charles went to live with their grandparents, and Arthur went to live with his father and his paternal grandparents (the Hortons of McWhorter Street in Newark).  The Hortons added a few rooms to their home for Arthur, Harry, Rose and her son Burt.  There was never a divorce.  Mae had a difficult life after the breakup of the marriage, having to scrub floors at City Hall to support her minor children.  (R‑1)

Children - Horton

  25.  Arthur H. Horton, b.c. 1902, m. Mary Giezey.  3 daughters.

+26.  Helen Pauline Horton, b.c. 1908, m. Eli Bennett Lundy, 28 June 1929.

  27.  Charles J. Horton, b. 1910.  1 son and 1 daughter.


Albert P. Graves (22) was born about 1901 in NJ.  He married Florence Matthews, daughter of William E. Matthews and Eva M. ‑‑‑‑‑‑, about 1924.  She was born about 1905 in NJ.  They were in the 1930 census for Howell Twp., Monmouth Co., NJ, living with her parents.  He was a bus driver.

Children - Graves

  28.  Albert P. J. Graves, b.c. 1925 (NJ).


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