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Thomas Little Graves (1) married Penelope ------. (R-1)

Children - Graves

+2. Christina Little Graves, m. Thomas Jones.






Christina Little Graves (2) married Thomas Jones. They lived in Rowan Co., NC. All their children were born in Rowan Co.

Mrs. Riley (R-1) wrote that Alice Muncy in 1968 stated that she found an old paper written by some member of the Jones family giving the maiden name of Christina as Graves. From Graham G. Bunn in 1968, the parents of Christina Graves is Thomas Little Graves and wife Penelope, and they are buried in the Forsythe Cem. in Gibson Co., IN. Could it be that Little was the maiden name of Thomas Graves' mother?

Mrs. Zulieme Mayer Brown wrote that she believes that Christina was a daughter of William Pearson Little, and that she may have first married a Mr. Graves. She says "in the data in Pike County Historical Society's book published in about 1968, they have placed Graves in quotes, as a middle name."

Early in the year 1831 a caravan took off from NC. It consisted of the widow O'Neal (Lucretia (Potts) O'Neal), her married daughter Sally and husband Thomas Jones, and their two children, and the widow O'Neal's unmarried children, Calvin (only son) and 5 unmarried daughters, Mary, Rebecca, Nancy, Margaret and Jincy. Also in the party was Tom Jones' mother, the widow Christina (Graves) Jones, two married daughters, Charlotte (with husband William Richardson) and Sally (with husband Elijah Smith). Also a small child or two, and her unmarried children, a son Wiley and two daughters, Melinda (m(1) David Grimes, m(2) Calvin Howell) and Nancy (m. William Barrett). They came through in wagons and it took 6 weeks to make the trip to Louisville, KY, and then they had to wait for the ice to break up before they could cross the Ohio River. Court was held in a house in Petersburg, IN, and they went there to see about their land, thought at first of settling near Petersburg, but went on to the Patoka bottoms.

There is a story concerning the husband of Christina Graves Jones. When Tom Jones (who married Sally O'Neal) was a young boy, he and his father Thomas Jones, Sr., who lived in Rowan Co., NC, took their produce down to Charleston (now Bryson City, Swain Co., NC) to sell it, as was the custom in those days. The elder Tom Jones sold his produce and left Thomas, Jr. to watch the wagons. He was never seen or heard of again, and to this day no one knows what became of him, but it was thought he was probably murdered for the money he had on his person. (R-1)

Children - Jones

+3. Wiley Jones, b. 10 July 1802, m. Margaret Melinda Graves, 12 Sept. 1822, d. 18 March 1876.

+4. Sarah N. Jones, b. 1805, m. Elijah Smith, 3 Nov. 1821.

5. Thomas Jones, Jr., b. 28 Feb. 1807, m. Sarah ("Sally") O'Neal, 24 March 1827 (Rowan Co., NC), d. 17 Feb. 1882.

6. Charlotte Jones, b. 1809, m. William Richardson, 1824 (Rowan Co., NC), d. 5 Nov. 1870.

7. Hannah Jones, b.c. 1812, m. Richard Barrett, 21 Feb. 1830 (Gibson Co., IN).

8. Melinda Jones, b.c. 1818, m(1) David Grimes, 11 Sept. 1838 (Gibson Co., IN), m(2) ------, d. 7 May 1868.

9. Nancy J. Jones, b. 10 Jan. 1819, m. James Crow, 17 April 1836 (Gibson Co., IN), d. 25 March 1870.






Wiley Jones (3) was born 10 July 1802 in Rowan Co., NC, near the Big Pedee and Little Pedee rivers, and died 18 March 1876 of pneumonia in Gibson Co., IN. He married Margaret Melinda (or Melindy) Graves (parents unknown) on 12 Sept. 1822 in Rowan Co., NC. She was born in 1805 (or 1807) in Rowan Co., NC, and died in Dec. 1866 of pneumonia in Gibson Co., IN. They settled in Gibson Co., IN in 1828, near Dongola (northwest of Oak City) Their first child was born in Rowan Co., NC, and all the others in Gibson Co., IN.

According to granddaughter Florence Thompson Leveron in Hazelton, IN about 1916: Gibson County was almost a wilderness when grandfather settled there. He worked for a Mason Kirk a number of years. They lived in a little log cabin in the woods with lots of wolves, deer, and wild turkey. He was a good shot with a rifle. He said wolves came near getting him one night as he was carrying a half dressed hog on his back to his wife and little ones after helping Mason Kirk butcher all day. There was a watermill at Columbia (Patoka), and one at Wheeling (Kirksonville), same river, a few miles apart. Grandfather (Wiley) was a heavyset man, and when in his prime weighed 190 pounds. (R-1)

Children - Jones

10. Elizabeth Jones, died young.

11. Sally Ann Jones, b.c. 1825, m. John Crow, 12 Feb. 1848 (Gibson Co., IN).

12. Polly Jones, b. 1829.

13. John Jones, b. 1834, m. Lavina Lowe, 14 Dec. 1859.

14. Abraham Jones, b. 1837, m. ------, 20 Sept. 1860, died in Civil War.

15. Margaret Jones, b. 1841, m. Stewart Thompson, 2 Sept. 1858, d. West Sales, Knox Co., IN.

16. Nancy Cordelia Jones, b. 1844.

17. Luticia Jones, b. 1846.

18. Rose Ann Jones, b. 1848.

19. Vincent Thorpe Jones, b. 1850.

20. Louisa Jones, b. 1839.


Sarah ("Sally") N. Jones (4) was born in 1805 in Rowan Co., NC. She married Elijah Smith on 3 Nov. 1821 in Rowan Co., NC. He was born in 1804 in Rowan Co., NC, and died in April 1856 in Gibson Co., IN. At least their first 4 children were born in Rowan Co., NC. (R-1)

Children - Smith

21. Aurena Smith, b. 1823, m. (Rev.) Henry Woodry, 3 Oct. 1839 (Gibson Co., IN).

22. Mary Margaret Smith, b. 14 March 1826, m. James Kime, 28 Sept. 1843 (Petersburg, Pike Co., IN), d. 29 April 1895 (Sodaville, Linn Co., OR).

23. William Smith, b. 1830, m. Nancy Ann Johnson, 9 Dec. 1849 (Pike Co., IN).

24. Sarah Ann Smith, b.c. 1832, m(1) John H. Barrett, 8 Jan. 1850, m(2) ------.

25. James Smith, died in infancy.

26. Pleasant Smith, b. 1834, m. Eliza Jane Hartwell, 2 Nov. 1853 (Gibson Co., IN), d. 7 Dec. 1862 (Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY).

27. Nancy Elizabeth Smith, b. 1836, m. Michael Kime, 7 Jan. 1852 (Pike Co., IN).

28. Eliza Jane Smith, b. 1838, m. (Rev.) Wesley Chandler, 21 July 1859 (Gibson Co., IN).

29. Rebecca Jane Smith, b. 1842, m. Lafayette Ellis, 6 Sept. 1860 (Pike Co., IN).

30. Elijah Smith, Jr., b. 1843, m. Margaret L. Chandler, 10 Sept. 1863 (Gibson Co., IN), d. 1929 (Petersburg, Pike Co., IN).

31. Melinda Jane Smith, b. 11 March 1845, m. Marion J. Atkinson, 23 March 1871 (Gibson Co., IN), d. 18 Dec. 1925.


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