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John Grave (1) was of Thorne (spelled Thowrne in his will), Yorkshire, England. His will was dated 11 Sept. 1522, and was proved 12 Feb. 1522/3. He was to be buried in the churchyard of St. Nicholas, Thorne. His children were named in the will, and witnesses were Sir Richard Milner, William Howson, John Trueman, and John Gurre. His daughters Ellen, Alice and Jennett were legatees in his will of 40/ each. His daughters Margaret and Agnes were legatees in his will of a silver spoon each. (R-1)

Children - Grave

+2. John Grave, m. Alice ------, d. 1543-1544.

+3. Richard Grave, m(1) ------, m(2) Agnes ------, d. Oct. 1569.

4. William Grave; legatee in will of 6 marks and under guardianship of his eldest brother John until his apprenticeship expires.

5. Ellen Grave

6. Alice Grave

7. Jennett Grave

8. Margaret Grave

9. Agnes Grave






John Grave (2) was of Thorne, Yorkshire. He was guardian of his younger brothers, and executor of his father's will. His will was dated18 Oct. 1543, proved 20 Feb. 1543/44, and he was to be buried in St. Nicholas Church, Thorne. He left:

12d. to the Sacrament of the Alter to be burned in one serge of wax.

20 quarters of barley that is in Lincolnshire, or 5 in money, to Thomas Grave my son.

26/8 to Alice Grave, my sister, one bay mare to George Grave, my son. Residue to wife Alice, George Grave, my son, and Jennett Grave, my daughter, executors.

Witnesses: Sir Richard Spencer, Nicholas Raynes, William Carle, and John Gurre.

John Grave married Alice ------. (R-1)

Children - Grave

+10. Thomas Grave, m. Katherine ------, d. 1589.

11. George Grave; legatee in his father's will of a bay mare.

12. Jennett Grave


Richard Grave (3) was of York City, Yorkshire, and was termed a joyner. He was legatee in his father's will of 6 marks, and was to be under the guardianship of his brother John until his apprenticeship expired. His will dated 6 Oct. 1569, proved 20 Oct. 1569, said he was "To be buried in Holy Trinity Ch., King's Square, York, in the same place where my wife is buried." His will mentions 6/8 to each of the children that was my sister's. Richard Brownfield. My daughter Cicely and her son William Scotson. Thomas Greatheade. Symende Burdon. Edmonde Bainbrigge. Jennet Monkton. Supervisor: Richard Hutton. Witnesses: Robert Burland, clerk; John Chambers, Christopher Rayne, Richard Hutton, John Wilkinson, and Thomas Brigham.

The name of his first wife is not known. He married second Agnes ------. (R-1)

Children - Grave

+13. Cicely Grave, m. George Scotson.






Thomas Grave (10) was born at Thorne, Yorkshire. He was an Alderman of King's Lynn, Norfolk, and was elected on 19 April 1571 by the Council of King's Lynn as one of the 2 burgesses of the borough for the next Parliament (Hist. MSS Com. Rep. 2). He was a shipowner, merchant, and landowner in Lincolnshire and Norfolk.

His will was dated 23 Jan. 1588/89, and proved 1 May 1589 (P.C.C., 44 Leicester), and noted he was to be buried in St. Margaret, King's Lynn, near his late son Thomas, or else in the parish church of Gatesend, also Tattersett. It mentions manor and farm at Gatesend, manor of Hardwick, and real estate in Tylney, Sawthelynn, Gaywood, East and West Rudham, and Fringe. "Thomas Palmer the elder, Maister of one of my shippes." "Edmond Harvie, my factor for London." "My cozen Grave living at Newark, who was here with me at Lynn since departure of my son Thomas." "My sister's 2 children, which she had by Richard Marshall, late of Doncaster." "2 children of my old aunte, Joane Parker, widow, late of Fishlake, decd." "The wife of George Scotson, daughter of my uncle Richard Grave." "My cozen Hall, dwelling at Sadlebowe." "To the children of my cosen, Thomas Grave (erased and James Grave substituted), late of Thorne, 'where I was borne,' 10 between them." Supervisors: Mr. John Nelson, now mayor of King's Lynn, and Mr. Thomas Oxborough, counsellor at lawe. Executor: wife, Catherine Grave.

He married Katherine ------. She was legatee in her husband's will of life interest in manors of Gatesend, also Tattersett, and manor of Hardwick and of lands elsewhere. She contributed 100 on 25 April 1588 to the defence of the country at the time of the Spanish Armada. Her nuncupative will was dated 18 Oct. 1607, proved 12 Nov. 1607. Her will notes her only child, Katherine, wife of Henry Violett, gent., who are the only executors. The testator evidently lived to old age, as she mentions in her will several great-grandchildren. (R-1)

Children - Grave

14. Thomas Grave, Jr.; mentioned in his father's will as lately deceased, and buried in St. Margaret's, King's Lynn.

+15. Katherine Grave, m. Henry Vilett.



Cicely Grave (13) was legatee in the will of her father of the "house now occupied by Richard Brownfield, and a standing feather bed and 6 in cash." She was legatee in the will of Thomas Graves of King's Lynn (#10, her cousin) of 5. She married George Scotson. (R-1)

Children - Scotson

16. William Scotson; mentioned in his grandfather's will.






Katherine Grave (15) was legatee in her father's will of reversionary interests after her mother's death. She married Henry Vilett (also Violtee). He was legatee in his father-in-law's will of "the messuage wherein he dwells in King's Lynn, and the houses and warehouses adjoining on the sowthe side of the entrie called Myllers." (R-1)

Children - Vilett/Violett

17. Grave Vilett (or Violett) married ------. He was legatee in his grandmother's will (82 Huddlestone) of 500. He was legatee in his grandfather's will of reversionary interest, after his mother's death, in Gatesend, also Tattersett, Manor and other property. Also reversionary interests, after death of grandmother, Katherine Grave, in the house of Thomas Grave in King's Lynn. He had children

18. Katherine Vilett; mentioned in grandfather's will but not in grandmother's will, so she probably died young.

+19. Mary Violett, m. Augustine Pettus, d. before 18 Oct. 1607.






Mary Violett (19) married Augustine Pettus, Esq. She died before 18 Oct. 1607, the date of her grandmother's will. (R-1)

Children - Pettus

20. Thomas Pettus; a minor when his great-grandmother, Katherine Grave, died in 1607 and left him 4000 in her nuncupative will. This legacy was contested in a suit between the executors and John Burrough, the guardian of Thomas Pettus. The legacy was confirmed by the court.


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