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John Grave (1) may have been born about 1710 in Cumberland, England.  He married Mary ‑‑‑‑‑‑.  They lived in Caldbeck, Cumberland, England  They had at least the one son listed below.  (R‑1, R‑2)

Children – Graves

+2.  John Woodcock Grave, b. 1737, m. Marianne Relph, 18 Nov. 1759.






John Woodcock Grave (2) was born in 1737 and was baptized 25 April 1737, both in Caldbeck, Cumberland, England.  He married Marianne Relph, daughter of John Relf and Elizabeth Stamper, on 18 Nov. 1759 in Caldbeck.  She was born in 1739 in Castle Sowerby, Cumbria, and died about 1777 in Workington, Cumberland, England.  (R‑2, R‑3)

Children – Grave/Graves

+3.  Joseph Graves, b. 1768, m. Ann Matthews, 1 Dec. 1792, d. 1803.

  4.  George Grave, b. 1771, d.c. 1773 (Workington, Cumberland, England).






Joseph Graves (3) was born in 1768 and died in 1803, both in Wigton, Cumberland, England.  He married Ann Matthews, daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth ‑‑‑‑‑‑, on 1 Dec. 1792 in Wigton.  She was born in 1767 in Cumberland, England.  All their children were born in Wigton.  (R‑3)

Children – Graves

+5.  John Woodcock Graves, b. 9 Feb. 1795, m(1) Jane Atkinson, 10 Feb. 1816, m(2) Abigail Porterhouse, 8 May 1821, d. 17 Aug. 1886.

  6.  Elisabeth Graves, b. 20 Jan. 1797 (Wigton, Cumberland, England).

  7.  Ann Graves, b. 17 Dec. 1800 (Wigton, Cumberland, England).






John Woodcock Graves (5) was born 9 Feb. 1795 in Wigton, Cumberland, England, and died 17 Aug. 1886 in Sandy Bay, Tasmania, Australia.  He first married Jane Atkinson on 10 Feb. 1816 in Westward, Cumberland, England.  She died in 1817.  He married second Abigail Porthouse, daughter of Thomas Porthouse and Sarah Smithson, on 8 May 1821 in Wigton.  She was born 1 June 1795 in Cumberland, England, and died 27 July 1856 in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.

From a biography by A. W. Campbell in Australian Dictionary of Biography: “John Woodcock Graves (1795-1886), composer, was born on 9 February 1795 at Wigton, Cumberland, England, son of Joseph Graves, plumber, glazier and ironmonger, and his wife Ann, née Matthews. His father died in 1803 leaving nothing but debts, and John had little schooling. At 14 in Cockermouth he was apprenticed to his uncle George, painter of coach signs. John learned to use brush and pen but attributed his best education to an old bachelor, Joseph Falder: 'He fixed in me a love of truth and bent my purpose to pursue it'. Fond of drawing and painting, Graves at one time hoped to study art; later he painted several portraits in oils. About 1815 he completed his apprenticeship, left Cockermouth and acquired interests in a carding mill at Caldbeck. Later he became interested in coal-mining in West Scotland and neglected the woollen mill. His connexion with it ended in blows and a lawsuit which he lost. At Caldbeck he had met the farmer, horse-dealer and huntsman, John Peel (1776-1854), with whom he spent much time. One evening in 1824 Graves wrote impromptu the five verses 'D'ye ken John Peel?' and sang them to the old Cumberland rant of 'Bonnie Annie'. The song quickly became famous and as its author Graves is best remembered. After Peel's death he wrote 'Monody on John Peel' and 'At the Grave of John Peel'.

In 1834 Graves left for Van Diemen's Land in the Strathfieldsay with his wife and six children as assisted immigrants and some £10 in cash. He tried various occupations, was granted 640 acres (259 ha) on Bruny Island and in September 1835 applied for the post of keeper of the proposed lighthouse on South Bruny. In May 1836 he advertised himself as willing to repair, paint and varnish carriages, paint portraits and heraldic devices and undertake japanning, plumbing and glazing. In 1837 he sought an official appointment to report on coal-mines at Port Arthur; in May he asked the lieutenant-governor for help in opening a slate quarry at Davey River and in June for employment as a lithographer. In 1842, after detention at the government asylum in New Norfolk for apparent insanity, he went to New Zealand where he studied flax-growing, invented a machine to improve the preparation of flax and attempted to evolve a better weaving loom. He returned to Hobart Town about 1845. Erratic and eccentric, he lived on Satellite Island with his son Joseph, with whom he carried on 'a very fierce war'. In 1856 he was described as 'a most violent and dangerous person and certainly unfitted to be at large'.

Graves married twice. His first wife, Jane Atkinson of Rosley, Cumberland, died within a year of marriage. Four years later he married Abigail Porthouse. Of their eight children, the eldest, John Woodcock, became a successful lawyer in Tasmania, and Joseph owned large timber mills at Southport. For some years Graves lived with John at Caldew in Cavell Street, West Hobart, but Joseph was his mainstay in later life. Graves died at Hobart on 17 August 1886 and was buried in the Queenborough cemetery. In 1958 a memorial was erected in St David's Park.”  (R‑3, R‑4, R‑5)

Children – by 2nd wife

  8.    Sarah Graves, , b. 1822 (Wigton, Cumberland).

  9.    Marie Annie Graves, b. March 1824 (Wigton, Cumberland), d. 1 April 1845 (New Town, Tasmania, Australia).

  10.  Ann Graves, b. 1825 (Wigton, Cumberland), d. 29 Oct. 1862 (Wallasey, Cheshire, England).

  11. child

+12.  Joseph Graves, b. 7 May 1830, m. Esther Jane Williams, d. 9 May 1900.

  13.  Isabella Graves, b.c. 1831 (Cumberland), d. 12 Sept. 1897 (Surrey Hills, Victoria, Australia).

  14.  John Woodcock Graves, b. 29 June 1831 (Cumberland), d. 30 Oct. 1876 (Hobart, Tasmania).  Note that he is called the eldest child in the preceding biography.

  15.  Abigail Graves, b. 1835 (Hobart, Tasmania, Australia), d. 1918 (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia).






Joseph Graves (12) was born 7 May 1830 in England, and died 9 May 1900 in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.  He married Esther Jane Williams, daughter of Thomas Max Williams (or McWilliams) and Jane Fox.  She was born 25 Oct. 1847, and died 27 May 1906 in Huon Island, Tasmania, Australia.  (R‑3, R‑6)

Children – Graves

+16.  Recamia Graves, b. 5 May 1866, m. Louis Frederick Rapp, 1 Jan. 1898, d. 19 Sept. 1935.

  17.  Thomas Graves, b. 4 Nov. 1867 (Hobart, Tasmania), d. 8 March 1875 (Gordon, Tasmania).

+18.  Abigail Esther Jane Graves, b. 10 July 1870, m. John Walter Morrisby, 1891, d. 14 Aug. 1945.

  19.  Josephine Josine Graves, b. 1872, d. 1936 (Melbourne, Australia).

+20.  Isabella Graves, b. 23 June 1874, m. John Hay, 17 March 1896, d. 23 Feb. 1858.

  21.  Lamabelle (“Lama”) Graves, b. 3 July 1876 (Hobart, Tasmania).

  22.  Caradi Graves, b. 16 Oct. 1878 (Hobart, Tasmania).

+23.  John Carlisle Graves, b. 14 Feb. 1881, m. Dorothy Blacklow, 1 June 1910, d. 23 March 1969.

  24.  Dora Graves, b. 2 March 1883 (Hobart, Tasmania).

+25.  Lonah Cothea Graves, b. 24 March 1885 (Hobart, Tasmania), d. 12 April 1929 (Melbourne Hospital, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia).

  26.  Rayna Graves, b. 1 April 1887 (Hobart, Tasmania).

+27.  Mary Ellen Graves, d. 18 Feb. 1939 (Hobart, Tasmania).






Recamia Graves (16) was born 5 May 1866 in Gordon, Tasmania, Australia, and died 19 Sept. 1935 in Dover, Tasmania, Australia.  She married Louis Frederick Rapp on 1 Jan. 1898 in Hobart, Tasmania.  He was born 3 Feb. 1865 and died 9 Dec. 1944, both in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.  (R‑3)

Children – Rapp

  28.  William John Rapp, b. (Tasmania), d. (Dover, Port Esperance, Tasmania).


Abigail Esther Jane Graves (18) was born 10 July 1870 in Hobart, Tasmania, and died 14 Aug. 1945 in Sandford, Tasmania.  She married John Walter Morrisby in 1891.  He was born 10 July 1870 in Hobart, Tasmania, and died 14 Aug. 1945.  (R‑6)

Children – Morrisby

+29.  John Graves Morrisby, b.1892, m. Ruby May Allanby, 6 Oct. 1920, d. 24 May 1968.

  30   Keith Max Morrisby, b. 1893.

  31.  Joseph Vivian Morrisby, b. 1895.


Isabella Graves (20) b. 23 June 1874 in Southport, Tasmania, Australia, and died 23 Feb. 1958 in Cheltenham, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.  She married John Hay on 17 March 1896 in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.  He was born 16 July 1854 in Franklin, Tasmania, and died 16 July 1940 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.  (R‑6)

Children – Hay

  32.  KathleenMercy Hay, b. 1896 (Hobart, Tasmania, Australia), d. 8 Aug. 1973 (Brighton, Victoria, Australia).

  33.  Joscelyn Guildford Hay, b. 30 March 1898 (Liverpool St., Hobart, Tasmania, Australia), d. 3 March 1899 (Southport, Tasmania, Australia).

  34.  Nita Hay, b. 19 Jan. 1900 (Macquarie St., Hobart, Tasmania, Australia), d. 13 Feb. 1992 (Hobart, Tasmania, Australia).

  35.  Noel Graves Hay, b. 19 Jan. 1900 (Macquarie St., Hobart, Tasmania, Australia).

  36.  Isabel Beatrice Hay, b. 4 June 1901 (Hobart, Tasmania), d. 4 March 1984 (Hobart, Tasmania, Australia).

  37.  Ian Milton Hay, b. 16 July 1902 (Tasmania, Australia), d. 5 Jan. 1979 (Hobart, Tasmania, Australia).

  38.  Joseph Maxwell Hay, b. 26 Aug. 1905 (Hobart, Tasmania, Australia), d. 25 Oct. 1991 (Launceston, Tasmania, Australia).

  39.  Allan Huon Hay, b. 9 Oct. 1907, d. 8 Jan. 1918.

  40.  Philip Carlisle Hay, b. 30 Nov. 1909, d. 26 Jan. 1942.

  41.  Helen Marion Graves (“Maomi”) Hay, b. 11 June 1912 (Hobart, Tasmania, Australia), d. 2 Feb. 2005 (Dickie Beach, Queensland, Australia).

  42.  Theodora H. Hay, b. 2 Sept. 1914 (Hobart, Tasmania, Australia), d. 23 June 1989 (Dickie Beach, Queensland, Australia).

  43.  John Douglas Hay, b. 29 Dec. 1916 (Tasmania, Australia), d. 10 Nov. 1942 (India).


John Carlisle Graves (23) was born 14 Feb. 1881 in Hobart, Tasmania, and died 23 March 1969.  He married Dorothy Blacklow, daughter of Frederick Henry Blacklow and Sarah Ann Hallam, on 1 June 1910 in St. Michael’s Church, Bagdad, Tasmania, Australia.  She was born 15 July 1889 and died 4 Oct. 1972, both in Tasmania, Australia.  (R‑6)

Children – Graves

+44.  Kathleen Laurie Graves, b. 1914, m. Alan Lauder Hume, 3 May 1937, d. 13 Oct. 1992.

  45.  child


Lonah Cothea Graves (25) was born 24 March 1885 in Hobart, Tasmania, and died 12 April 1929 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.  He married Gladys Louisa Sawyers in 1908 in Victoria, Australia.  She was born in 1887 in Sandhurst (Bendigo), Victoria, and died 7 June 1947 at 9 Herbert St., St. Kilda, Melbourne, Victoria.  (R‑6)

Children – Graves

  46.  John Huon Graves, b.c. 1914, d. 16 Jan. 2001 (Australia).

  47.  Margaret (“Peggy”) Sawers Graves, d. 1975.

  48.  child


Mary Ellen Graves (27) died 18 Feb. 1939 in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.  She married William Georgeson on 30 March 1891 in Hobart, Tasmania.  He was a saw miller.  (R‑6)

Children – Georgeson

  49.  child

  50.  child

  51.  child






John Graves Morrisby (29) was born in 1892 in Hobart, Tasmania, and died 24 May 1968 in Tasmania.  He married Ruby May Allanby on 6 Oct. 1920 in Holy Trinity Church, Hobart, Tasmania.  She was born 1 Nov. 1892 in “Woodlands”, Bream Creek, Tasmania, and died 12 Oct. 1970 in Repatriation Hospital, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.  (R‑6)

Children – Morrisby

  52.  John Alexander Morrisby, d. 12 Dec. 1993.