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John Graves (1) was born about 1791 in Ranskill, Nottinghamshire (next to Scrooby).  He married Amelia Cassan on 6 Sept. 1813 at Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England.  It is not proven that these are the parents of the children listed, but it seems very likely.  Beckingham is so close to where the children were baptized, and a search of the IGI did not show any other marriages of a John Graves to an Amelia in the 1800-1835 time period in this area.

The first 4 children listed below are in the IGI as being baptized in Scrooby, the next 4 in Blyth (about 3 miles south of Scrooby and Styrrup), and the last 4 in Scrooby, and all showed John Graves and Amelia as their parents.  The spelling of the surname of the children in the IGI alternated between Graves and Greaves, and is listed as given.

They were in the 1841 and 1851 censuses for Scrooby, Nottinghamshire.  He was a butcher.  It is interesting to note that some of the members of the Greaves family of Lowdham, Nottinghamshire (genealogy 470), were also butchers, indicating a possible connection.  Lowdham is about 40 miles north of Scrooby.

It is possible that John Graves was the same as the John Greaves, born about 1791, of genealogy 958, a son of Richard Greaves and Martha Upton of Sutton, Nottinghamshire.  However, that seems unlikely.  There is a John Greaves, b.c. 1792, in the 1851 and 1861 censuses for Sutton, who is much more likely to be the one of genealogy 958.

The map on the next page shows the area where the family lived.  Beckingham, about 3 miles west of Gainsborough, is about 8 miles east of Scrooby.  (R‑1)

Children - Graves

+2.  John Greaves, bapt. 12 Dec. 1813, m. Mary ‑‑‑‑‑‑.

  3.  George Greaves, bapt. 1 Oct. 1815.

  4.  Amelia Greaves, bapt. 28 Sept. 1817.

  5.  Elizabeth Greaves, bapt. 31 May 1819.

  6.  Caroline Graves, bapt. 23 Sept. 1821, apparently died young.

+7.  Thomas Graves, b. 14 May 1823, m(1) Mary ‑‑‑‑‑‑, m(2) Martha Alice Mulvey, 21 Dec. 1864, d. 1883.

  8.  William Graves, bapt. 29 April 1825.

  9.  Robert Graves, bapt. 17 June 1827.

+10.  Caroline Greaves, bapt. 22 March 1829, m. Richard White, March 1858.

+11.  Walter Graves, bapt. 20 Dec. 1831, m. Eliza Corby.

+12.  David Graves, bapt. 20 April 1834, m. Sarah Sidwell.

+13.  Ruth Graves, b. 11 May 1836, m. John Cottam, 30 May 1857.







John Graves (2) was born about Dec. 1813, and was baptized 12 Dec. 1813 in Scrooby, Nottinghamshire.  He married Mary ‑‑‑‑‑‑.  She was born about 1832 in Meath, Ireland.  They were in the 1881 census for Ecclesall Beirlow, Yorkshire.  He was a retired house decorator in 1881.  Both their children were born in New York, USA.  (R‑2)

Children - Graves

  14.  George W. Graves, b.c. 1856.  He was listed as a carpenter and joiner in the 1891 census for Ecclesall Beirlow, Yorkshire.

+15.  Amelia C. Graves, b.c. 1872, m. Bernard S. Pilley, d. April 1913.


Thomas Graves (7) was born 14 May 1823 in Blyth, Nottinghamshire, and died in 1883.  He first married Mary ‑‑‑‑‑‑.  She was born about 1821 in Brabourne, Kent.    They were in the 1851 and 1861 censuses for St. Pancras, Middlesex, when he was listed as a plumber and painter.  His brother Walter, plumber, was living with them in 1861.

He married second Martha Alice Mulvey, called Alice, daughter of Thomas Mulvey and Mary ‑‑‑‑‑‑, on 21 Dec. 1864 at Saint Bride Feet St., London.  She was born about 1843 in London.  They were in the 1871 census for St. John the Evangelist, London, when he was still and plumber and painter.  They were in the 1881 census for Ladbroke Grove Rd., “Holly Bush”, Chelsea, London, when he was a wine, spirit, and beer merchant.  All their children were born in London.  (R‑2)

Children - Graves, by Martha A. Mulvey

  16.  Alice Graves, b.c. 1866.

  17.  Mary Graves, b.c. 1868.

  18.  Thomas Graves, b.c. 1870.  He emigrated to the USA in the ship Gaieties and Gravities.

  19.  John Graves, b.c. 1872.

+20.  George Windsor Graves, b. 2 Jan. 1873, m(1) Madge Compton, m(2) Flora E. S. Courtenay, Sept. 1927, d. 2 April 1949.

  21.  Elizabeth Graves, b.c. 1877.


Caroline Graves (10) was born in March 1829 and was baptized 22 March 1829, both in Scrooby, Nottinghamshire.  She married Richard White in March 1858 in Worksop, Nottinghamshire.  He was born about 1812 in Worksop.  They were in the 1871 census for Scrooby, when he was a licensed victualler and ran the Old Ship Inn at 106 Bridge St.  They were in the 1881 census for Worksop, when he was listed as a former gasfitter, and son Henry was still living with them.  All their children were born in Worksop, Notts.  (R‑2)

Children - White

  22.  Mary A. White, b.c. 1860.

  23.  Henry John White, b.c. 1862.  Listed as engine fitter in 1881 census for Worksop.

  24.  Richard W. White, b.c. 1865.


Walter Graves (11) was born in Dec. 1831 and was baptized 20 Dec. 1831, both in Scrooby, Nottinghamshire.  He married Eliza Corby.  She was born about 1848 in Hackney or St. Pancras, Middlesex (now London).  They were in the 1871, 1881, and 1891 censuses for 44 Drummond Street, St. Pancras, London.  He was a plumber, and in 1871 was also listed as a gas fitter.  All their children were born in St. Pancras, Middlesex.

Children - Graves

  25.  Walter Graves, b.c. 1869.

  26.  Caroline Graves, b.c. 1870.

  27.  Amelia Graves, b.c. 1873.

  28.  Lydia Graves, b.c. 1874.

  29.  David Graves, b.c. 1875.

  30.  John Graves, b.c. 1877.

  31.  Sidney Graves, b.c. 1880.

  32.  Thomas Graves, b.c. 1889.


David Graves (12) was born about 1834 and was baptized 20 April 1834, both in Scrooby, Nottinghamshire (or South Yorkshire), England[1].  He married Sarah Sidwell, daughter of John Sidwell and Christiana Bingham, on 16 March 1858 in Harworth, Nottinghamshire.  She was born about 1841 in Styrrup (although the 1891 census listed Harworth), Nottinghamshire.  They were in the 1861-1891 censuses for Styrrup, Notts.  The 1861 census listed John Graves, 17, nephew, born in America, living with them.  David was a butcher and a farmer in 1861 and 1871, but then was just listed as a farmer, with 119 acres in 1881.  All their children were born in Styrrup, Notts.  (R‑1, R‑2)

Children - Graves

+33.  Caroline Amelia Graves, b. 15 June 1859, m. Alfred James Snell, Sept. 1887, d. 18 Sept. 1935.

+34.  Annie Elizabeth Graves, b. 18 July 1861, m. Francis Samuel Morton, June 1890..

+35.  John Graves, b. 3 Oct. 1863, m. Sarah ‑‑‑‑‑‑.

  36.  Mary (“Polly”) Graves, b. 13 Aug. 1865.

+37.  Sarah Graves, b. 28 June 1867, m. Henry John Gregory, 16 April 1892, d. 1952.

  38.  Walter Graves, b.c. 1870.

  39.  Robert Graves, b.c. 1871.

+40.  Catherine Graves, b. 20 June 1884, m. John Whittle, 1926, d. 1933-1934.


Ruth Graves (13) was born 11 May 1836, was baptized 7 June 1836, both in Scrooby, Nottinghamshire, and died between 1861 and 1871.  She married John Cottam on 30 May 1857 in Worksop, Nottinghamshire.  He was born about 1821 in Styrrup, Notts.  Their first child was born in Worksop and the other 2 in Styrrup, Nottinghamshire.  (R‑2)

Children - Cottam

  41.  John Henry Cottam, b. June 1859, d. Sept. 1861 (Worksop, Notts.).

+42.  William Cottam, b.c. 1863, m. Annie ‑‑‑‑‑‑.

+43.  Susanna Cottam, b. June 1864, m. George Ashworth, 1892.






Amelia C. Graves (15) was born about 1872 in New York, USA, died in April 1913, and was buried 2 May 1913 in City Road Cem., Sheffield, Yorkshire.  Her middle name may have been Clare or Casson.  She married Bernard S. (or T.) Pilley, son of Albert Pilley and Sarah A. ‑‑‑‑‑‑.  He was born about 1874 in Sheffield, Yorkshire.  She was a music teacher in 1891 when she was living with her parents in Ecclesall Bierlow, Yorkshire, and he was a solicitor’s clerk in that census.   They were in the 1901 census for Ecclesall Bierlow, when he was a solicitor’s clerk.  (R‑2)

Children - Pilley

  44.  Catherine A. M. Pilley, b.c. 1889 (Sheffield, Yorkshire).



George Windsor Graves (20) was born 2 Jan. 1873 and died 2 April 1949, both in London, England.  He first married Madge Compton.  He married second Flora E. S. Courtenay in Sept. 1927 in Brighton, Sussex.  He was an actor, and appeared in at least 14 movies from 1913 through 1939.  (R‑2)

Children - Graves, by Flora E. S. Courtenay

  45.  Tina Graves



Caroline Amelia (“Carrie”) Graves (33) was born 15 June 1859 in either Sheffield, Yorkshire, England[2] or in Styrrup, Nottinghamshire[3] (about 3 miles west of Scrooby), and died 18 Sept. 1935 in Harvey, Western Australia.  She married Alfred James Snell, son of James Snell and Jane Knowles, in Sept. 1887 in Styrrup, Nottinghamshire3.  He was born 2 Dec. 1863 in Devonshire, England[4], and died 21 March 1936.  Both Scrooby and Styrrup are right next to Harworth, which is probably the location of the parish church.  Caroline was in the 1881 census for Kew, Surry, servant, unmarried, born in Blyth, Notts.  They emigrated from London to Freemantle, Australia in 1913.  In about 1895 he was railway superintendant, Singapore Straits Settlement.  In 1925 he was district superintendant of railways in Western Australia.  (R‑1, R‑2)

Children - Snell

+46.  Alfred James Snell, b.c. 1889, m. Martha Jane Baggs, 10 Nov. 1921, d. 13 July 1971.

  47.  Charles Snell, b.c. May 1899 (Singapore Straits Settlements), d. 22 July 1916 (WW I, Pozieres).  Bur. Bunbury Cem., Western Australia.  Military service 12 Aug. 1915-1916, United 12th Rein., 4th Batt.

+48.  Marjorie Snell, b. July 1902, m. Thomas H. Pollard, 1925, d. 2001.


Annie Elizabeth Graves (34) was born 18 July 1861 in Styrrup, Nottinghamshire.  She married Francis Samuel Morton in June 1890 in Workson, Nottinghamshire.  He was born about 1855 in Ramsgate, Kent.  Son William Morton was born in Ramsgate, Kent, Nellie in Wednesbury, Warwickshire, and all the other children in Lowestoft, Suffolk.  (R‑2)

Children - Morton

  49.  Herbert S. Morton, b. 1 March 1882, m. Elizabeth Louise Michel, d. Stratford, Ontario, Canada.  She was born in Stratford, Ontario, Canada.  He was a stoker for the Royal General Railway, and lived in Etham, London, England, in 1901.

  50.  William F. Morton, b.c. 1886.

  51.  Muriel M. Morton, b.c. 1892.

  52.  Dorothy Morton, b. 1894.

  53.  Nellie Morton, b.c. 1896.


John Graves (35) was born 3 Oct. 1863 in Styrrup, Nottinghamshire.  He married Sarah ‑‑‑‑‑‑.  She was born about 1863 in Torksey, Lincolnshire.  They were in the 1901 census for village of Styrrup, Styrrup with Oldcotes, Nottinghamshire.  He was a farmer.  All their children were born in Styrrup.

Children - Graves

  54.  Milly Graves, b.c. 1890.

  55.  Edith Graves, b.c. 1893.

  56.  Bertha Graves, b.c. 1895.

  57.  Willie Graves, b.c. 1897.

  58.  Maggie Graves, b.c. 1899.


Sarah Graves (37) was born 28 June 1867 in Worksop, Nottinghamshire, and died in 1952 in Busselton, Western Australia, Australia.  She married Henry John Gregory, son of Henry Gregory and Hannah Reece, on 16 April 1892 in Worksop, Notts.  He was born about Sept. 1867 in Canterbury, Kent, and died 18 Aug. 1954 in Busselton, Australia.  Sarah emigrated from London to Freemantle, Australia in 1924, and was living in Adelaide St., Busselton, Western Australia, in 1925.  (R‑2)

Children - Gregory

  59.  Henrietta (“Hetty”) Gregory, b. 1895, d. 1908 (Doncaster, South Yorkshire, U.K., scarlet fever).

+60.  Ivy Caroline Gregory, b. 13 April 1897, m(1) Joseph Wilfred Pritchard, 5 Nov. 1921, m(2) Herman Willersdorf, 3 Feb. 1949, d. 28 Dec. 1966.

  61.  Henry Gregory, b. Dc. 1899, d. at 8 months of age of convulsions.

  62.  Christina Gregory, b. 1900 (Saundry, Nottinghamshire).

+63.  Leonard Gregory, b. June 1901, m(1) Evelyn May Henderson, m(2) Violet T. Davies, 1929, d. 22 July 1978.

+64.  Constance M. Gregory, b. June 1905, m. James Albert Macey, 1926, d. 11 May 1950.

  65.  Catherine (“Kitty”) Gregory, b. 20 Jan. 1906, d. 28 Sept. 1926 (Woorooloo, Western Australia).  Emigrated from London to Freemantle, Australia in 1924.  Was a nurse at Woorooloo Sanitorium, Western Australia.  Bur. Karrakatta Cem., Anglican LA gravesite 0194.


Catherine (“Kitty”) Graves (40) was born 20 June 1884 and died 1933-1934.  She married John (“Jack”) Whittle in 1926 in the registration district of Sussex, Western Australia.  In 1930 they were living in Besselton, Western Australia.  (R‑2)

Children - Whittle

  66.  David Whittle, b. 1927 (Blackwood, Australia).  He was an accountant.



William Cottam (42) was born about 1863 in Styrrup, Nottinghamshire.  He married Annie  ‑‑‑‑‑‑.  She was born about 1865 in Wormersley, Yorkshire.  All their children were born in Styrrup, Nottinghamshire.  (R‑2)

Children - Cottam

  67.  May Cottam, b.c. 1896.

  68.  Winnie Cottam, b.c. 1897.

  69.  Kathleen Cottam, b.c. 1899, m. ‑‑‑‑‑‑.


Susanna Cottam (43) was born in June 1864 in Styrrup, Nottinghamshire.  She married George Ashworth in 1892 in Worksop, Nottinghamshire.  He was born about 1862 in Scamton, Lincolnshire.  They were living in Blyth, Notts. In 1871, and in Scamton, Lincolnshire in 1881.  All their children were born in Walesby, Nottinghamshire.  (R‑2)

Children - Ashworth

  70.  John Ashworth, b. 1893.

  71.  William Ashworth, b. 1895.

  72.  Edith Ashworth, b. 1897.

  73.  son, b. 1900.


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[1] The line between Yorkshire and Nottinghamshire must be very close to all these places, since Scrooby seems to be in Yorkshire, but it is often given as being in Nottinghamshire.

[2]According to her death certificate.  It is possible that the actual place was Styrrup, however, and that Sheffield was the administrative location, since it was the nearest large town.

[3]According to the birth certificate of her daughter Marjorie.

[4]According to his death certificate.