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William Graves (1) was born before 1830, possibly in KY, and died about 1865. He married Ellen Walker.

One source said he could be William Thomas Graves, born about 1825 in TN, and that Ellen Walker was born about 1825, from MS. Supposedly, William and his family spent a lot of time in AR and MS.

Another source said that he could have come to America as a cabin boy on a ship.

Alexander said he was an only child, but the 1870 census for Rolling Prairie, Boone Co., AR, showed the other children listed below. In that census, Rachel was listed as head of household, so both parents must have died. The first 3 children were born in MS, and the last 4 in AR.

The 1880 census for Prairie Twp., Boone Co., AR, states that both Alexander's parents were born in MS. (R-1, R-2)

Children - Graves

2. Rachel E. Graves, b.c. 1846, m. ------ Ryals.

3. Martha C. Graves, b.c. 1847, m. ------ Trammell.

4. Louisa Graves, b.c. 1852.

5. William J. Graves, b.c. 1854.

6. George W. Graves, b.c. 1857.

+7. Alexander A. Graves, b. 14 Dec. 1857, m. Tempe Peralee Sullivan, 3 Feb. 1878, d. April 1936.

8. Augustus Graves, b.c. 1866.






Alexander ("Alex") A. Graves (7) was born 14 Dec. 1857, and died in April 1936 at his son Isaac's home in Braggs, Muskogee Co., OK. He married Tempe Peralee (or Tempie Peral) Sullivan, daughter of Jonathan Sullivan and Keziah ("Kissee" or "Kizzie") Tipton, on 3 Feb. 1878 in Boone Co., AR. She was born 4 Feb. 1856 in AR, and died 12 Sept. 1935 at her daughter Kiz's home in Tahlequah, Cherokee Co., OK. They were both buried at Blue Springs Cem., near Gideon, OK. They were farmers, and both belonged to the Pentecostal Holiness Church. They were listed in the 1880 census. (R-1, R-2)

Children - Graves

+9. Louisa Armelia Graves, b. 26 Dec. 1878, m. John Hale, Dec. 1894, d. 2 July 1970.

+10. Isaac Elvaro Graves, b. 13 Feb. 1880, m. Mary Ellander Owens, 1902, d. 11 July 1952.

+11. Minnie Bell Graves, b. 11 Oct. 1881, m. James Franklin Thomas, 30 Sept. 1902, d. 30 Sept. 1925.

+12. Kisarh Augusta Jane Graves, b. 10 Aug. 1885, m. Forrest Newton Turney, 28 Oct. 1902, d. 29 Aug. 1972.

+13. Mary Ellen Graves, b. 3 June 1888, m. James Campbell, d. 1953.

+14. Una Sophronia Graves, b. 2 Jan. 1891, m. James Ben Allen, d. 9 March 1978.

+15. Anna Artimiss Graves, b. 12 Dec. 1892, m. Sam Wilson, d. before 1926.

+16. William James George Washington Graves, b. 23 June 1895, m. Maggie Frances Murphy, 6 April 1919, d. 15 Nov. 1969.

+17. Martha Tennessee Graves, b. 22 March 1898, m(1) William Thomas Rice, 7 Dec. 1913, m(2) ------ Vaughn, m(3) ------ Hale, m(4) ------ Chamberson, d. 13 Nov. 1976.






Louisa (or Louise) Armelia ("Melie") Graves (9) was born 26 Dec. 1878 in Harrison, Boone Co., AR, died 2 July 1970, and was buried in Lakeside Cem., Empire, CA. She married John Hale in Dec. 1894 in Harrison, AR. He was born 23 May 1872. The birth order of the following children is according to Logan Hale. (R-2)

Children - Hale

+18. Claude Hale, m. ------.

+19. Roy Hale, m. ------.

20. Chester Hale; no children.

+21. Bert Hale, m. ------.

+22. Millard Hale, m. ------.

+23. Clifford Hale, m. ------.

24. Logan Hale

25. Cecil Hale

26. Dottie Hale

+27. Lottie Lou Hale

28. John ("Johnny") Hale


Isaac Elvaro Graves (10) was born 13 Feb. 1880 in Harrison, Boone Co., AR, died 11 (or 12) July 1952 in Haskell, OK, and was buried in Haskell Cem., Haskell, OK. (Boone Co. and Marion Co. are next to each other, both in northern AR on the MO state line.) He married Mary Ellander ("Ellie") Owens, daughter of Matthew Owens and Victory (or Victoria) McAfee, in 1902 in Gideon, Cherokee Co., OK. She was born 12 April 1881 in Yellville, Union Twp., AR, and died in 1952 (or 12 or 13 Aug. 1953) in Haskell, OK. They were both buried in Haskell Cem., Haskell, OK. He was a music teacher, a cattle buyer, and owned a restaurant. (R-1, R-2)

Children - Graves

+29. Essie Mae Graves

+30. Una Pearl Graves, b. 3 March 1905, m. Joseph Henry Cox, d. Sept. 1985.

+31. Clyde Odell Graves, b. 13 Feb. 1907, m. Audie Meeker Cooper, 6 Dec. 1930, d. 4 Dec. 1990.

+32. Troy Egbert Graves, b. 9 Jan. 1909, m. Purna Clara Paris, 22 Oct. 1934, d. 20 Oct. 1979.

+33. Homer Carroll Graves

34. Edythe Estella Graves, b. 1911, died at age 10.

35. unnamed infant, died at birth.


Minnie Bell Graves (11) was born 11 Oct. 1881 (her tombstone gives her birth as Oct. 1, 1881 at Blue Springs, Gideon, OK; is Blue Springs where she was born or just where she was buried?), died 30 Sept. 1925, and was buried in Blue Springs Cem., Gideon, OK. She married James Franklin ("Jim") Thomas on 30 Sept. 1902 in Tahlequah, Indian Territory (later OK).

Jim's parents were John Thomas and Sarah Walker. John was born in 1840 and died in 1926, and Sara Walker was born in 1841 and died in 1929, both buried in New Home Cem., Peggs, OK. They had 4 children: (1) Louise Thomas, m. Jack Blevins; (2) James Franklin Thomas, m. Minnie Bell Graves; (3) Mary Elizabeth Thomas, m. William Carrol Freeman; (4) Mary Ellen Thomas, m. Dunk Couey.

The following story was written as told by Leonard Thomas, Jan. 12, 1991, and was sent by Velma Day, granddaughter of Minnie Bell (Graves) Thomas. "John Thomas and Sara Walker lived east of Harrison, AR, near Crooked Creek, in the 1850's. Before their marriage, John joined the Confederate forces in Arkansas. Sara's father was somewhat of a judge in the area and because of this the Jayhawkers burned their home and would have killed Sara's dad, but he hid in the top of a tree that had been cut down not far from the house. Sara said the Jayhawkers cut holes in their feather beds and pulled them up and down the road, shooting in the air and spreading feathers all around.

After this incident they started out for Tennessee. Sara said the only time she ever stole was during this trek. They had no food and she picked an apron of green onions from a garden near the roadside so she and her little sister would have something to eat. After things quieted down, they moved back to the Crooked Creek area.

Sara said that one evening during a 'gnat smoke' they heard someone coming down the road whistling and she recognized him as John Thomas. He was returning from the war. John and Sara were married shortly thereafter. Leonard Thomas has a copy of his grandfather's discharge papers from the Confederate Army." (R-2)

Children - Thomas

+36. Leonard Edgar Thomas, b. 25 June 1903, m. Della Wilson Bell, d. 3 March 1991.

+37. Elmer Thomas

+38. William Gillis Thomas

+39. Alsie Alfa Thomas, b. 9 Sept. 1910, m. Bill Stanley, d. 20 Feb. 1985.

+40. John Willard Thomas, b. 22 Dec. 1912, m. Joanne Hughes, d. 25 May 1986.

+41. Irene Thomas

+42. Goldie Thomas, b. 22 Dec. 1917, m. Riley Gage, d. 8 May 1979.

43. Mary Katherine Thomas, b. 1923, d. 3 Oct. 1928. Bur. Blue Springs Cem., Gideon, OK.


Kisarh Augusta Jane Graves (12), called "Kiz" or "Kizzie", was born 10 Aug. 1885, died 29 Aug. 1972, and was buried in Tahlequah Cem., Tahlequah, OK. She married Forrest Newton Turney on 28 Oct. 1902. (R-2)

Children - Turney

+44. Earl Turney, m. Inez Greenhaugh, d. 1994.

45. Ella Turney

46. Alva Turney, b. 24 Jan. 1911, d. 17 May 1989.

+47. Oma Turney

48. Gay Turney


Mary Ellen Graves (13) was born 3 June 1888, probably in Harrison, Boone Co., AR, and died in 1953. She married James ("Jim") Campbell. (R-2)

Children - Campbell

+49. Lucy Peralee Campbell

+50. Hester Viola Campbell

+51. Zilla Campbell

52. Chester Campbell, d. by 1994.

53. Jesse Hayden Campbell

54. Vendell Campbell, d. by 1994.

55. Betty Campbell


Una Sophronia Graves (14) was born 2 Jan. 1891 in Searcy, AR, died 9 March 1978 in Yucca Valley, CA, and was buried in Crestlawn Memorial Park, Riverside, CA. She married James Ben Allen, called Ben. He was born 23 May 1884 and died 30 Aug. 1929. (R-2)

Children - Allen

56. Eldrith Allen, b. 22 Nov. 1908, d. by 1994.

57. Cecil Allen, b. 21 April 1910, d. 2 June 1932.

58. Mabel Allen, b. 4 Dec. 1911, d. by 1994.

59. Faralone ("Spud") Allen, b. 28 Aug. 1913, d. 14 March 1965.

60. LaVada (or Levada) Allen

61. John Allen

62. Bill Allen

+63. Jesse Allen, b. 28 Feb. 1921, m. Virginia ------, d. 9 Jan. 1992.

64. James B. Allen

65. Betty Allen

66. Jack Allen


Anna Artimiss (or Artiemiss) Graves (15) was born 12 Dec. 1892, probably died before 1926, and was buried in Blue Springs Cem., Gideon, OK. She married Sam Wilson. (R-2)

Children - Wilson

67. Edith Wilson

68. Virgie Wilson


William James George Washington Graves (16), called George, was born 23 June 1895 in Dripping Springs, OK (or Tahlequah, Cherokee Co., Indian Territory, now OK), died 15 Nov. 1969 in Ponca City, Kay Co., OK, and was buried 17 Nov. 1969 in Odd Fellows Cem., Kay Co., OK. He married Maggie Frances Murphy, called Frances, daughter of Isaac Newton Murphy and Sarah Mirelda Phillips, on 6 April 1919. (R-2)

Children - Graves

69. Tempie Jane Graves, m. Calvin ("Red") Bryant.

70. Edna Ted Graves (called Ted)

71. Bill Graves, d. 1962.

72. James Robert ("Jim Bob") Graves, b. 17 Dec. 1939 (Ponca City, Kay Co., OK), m. Sandra Jones, 21 June 1958, d. 1994.


Martha Tennessee ("Mattie") Graves (17) was born 22 March 1898 in Harrison, Boone Co., AR, died 13 Nov. 1976 in Modesto, CA, and was buried in Lakeside Cem., Empire, CA. She first married William Thomas Rice on 7 Dec. 1913 in Peggs, Cherokee Co., OK. They lived at Turlock, CA. She secondly married ------ Vaughn. Her third husband was ------ Hale. Her fourth marriage was to ------ Chamberson. (R-2)

Children - Rice

+73. Oma Esther Rice

74. Ethel Elzenia Rice

75. Sylvia Armelia Rice

76. Lucille Annabell Rice

77. Howard Arthur Rice (called Arthur)

78. James Oliver Rice

79. Paul Eugene Rice

80. Amos Huston Rice

81. Marjorie Juanita Rice (called Juanita)

82. John Wesley Rice

83. Virginia Lee Rice

84. Fredona ("Freda") May Rice

85. Alford (or Alfred) Thomas Rice

86. Darlene Sue Rice


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