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Joseph Greaves (1) was born about 1871 in Leeds, England, and died about 1915 or 1916 of pneumonia, possibly in Providence, RI or in MA. He is not buried in New Bedford, where he lived. He first married ------ in 1890-1899, probably in Providence, RI. He secondly married Sophia Strathern, daughter of James Strathern and Elisabeth Stevenson, about 1902 (or possibly as early as 1898?). She was born in 1862 at 8 King St., Glasgow, Scotland, and died in 1963 at the age of 101, while living at the Taunton State Mental Hospital, MA. Sophia immigrated to the U.S. in 1881 from 91 Canning St., Glasgow, Scotland. She worked in the silk mill in New Bedford, MA.

Joseph Greaves immigrated to the U.S. about 1887 when he was 16 years old. He was a naturalized citizen before the 1910 census in New Bedford, MA. He was married in RI and may have had 2 children in Providence or the surrounding area. (The names James and Charles have been mentioned, but whether children or grandchildren, by wife 1 or wife 3, is unknown.)

Joseph moved to New Bedford about 1895 to work as a weaver in the cotton mills. They 1910 census verifies that 2 children were born and one survived. Both Joseph and Sophia were able to read and write.

After he left Sophia in about 1911, Joseph thirdly married ------ in 1911-1915, and fathered 2 more children. After Joseph left her, Sophia took in boarders to make ends meet. (R-1)

Children - Greaves, by 1st wife

2. possible child

3. possible child

Children - Greaves, by Sophia Strathern

4. Elizabeth S. Greaves, b. 29 May 1903 (New Bedford, MA), d. 4 Aug. 1903 (2 months of age, New Bedford, MA). Bur. in Oak Grove Cem., New Bedford, MA, lot 279, section 5. At the time of her death, she and her parents lived at 2 Riverside Ave., New Bedford.

+5. John Greaves, b. 16 Jan. 1905, m. Clarice Edna Goodfellow, 18 June 1927, d. 2 July 1995.

Children - Greaves, by 3rd wife

6. possible child

7. possible child


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