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Benjamin Graves (1) was born in VA, possibly about 1730, and apparently died in 1803 in Green Co., KY.  He married Mary ‑‑‑‑‑‑.  He lived in VA, possibly Caroline Co., since at least one of his sons-in-law was from there.  He moved to Green Co., KY.  From a Green Co., KY will book, dated Jan. 6, 1803, will of Benjamin Graves, wife Mary Graves, Exec., daughters: Betsey Burks, wife of Silas Burks, and Dolly (or Polly) Price[1], wife of William Price; signed Ben Graves; witnesses: ‑‑‑‑‑‑ Allen and ‑‑‑‑‑‑ Emerson.  (R‑1, R‑2, R‑4)

Children - Graves

+2.  Betsey Graves, m. Silas Burks, 24 July 1798 (Green Co., KY).

+3.  Mary F. (or Sally) Graves, b. 21 Feb. 1762, m. William Price, d. 26 Aug. 1824.






Betsey (or Betsy) Graves (2) married Silas Burks on 24 July 1798 in Green Co., KY.  (R‑4, R‑5)

Children - Burks

+4.  William M. Burks, b.c. 1807, m. Mary Ann R. Sandidge, d. 1858.


Mary F. (“Polly” or “Sally”) Graves (3) was born 21 Feb. 1762 in VA, died 26 Aug. 1824 in Adair, KY, and was buried in Moss Cem., Adair Co., KY.  She married William Price.  Because of the dispute about which William Price she married, the uncertainty about her name, and the observation that it seems unusual for a woman born in 1762 to not have children until she was almost 40, there is some question as to whether these dates of birth and death are correct.

It has been published that she married William H. Price, son of William Price and Elizabeth Wright, on 8 Feb. 1800[2] in Green Co., KY.  He was born 31 March 1755 in Caroline Co., VA, and died 25 Aug. 1824 in Adair Co., KY.  However, R‑6 says that William H. Price was not a son of William Price and Elizabeth Wright, but a friend (perhaps related, but more distantly, who married Williams’s daughter Mary).  The transcription of the will of William Price (from Will Records of Green County, Kentucky, 1796-1824) states (some punctuation added): “10 June 1813.  My wife, Elizabeth; my son, William and his wife, Mary; my daughter, Mary, wife of William H. Price; my daughter, Sally Moss, wife of William; my daughter, Elizabeth Allen, wife of David; my grandson, William Price Allen; my children: Sally Moss, John, Robert, Mary, William, and Elizabeth Allen.  William and Robert Price and my friend, William H. Price, Exe.  Witnesses: Josiah Moss, John Biggs and James Allen.  Probated: 22 March 1814.”  (R‑1, R‑4, R‑6)

Children - Price

+5.  Robert W. Price, b.c. 1799, m. Nancy Keltner, 11 Nov. 1824.

+6.  Thomas Jefferson Price, m. Mary Reed.

+7.  William Graves Price, b.c. 1803, m. Sally Davis.






William M. Burks (4) was born about 1807 in KY, and died in 1858.  He married Mary Ann R. (probably Rebecca) Sandidge, daughter of Christopher (“Kit”) Sandidge and Elizabeth Whitlock.  She was born about 1821 in KY, and died after 1880.

They were in the 1850 census for Div. 2, Barren Co., KY, page 437, with him listed as a physician.  Mary and the last 4 children were in the 1860 census for Metcalfe Co., KY.  The 1870 census for Lafayette, Metcalfe Co., page 84, showed Mary and her 2 youngest children living with her daughter Mary and family.  The 1880 census for Lafayette, Metcalfe Co., KY, page 206, shows Mary living with the family of her daughter Mariah.  All their children were born in KY.  (R‑5)

Children - Burks

+8.  Mary E. Burks, b.c. 1838, m(1) Suprey B. Higgason, m(2) Boston R. Britten.

   9.  Silas C. (or I.) Burks, b.c. 1840, m. Mary A. ‑‑‑‑‑‑.  They were in the 1860 census for Dist. 1, Hart Co., KY, Horse Cave P.O., but could not be found in later censuses.

   10.  Louisa Burks, b.c. 1842.

   11.  Rebecca H. Burks, b.c. 1844.

   12.  John T. (or J.) Burks, b.c. 1846.

   13.  William H. Burks, b.c. 1848.

+14.  James B. Burks, b. 1850, m. Harriet A. ‑‑‑‑‑‑.

+15.  Mariah Fannie Burks, b.c. 1854, m. John Branham Lane, d. 1939.



Robert W. Price (5) was born about 1799 in Adair Co., KY.  He married Nancy Keltner, daughter of Michael Keltner and Betsy Rogers, on 11 Nov. 1824.  She was born about 1804 in Wythe, VA, and died in July 1866 in Adair Co., KY.  Her father, Michael Keltner, was an early settler of Adair Co., KY, was a Rev. War veteran, of German descent, and belonged to the Methodist Episcopal Church South.  All the children of Robert and Nancy were born in Adair Co., KY.  (R‑1, R‑3)

Children - Price

   16.  William Tilford Price, b. 7 Nov. 1826, m. Mary Ann Mays, c. 1852, d. 1880-1890.  She was b. June 1834 in Adair Co., KY, dau. of Henry Mays (or Mayes) and Mary Allen.

   17.  Joseph Price, b. 11 June 1827.

   18.  Levi J. Price, b. 29 May 1830, m. Louisa J. Dohoney, 17 Nov. 1864.

   19.  Mary E. Price, b. 8 Feb. 1832.

   20.  Martha B. Price, b. 15 Feb. 1834.

+21.  John R. Price, b. 29 June 1835, m. Mattie Josephine Leighton Thompson, 15 March 1867, d. 23 Oct. 1925.

   22.  James Porterfield Price, b. 5 Feb. 1837.

   23.  Thomas N. Ralston Price, b. 24 Nov. 1839.  Twin of Ermin.

   24.  Ermin Catherine Price, b. 24 Nov. 1839.  Twin of Thomas.

   25.  Lucy W. Price, b. 6 Dec. 1840.

   26.  Nancy Ann Price, b. 29 May 1846.


Thomas Jefferson Price (6) married Mary Reed.  (R‑4)

Children - Price

   27.  Lucy Price, m. Andrew Taylor.

   28.  Thomas Jefferson Price, Jr., m. Elizabeth T. Lashley.  She was b. 14 March 1818.

   29.  Elizabeth Price

   30.  Nancy Price


William Graves Price (7) was born about 1803 in Green Co., KY.  He married Sally Davis.  (R‑4)

Children - Price

+31.  Richard Franklin Price, b.c. 1830, m. Sallie Williamson, 10 Oct. 1850.

   32.  William Price, b.c. 1832.

   33.  Martha A. Price, b.c. 1833.

+34.  John G. Price, b.c. 1837, m. Mary Hart.

   35.  Emily Price, b.c. 1842.

   36.  George W. Price, b.c. 1844.

   37.  J. W. Price






Mary E. Burks (8) was born about 1838 in KY.  She first married Suprey B. (or R.) Higgason.  He was born about 1830 in KY, and probably died before 1880.  He was a physician.  They were in the 1860 census for Metcalfe Co., KY, with 3 medical students living with them.  They were in the 1870 census for Lafayette, Metcalfe Co., KY, page 84, with her mother and 2 youngest siblings living with them.  Suprey probably died, since Mary married second Boston R. Britten.  The 1880 census for Green Co., KY, listed Mary as wife of Boston Britten, and Lucy Higgason as step-daughter.  It is not presently known whether some of the youngest children in the 1880 census were by Mary and her second husband.  (R‑5)

Children - Higggason

   38.  Leona L. Higgason, b.c. 1857.

   39.  Lucy E. Higgason, b.c. 1869.


James B. Burks (14) was born in 1850 in KY.  He married Harriet A. ‑‑‑‑‑‑.  She was born about 1851 in KY.  They were in the 1880 census for Lafayette, Metcalfe Co., KY, page 192.  He was a farmer.

Children - Burks

   40.  William T. Burks, b.c. 1878.


Mariah Fannie Burks (15) was born about 1854 in KY, and died in 1939.  She married John Branham Lane, son of Garrett Lane and Nancy Witt.  He was born about 1847 and died in 1937.  They were in the 1880 census for Lafayette, Metcalfe Co., KY, page 206, with her mother Mary A. Burks, 59, and a nephew Edward I. Speer, 14, living with them.  They were in the 1900 census for Magisterial Dist. 3, Metcalf Co., KY, page 1A.  They were in the 1910 census for Lafayette Pct., Metcalfe Co., KY, page 213A.  All their children were born in KY.  (R‑5)

Children - Lane

+41.  Eugene Edward Lane, b. Feb. 1874, m. Emma Alverta Asbury, d. 1947.

   42.  Laura W. Lane, b. Oct. or Dec. 1879.

   43.  Mary E. Lane, b. Sept. 1884.

   44.  William G. Lane, b. July 1887.

   45.  Joseph G. Lane, b. July 1891.

   46.  Tinnie (or Tinie) E. Lane, b. Sept. 1893.



John R. Price (21) was born 29 June 1835 in Adair Co., KY, died 23 Oct. 1925 in Sulphur Springs, FL, and was buried in Hiseville Cem., Knob Lick, Metcalfe Co., KY.  He married Mattie Josephine Leighton Thompson, daughter of Lewis Morgan Thompson and Mary Robertson Thompson, on 15 March 1867.  She was born 19 Nov. 1844 in Barren Co., KY, died 18 Dec. 1908, and was buried in Cave City Cem., Hart Co., KY.  (R‑3)

Children - Price

+47.  Lelia Leighton Price, b. 31 Dec. 1867, m. Joseph Elzie Sanders, d. 25 Nov. 1907.

   48.  Claudius (“Claude”) Thompson Price, b. 14 April 1869, m(1) Angie Dohoney, m(2) Minnie Renick, d. 1945 (Freedom, KY).  He was bur. Hiseville Cem., Barren Co., KY.

   49.  Flora May Price, b. 10 March 1874 (KY), m. Welby Hendrickson.

   50.  Leon R. Price, b. 17 Feb. 1879 (Upton, Hart Co., KY), m. Laura ‑‑‑‑‑‑, d. FL.  He was bur. Glasgow Municipal Cem., Glasgow, KY.



Richard Franklin Price (31) was born about 1830 in Green Co., KY.  He married Sallie Williamson on 10 Oct. 1850 in Green Co., KY[3].  She was born about 1830 in Green Co., KY.  All their children were born in Green Co., KY.  (R‑4)

Children - Price

+51.  William R. Price, b. 18 April 1852, m. Malinda Poore, d. 30 March 1915.

+52.  George Franklin Price, b.c. 1860, m. Elizabeth Parrish, d. 1903.

   53.  John R. Price, b.c. 1863.

+54.  Graves Price, b. 15 Nov. 1868, m. Kate Isaacs, d. 15 Oct. 1937.

   55.  Edward (“Ed”) Price


John G. Price (34) was born about 1837 in Green Co., KY.  He married Mary Hart.  She was born about 1833.  (R‑4)

Children - Price

   56.  Louisa Price, b.c. 1859, m. Robert McKinney, d. 1940.

   57.  George W. Price, b.c. 1864.

+58.  John Graves Price, b.c. 1868, m(1) Nancy M. Patton, m(2) Millie Ann Rutledge.






Eugene Edward Lane (41) was born in Feb. 1874 in KY, and died in 1947.  He married Emma Alverta (or Alverada or Alberta) Asbury, daughter of Morris A. Asbury and L. Fannie Froggett.  She was born in July 1877 in KY, and died in 1930.  They were in the 1900 census for Magisterial Dist. 3, Metcalfe Co., KY.  They were in the 1920 census for Donansburg, Green Co., KY, page 13B.  (R‑5)

Children - Lane

+59.  Ernest E. Lane, b. 3 Sept. 1899, m. Clorene Nelson Musick, 22 Jan. 1922, d. 21 Feb. 1986.

   60.  Lucile Lane, b.c. 1906.

   61.  J. Morris Lane, b.c. 1909.

   62.  Frank A. Lane, b.c. 1911.

   63.  Frances Lane, b.c. 1917.

   64.  Haskel Lane, b.c. 1919.



Lelia Leighton Price (47) was born 31 Dec. 1867 in Metcalfe Co., KY, died 25 Nov. 1907 in KY, and was buried in Glasgow Municipal Cem., Glasgow, KY.  She married Joseph (“Joe”) Elzie Sanders, son of Easten Elzy Sanders and Josephine L. (“Lucy”) Asper.  He was born 16 June 1866 in Campbellsville, Taylor Co., KY, died 16 Feb. 1955 in Hiseville, Barren Co., KY, and was buried in Brookside Cem., Campbellsville, Taylor Co., KY.  Their first 3 children were born in Hardyville, Hart Co., KY, and the fourth in Smiths Grove, Warren Co., KY.  (R‑3)

Children - Sanders

   65.  Mabel Sanders, b. 25 Oct. 1892, d. 27 Dec. 1893.

   66.  Joe Layton Sanders, b. 6 Dec. 1893, m. Sally W. Ashbrook, 25 May 1914, d. 25 July 1968.  She was b. 17 Jan. 1900 in Taylor Co., KY, d. 23 July 1979, and was bur. in Brookside Cem., Campbellsville, Taylor Co., KY.

   67.  Flora Mae Sanders, b. 8 Aug. 1895, m. Willie Squires.

   68.  John Paul Sanders, b. 20 April 1897, m. Mary Louise Coffey, d. 25 Dec. 1984 (Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY).  He was bur. Campbellsville Memorial Garden Cem., Campbellsville, Taylor Co., KY.  She was b. 9 June 1897 in Campbellsville, Taylor Co., KY, and d. 24 Dec. 1963 in Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY, dau. of Cyrus B. Coffey and Mary Lucy Page.  7 children, 4 living in 2004.



William R. Price (51) was born 18 April 1852 in Green Co., KY, and died 30 March 1915 in Hart Co., KY.  He married Malinda Poore, daughter of Robert Thomas Poore and Lucy Jane Richardson.  She was born 16 Aug. 1862 and died 12 Feb. 1919, both in Hart Co., KY.  (R‑4)

Children - Price

   69.  Dora Price

   70.  Alma Price, b.c. 1879.

+71.  John Franklin Price, b. 11 April 1882, m. Hester Ann Ford, d. 10 May 1958.

+72.  Martha Price, b. 10 Dec. 1884, m. Charlie Spencer Bailey, d. 3 March 1926.

   73.  Lilly Price, b. 11 Sept. 1892, m. John Lee Reynolds, d. 11 March 1944 (Hart Co., KY).  He was b. 8 May 1880 and d. 5 March 1961.

+74.  Edward Price, b. 18 July 1895, m. Mary L. Sidebottom, d. 11 Feb. 1970.

+75.  Anna Price, b. 13 Feb. 1898, m. Herbert Kidd, d. 15 March 1971.


George Franklin Price (52) was born about 1860 in Green Co., KY, and died in 1903 in Hart Co., KY.  He married Elizabeth Parrish, daughter of John Parrish and Jane Wagoner.  She was born about 1866 in KY, and died in 1948 in KY.  All their children were born in Hart Co., KY.  (R‑4)

Children - Price

   76.  Roeana Price, b.c. 1891, m. John Dobson.  He was b.c. 1890.  1 child.

+77.  Everett Price, b. 1 Aug. 1892, m. Martha Lois Smith, 1 Jan. 1918, d. 12 April 1960.

   78.  Leo Price, b.c. 1896, m. Ada ‑‑‑‑‑‑.

   79.  Maxey Price, b.c. 1898, m. ‑‑‑‑‑‑ Stinnett.

   80.  George F. Price, b.c. 1900, m. Ollie ‑‑‑‑‑‑.  3 children.


Graves Price (54) was born 15 Nov. 1868 in Green Co., KY, and died 15 Oct. 1937 in Hart Co., KY.  He married Kate Isaacs, daughter of Bush Isaacs and Pauline King.  She was born 11 Feb. 1869, and died 29 April 1959 in Hart Co., KY.  (R‑4)

Children - Price

+81.  Alletta Price, b.c. 1887, m. Haynes Murray.

   82.  Hettie Price, b. 21 Jan. 1895, m. Emmett Nunn, d. 13 Nov. 1982.  He was b. 4 April 1889 and d. 15 Aug. 1949, son of William Nunn and Nannie Wright.

   83.  Collie Price, b.c. 1901, m. ‑‑‑‑‑‑ Wells, d. 2 Jan. 1971 (Barren Co., KY).  She was dau. of James Robert Wells and Martha Jane Roten.



John Graves Price (58) was born about 1868.  He first married Nancy M. Patton.  She had apparently first married Mr. Meadows and had 2 children with him, Matelida E. Meadows, b. 29 Sept. 1880, and Robert F. Meadows, b. 18 June 1882.  He married second Millie Ann Rutledge.  (R‑4)

Children - Price, by Nancy M. Patton

   84.  Lillie L. Price

   85.  Lula M. Price

   86.  Noah P. Price

   87.  Arty O. Price

+88.  Ida Mae Price, b. 9 May 1894, m. Gene E. Moss, d. 30 April 1921.

Children - Price, by Millie A. Rutledge

   89.  child

   90.  child

   91.  child

   92.  child

   93.  child

   94.  child

   95.  child

   96.  child


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[1] R‑6 states this is written as Sally Price.

[2]Sources of information: (1) Marriage Bonds for Green Co., KY, no. 297. Polly Graves and William Price, 8 Feb. 1800, daughter of Benjamin and Mary Graves.  (2) Methodist History of Adair Co., KY: Mary F. Graves, born 21 Feb. 1762, died 26 Aug. 1864, buried in Moss Cem., Adair Co., KY, wife of Wm. H. Price.

[3] Marriage date from Green Co., KY Marriage Bonds, 1842-1853, vol. 976, page 19.