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Thomas Graves (1) was born about 1705 in England, died in 1775 in Savannah, Chatham Co., GA, and was buried in Old Colonial Cem., Savannah.  He was supposedly part of the Oglethorpe expedition which landed at Charleston in 1732, and afterward joined Oglethorpe in laying out Savannah, GA.  He married ‑‑‑‑‑‑.

The following is from Oglethorpe, James Edward, 16961785, English general and philanthropist, founder of the American colony of Georgia. He had some military experience before being elected (1722) to the House of Commons, where he held a seat for 32 years. As chairman of a parliamentary committee investigating penal conditions, Oglethorpe became interested in the plight of the debtor classes. The need for a buffer colony between South Carolina and the Spanish in Florida admirably fitted his proposal to establish an asylum for debtors. He and 19 associates were granted (June, 1732) a charter, to expire in 21 years, making them trustees of the colony of Georgia. Early in 1733, Oglethorpe, leading 116 carefully selected colonists, reached Charleston, S.C., and on Feb. 12, 1733, he founded Savannah. After establishing friendly relations with the Yamacraw, a branch of the Creek confederacy, who ceded their land for settlement, he set about perfecting the colony's defense against the Spanish, building forts and instituting a system of military training. On a visit to England (1734–35) Oglethorpe obtained new regulations banning rum and slavery in the colony, which aroused opposition. He returned to Georgia with John Wesley and Charles Wesley. England declared war on Spain in 1739, and Oglethorpe led an unsuccessful expedition against St. Augustine in 1740. However, near Fort Frederica on St. Simons Island, Oglethorpe defeated the Spanish in the battle of Bloody Marsh (June 9, 1742), thereby assuring Georgia's survival. A second unsuccessful assault on St. Augustine (1743) and the displeasure of some of the colonists with his rigid management led to his recall to England. The charges brought against him were dismissed, but he never returned to Georgia. In his later years he was an intimate of the literary circle gathered around Samuel Johnson.

See Letters from General Oglethorpe, collected by the Georgia Historical Society (1873); biographies by L. F. Church (1932), A. A. Ettinger (1936, repr. 1968), and J. G. Vaeth (1968); P. Spalding, Oglethorpe in America (1984) and, with H. H. Jackson, Oglethorpe in Perspective (1989).


The sources of information for this genealogy are not presently known, and some of the information should be taken as guidelines until more evidence is found.  (R‑1, R‑2)

Children – Graves

+2.  Elizabeth Graves, m(1) Basil Magruder, m(2) Byrd Ferrell, 4 Feb. 1808, d. 1829-1837.

  3.  Chloe Graves, d. after 4 Sept. 1820 (Columbia Co., GA).

+4.  George Graves, b. 4 June 1768, m. Mary Scott, 26 June 1800, d. 30 May 1820.

  5.  Perry (or Pearre?) Graves, d. after 16 March 1817 and before 10 Jan. 1820.

+6.  Cassandra Graves, m. James Pearre, 6 Jan. 1790, d. 2 Nov. 1800.

  7.  Humphrey Graves, d. 23 Sept. 1794 (Charleston, SC).  Lived in Wilkes Co., GA.

  8.  Thomas Graves

  9.  Joshua Graves






Elizabeth Graves (2) died 1829-1837 in Hancock Co., GA.  She forst married Basil Magruder.  She married second Byrd Ferrell on 4 Feb. 1808 in Hancock Co., GA.  He died before 6 Aug. 1827 in Hancock Co., GA.  (R‑2)

Children – Ferrell

  10.  Elizabeth Ferrell, m. Barnabas (or Barnaby) McKinney (or McKinne), 23 May 1826 (Hancock Co., GA).


George Graves (4) was born 4 June 1768 in Savannah, Chatham Co., GA, and died 30 May 1820 in Appling, Columbia Co., GA.  He married Mary Scott on 26 June 1800.  She was born 3 Dec. 1780, and died in March 1853 in Appling, GA.  They were both buried in Graves Cem., Appling, Columbia Co., GA.  (R‑1, R‑2)

Children – Graves

  11.  John Baptist Graves

+12.  Mary Ann Graves, m. ‑‑‑‑‑‑ Bird (or Byrd).

+13.  George Crawford Graves, b.c. 1805, m. Caroline S. Tennent, c. 1844, d. after 1870.

  14.  Caroline Cassandra Graves, b.c. 1808 (SC), m. Gilbert Tennant.  He was b.c. 1806 in SC.

  15.  Thomas Graves

  16.  Sarah Handley Graves

  17.  Chloe Martha Graves


Cassandra Graves (6) died 2 Nov. 1800.  She married James Pearre on 6 Jan. 1790 in Richmond Co., GA.  He died after 5 Dec. 1816 and before 6 Jan. 1817 in Richmond Co., GA.  (R‑2)

Children – Pearre

  18.  Mary Ann Pearre, m. Thomas H. Penn (of Florida).

+19.  Cassandra Pearre, m(1) John C. Talbot, 12 March 1822, m(2) William A. L. Collins, 28 Feb. 1828.

  20.  Humphrey G. Pearre, d. before 17 July 1823 (Columbia Co., SC).






Mary Ann Graves (12) married ‑‑‑‑‑‑ Bird (or Byrd).  (R‑2)

Children – Bird/Byrd

  21.  George Graves Bird (or Byrd)


George Crawford Graves (13) was born about 1805 and died after 1870.  He married Caroline S. Tennent, daughter of William Peter Tennent and Martha Middleton, about 1844 in Abbeville, Abbeville Co., SC.  She was born about 1810 in Ninety-six District, SC, and died after 1870 in Abbeville, SC.  She was probably buried in Long Cane Cem., Abbeville, SC.  All their children were buried in Abbeville, SC.  (R‑1)

Children – Graves

+22.  George Crawford Graves, b.c. 1845, m. Emma Floride Calhoun, d. after 14 Sept. 1922.

+23.  Mary Ann Graves, b.c. 1847, m. Charles Frederick Baker, 21 Feb. 1877, d. 12 May 1881.

  24.  Charles Tennent Graves, b.c. 1853.

+25.  Thomas Humphrey Graves, b. Oct. 1852, m. Rosa Duncan Williams, c. 1882.



Cassandra Pearre (19) first married John C. Talbot (or Talbert) on 12 March 1822 in Columbia Co., GA.  She married second William A. L. Collins of Columbia Co., GA on 28 Feb. 1828 in Columbia Co., GA.  He was born about 1803.  (R‑2)

Children – Talbot

  26.  John Talbot, b.c. 1814.






George Crawford Graves (22) was born about 1845 and died after 14 Sept. 1922, both in Abbeville, Abbeville Co., SC.  He married Emma Floride Calhoun, daughter of Francis Augustus Calhoun and Laura Jones, in Augusta, Richmond Co., GA.  Census records for this family have not yet been found.  (R‑1)

Children – Graves

+27.  Edward Yarborough Graves, b.c. 1883, m. Inez Eberhardt.  She was b. Columbus, GA.

  28.  Caroline Louise Graves

  29.  Cornelia Graves, m(1) Edward Tennent Yarborough, m(2) Henry Taylor, d. 1936 (Mountain View, Abbeville Co., SC).  Edward was b. 26 May 1842 in Abbeville, SC, and d. 1 Nov. 1902 in Morristown AL.

  30.  Catherine Graves


Mary Ann Graves (23) was born about 1847 in Abbeville, Abbeville Co., SC, died 12 May 1881 in Augusta, Richmond Co., GA, and was buried in City Cem., Augusta, GA.  She married Charles Frederick Baker, son of Thomas Surrage Baker and Eunice Hubbard Dutton, on 21 Feb. 1877.  He was born 5 Oct. 1846 in Covington, Newton Co., GA, died 26 June 1916 in Augusta, Richmond Co., GA, and was buried in Magnolia Cem., Augusta, Richmond Co., GA.  Both their children were born in Augusta, GA, and died in Charleston, Charleston Co., GA..  (R‑1)

Children – Baker

+31.  Caroline Tennent Baker, b. 13 Dec. 1877, m. Christopher Lewis Whaley, 31 Aug. 1918, d. 23 Sept. 1965.

  32.  Eunice Mary Baker, b. 1 Dec. 1880, d. 16 Aug. 1959.


Thomas Humphrey Graves (25) was born in Oct. 1852 in Abbeville, Abbeville Co., SC.  He married Rosa Duncan Williams about 1882 in Aiken, Aiken Co., SC.  She was born in June 1862 in SC.  They were in the 1900 census for Hammond Twp., Aiken Co., SC, when 5 of her 6 children were still living.  He was a farmer.  All their children were born in SC.  (R‑1)

Children – Graves

  33.  Lucy Williams Graves, b. May 1883, m. Junius Black.  He was b. Sylvania, GA.

  34.  Caroline (“Callie”) Tennent Graves, b. Oct. 1885.

  35.  George Crawford Graves II, b. Dec. 1886, m. Margaret Tobin.  She was b. Stamford, CT.

  36.  Thomas Humphrey Graves, Jr., m. Myrtle Holliday, d. 22 Jan. 1947.  She was b. Washington, GA.

  37.  Mary Zeline Graves, b. July 1889.

  38.  Luther White Williams Graves, b. Nov. 1890, m. Mary E. Powell, c. 1928.  She was b.c. 1905 in Daytona Beach, FL.  They were in the 1930 census for Daytona Beach, FL, when he was an assistant superintendent for A&C Grocery.






Edward Yarborough Graves (27) was born about 1883 in SC.  He married Inez Eberhart, daughter of Samuel Eberhart and Irene ‑‑‑‑‑‑, about 1910.  She was born about 1883 in GA.  They were in the 1910 census for Bozeman, Muskogee Co., GA, living with her parents.  They were in the 1920 census for Jacksonville, Duval Co., FL, with her widowed father living with them.  Edward was a freight agent for the railroad.  (R‑1)

Children – Graves

  39.  George Graves, b.c. 1917 (FL).



Caroline Tennent Baker (31) was born 13 Dec. 1877 in Augusta, Richmond Co., GA, and died 23 Sept. 1965 in Charleston, Charleston Co., SC.  She married Christopher Lewis Whaley, son of Christopher Jenkins Whaley II and Anna Belle Stevens, on 31 Aug. 1918 in Augusta, GA.  He was born 5 Oct. 1884 in Athens, Clark Co., GA, and died 6 March 1951 in Charleston, SC.  They were both buried in Magnolia Cem., Augusta, GA.  They were in the 1930 census for Atlanta, Fulton
Co., GA, living in a lodging house.  He was an architect.  (R‑1)

Children – Whaley

  40.  Carolyn Baker Whaley, b. 6 July 1919 (Charleston, SC), m. James Garner Patey, 23 July 1945 (Charleston, SC), d. 7 July 1962 (Charleston, SC).  She was bur. Magnolia Cem., Charleston, SC.  He was b. 14 Nov. 1919 in Houston Co., TN, son of James Stokes Patey and Bessie Maye Skelton.  2 children.


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