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Richard Grave (1) was of Lyllyng (Lilling), Yorkshire, England. All the places mentioned in this genealogy -- Flaxton, Lilling, Buttercrambe, Foston, Strensall, Bossall and Sherriff Hutton -- are in the same area about 10 miles northeast of York, in the southern part of the North Riding.

Richard was a "lawborer" (laborer). His will was dated 21 Oct. 1557, and proved 4 Nov. 1557. The will mentions he is to be buried in Sheryfhoton (Sherritt Hutton) Church. "To each of my children a ewe and a lamb, besides their portion." He married Isabel ------.

He may have been descended from William Grayfe of Flaxton, Yorkshire. William's will was dated 6 Feb. 1475/6, and proved 5 March 1475/6. He was to be buried in the churchyard of All Saints, Foston. He left 6d. to Foston Church, 6/8 to Flaxton Chapel, 12d. to Strensall Church, 2 cows and a mare to Thomas, my son, and a cow to Robert Grayfe. The name of his wife is not known. His son Thomas Grave of Flaxton married Joan ------. She was executrix with daughter Joan of her husband's will. Thomas was a husbandman (farmer). His will was dated 14 Aug. 1484, and proved 21 Aug. 1484. He was to be buried in Bossall Church, and left 6/8 to the fabric of Bossall Church, 33 /4 to the fabric of the chapel of St. Lawrence of Flaxton-on-the-More.

William may have been a son (or otherwise related to) Henry Grave of Buttercrambe, husbandman. Henry married Alice ------. His will was dated 27 Feb. 1464/5, and was proved 31 March 1465. His will showed he was to be buried in Buttercrambe Churchyard, and he left 6/8 to the fabric of Buttercrambe Chapel, 3/4 to the fabric of Bossall Church, 3/4 to the fabric of Sandhutton Church, 20d. to the fabric of Upper Helmsley Church, and 3/4 to the works of Stannforth Brett (Stamford Bridge). His children were William, Henry, Robert, and Elena. (R-1)

Children - Grave

2. Hew Grave

3. Robert Grave; administration of the will dated 2 Oct. 1588 of Robertus Greaves granted to Anna Greaves, his daughter. Ricardus Murton, Johannes Robinson, obligantur.

4. Anne Grave

+5. John Grave, m. Emmotte ------, d. Nov.-Dec. 1580.






John Grave (5) of Flaxton, Yorkshire, married Emmotte ------. His will was dated 13 Nov. 1580, and proved 31 Dec. 1580. He was to be buried in Bossall churchyard, and left "My ferminge and 2 oxen called Feyther and Palmer to my wife Emmotte, 2 oxen called Goldinge and Darlinge to my son John, one whyte with calfe each to 3 daughters, and 2 yowes to son Thomas". (R-1)

Children - Grave

+6. John Grave, m. ------.

+7. Thomas Grave, m. Elline ------d. April 1583.

8. Katherine Grave

9. Agnes Grave

10. Isabel Grave






John Grave (6) married ------. (R-1)

Children - Grave

11. Alice Grave


Thomas Grave (7) of Flaxton, Yorkshire, married Elline ------. His will was dated 9 April 1583, and was proved 20 April 1583. The will mentions he is to be buried in Foston churchyard, a coat and doublet to John Grave, my brother, 1/2 bushel of wheat to Isabel Grave, my "mother", 1/2 ditto to Robert Paxie, 1/2 bushel of rye to Charles Paxie, leather dublette to Marmaduke Paxie, new cloth to make a coat to Alice, daughter of John Grave, wife Elline and daughter Barbara. (R-1)

Children - Grave

12. Barbara Grave


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