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Joseph W. Graves (1) was probably born about 1820-1830, probably in SC. He first married ------. He secondly married Nancy Ann (Dubose) Benefield in Oct. 1866 in Barbour Co., AL. She had first married John Benefield in 1861 in Barbour Co., AL. (R-1)

Children - Graves, by 1st wife

+2. Joseph W. Graves, b. 8 March 1851, m. Elizabeth Passmore, 2 March 1871 (or before?), d. 7 Jan. 1918..

Children - Graves, by Nancy Benefield

+3. Ben F. Graves, b.c. 1871, m. ------.






Joseph W. Graves (2) was born 8 March 1851 in SC, died 7 Jan. 1918 in the Antioch community, San Augustine Co., TX, and was buried in the Antioch Church cemetery, San Augustine Co. Nim Graves wrote: "Family lore has it that Joseph W. Graves left home when he was 14 years old. I remember my grandfather telling me that Joseph did not like his stepmother. Also, just before he left home his father had beaten him with the reins from a mule team after the team ran off and spilled the salt they were hauling from a salt flat. My grandfather (and father also) told me that my Graves family had roots in PA, but Joseph Graves, or someone in the household, told the census taker in 1900 and 1910 that his parents were born in SC too."

The census shows Joseph living alone in 1870.

"His life was intertwined with the people he knew in AL, particularly the Stephen Passmore family. My father told me that he had worked for the Passmores while in AL. By March 2, 1871, he was in San Augustine Co., TX, and married to Elizabeth Passmore, Stephen's daughter. The Passmore family had moved to Texas some few years earlier. Other people from AL that he may have known were James M. Potts (also my greatgrandfather), the O'Bannion family, the Epps family, and the Hagler family. These families all moved to Texas during the same time frame."

Joseph was a farmer all his life, and was also an accomplished blacksmith and an avid fisherman, fox and coon hunter (according to the father of Nim K. Graves).

All their children were born in the Antioch community, San Augustine Co., TX, and all were buried in the Antioch Church cem., San Augustine Co., TX. Nim was named for a deacon in a local church by the name of Nimrod Ware (but both Nim Graves and his son of the same name only used Nim, not Nimrod). Mary and Eppie were named for two of the sisters of Elizabeth Passmore. (R-1)

Children - Graves

4. Mary Elizabeth Graves, b. 10 Dec. 1874, never married (?), d. 14 May 1964 (San Augustine, TX).

5. Frances ("Frankie") Graves, b. 29 Dec. 1876, m. ------ Epps, d. 27 Aug. 1962 (San Augustine, TX).

+6. Nim W. Graves, b. 22 Dec. 1880, m. Carrie Potts, c. 1900, d. 6 June 1951.

7. Eppie Graves, b. 8 Aug. 1884, m. ------ Brown, d. 11 April 1959 (San Augustine, TX).


Ben F. (probably Benjamin Franklin) Graves (3) was born about 1871 in AL, according to the 1910 census (which also show his father born in SC). He moved to Shelby Co., TX in the late 1800's. He married ------. (R-1)

Children - Graves

8. Robert ("Bobby") J. Graves

9. Frank Graves

10. Ethel Graves

11. Eppie Graves

12. Many Graves






Nim W. Graves (6) was born 22 Dec. 1880 in the Antioch community, San Augustine Co., TX, died 6 June 1951 in the Patroon community, Shelby Co., TX, and was buried in the Antioch Church cem., San Augustine Co., TX. He married Carrie Potts about 1900 in San Augustine Co. or Shelby Co., TX. Their first 2 children were born in the Antioch community, and the last in the Patroon community. (R-1)

Children - Graves

+13. Fred Laurie Graves, b. 7 Feb. 1907, m. Evie R. Kirk, 31 Oct. 1935, d. 1 Nov. 1988.

14. Lucille Graves, b. 1909, m. ------ Duplantis, d. 1990 (Port Arthur, Jefferson Co., TX). Bur. Groves, Jefferson Co., TX.

15. Joseph ("Joe") Porcher Graves, b. 1914, d. 1977 (WA). Bur. Antioch Church cem., San Augustine Co., TX.


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