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Graves Family Association

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Click on the heading above to go to the GFA Facebook page. This page is becoming increasingly popular as an effective way to share information and ask questions about our Graves/Greaves families and our research.

Gedmatch Numbers

It is important to find which DNA segments are inherited from Graves and Greaves ancestors when analyzing autosomal DNA, and gedmatch.com is a very useful website to help with that. GEDmatch numbers are those used on gedmatch.com for autosomal DNA results that have been uploaded from Family Tree DNA, 23andMe, Ancestry.com, or deCODEme, and possibly other companies in the future. GEDCOM numbers are the ID numbers for GEDCOMS uploaded to gedmatch.com in conjunction with those DNA results. Clicking on this link will display the latest version of the table arranged by name. This version was current as of May 6, 2014.

GFA Facebook Group Members

To make it easier for members of our Facebook group to find others descended from the same Graves/Greaves ancestor or living in the same geographical area, Excel files have been created and are available on the GFA Facebook page. Html versions of those files are listed below. Click on any of these links to see the information.

A few people are listed more than once, and that is because they are descended from two or more different ancestral Graves/Greaves families. Also, when a genealogy number and a genealogy group number are the same, that is usually because no DNA testing has been done on descendants of that genealogy, so it is not known what group the genealogy is part of.

The following files were last updated March 20, 2014. Some of the information is incomplete, there may be a few people who should be listed but are not, and there may be names of people who have left the group. There are also people who are descended from more than one Graves/Greaves ancestor, so they will be listed more than once. Please let us know of all corrections and additions that should be made.

Explanation of Table Headings

Each version of the table has the name of the Facebook group member, his or her place of residence, an ancestral genealogy number, a genealogy group name, comments, and a GFA ID number.

  • The names are the ones used by each member on Facebook, and are not necessarily the person's actual name (although they usually are).
  • The U.S. state or the country of residence and birth are given so that people can know who might live close to them and to give a better idea about possible relationship.
  • The ancestral genealogy number is the same one used on this website. Complete information about each genealogy can be found in the numerical listing of genealogies.
  • The genealogy group is the group of earlier or related Graves/Greaves families that the genealogy is part of, usually as determined by Y-DNA testing of male descendants. For instance, if you are part of genealogy 77 or 220, then you are descended from genealogy 228, even though we don't presently know the exact connection. In many cases, the ancestry of a particular genealogy is not known or the lack of DNA testing for that genealogy means that it is not known whether it is related to other genealogies, so it cannot be assigned to a larger genealogy group. For example, genealogies 71 and 91 have not had any descendant take a Y-DNA test, so no connections to other genealogies are known. For genealogies that are part of a larger group you can see one or more charts showing the probable relationships by going to the Charts page on this website (from the Research drop-down tab) and clicking on the link at the extreme right of the line for that genealogy.
  • Comments are just occasional, miscellaneous notes of possible interest.
  • The GFA ID number is an automatically assigned number in the database maintained by Ken Graves. The number has no particular significance other than indicating that the person has corresponded with Ken Graves and may have provided some helpful information.

Genealogy Groups of GFA Facebook Members

Genealogy group designations with included genealogies are the following. The genealogies listed for each group are just those that the GFA Facebook Group members are descended from, so some groups will list only some or none of the genealogies in that group. To see all the genealogies in each group, look at the groupings on the Charts page of the GFA website. There are probably other groups, and some of these groups will eventually be combined, but until all genealogies are dna-tested we cannot be sure which ones have a common Graves/Greaves ancestor. Question marks after genealogy numbers usually indicate that the inclusion in a genealogy group is not proven, and a DNA test is needed.

13 Grave/Graves Families of Cumbria 13, 148, 441
47 Graves/Greaves Families of Northamptonshire & Buckinghamshire 270, 294, 741, 835, 877
105 Graves Family of Germany, NC & TN 15, 105
116 Grave/Graves Families of Cambridgeshire & Lancashire 116, 231, 374
197 Greaves Families of Greenhill, Norton, S. Yorkshire 156
228 Graves/Greaves Families of Beeley, Derbyshire 28, 69, 72, 74, 77, 94 (?), 98, 99, 102, 124, 150, 152, 153, 159, 161, 166, 220, 228, 211, 233, 238, 242, 245, 247, 282, 303 (?), 350, 369, 726, 883, 921 (?)
104/547 Graves Families of VA, NC & SC 82, 104, 179 (?), 547
168/65 Graves Families of Hertford/Harlow area, CT & VA 65, 147, 168, 169, 244, 693 (?)
18/145 Graves/Greaves Families of Caroline, Albemarle & Halifax cos., VA and SC 18, 49, 57, 73, 84, 92, 103, 145, 155, 234, 851, 906
78/381 Graves Families of SC, GA, AL & AR 78, 258, 381
83/428 Graves Families of Lincolnshire 83, 797, 869
85/35 Graves/Greeves Families of Northern Ireland & Delaware 85, 472, 870
68 Graves Family of Yorkshire, Gloucestershire & Ireland 364, 530, etc.
70 Greaves Families of Yorkshire
71 Grieve and Grieves Families of Scotland
81 Greaves Families of Lancashire
90 Graves Families of Halifax Co., VA & Dickson Co., TN
165 Graves Family of Dover, NH
187 Greaves Families of Warwickshire
212 Graves Families of Bedford Co., PA, OH & IA
218 Graves Families of Caswell Co., NC
327 Greaves Families of Nottinghamshire
338 Families of Leicester, England
396 Graves Families of Nottinghamshire
585 Graves/Greaves Families of Herefordshire
745 Grieve and Grieves Families of Durham & Northumberland
757 Grave/Graves Families of Norfolk, England
759 Graves/Greaves Families of Yorkshire
809 Graves Families of Kent, England

Genealogies of GFA Facebook Members Not Part of a Genealogy Group

Additional genealogies represented in the GFA Facebook Group that are not yet part of a genealogy group include the following. Most or all these genealogies need for a descendant to be DNA tested (usually a Y-DNA test on one or more male descendants with the Graves/Greaves surname).

  • 7
  • 31
  • 37
  • 43
  • 55
  • 70
  • 71
  • 76
  • 91
  • 111
  • 113
  • 125
  • 151
  • 160
  • 165
  • 184
  • 191
  • 200
  • 207
  • 222
  • 224
  • 250
  • 277
  • 281
  • 283
  • 285
  • 319
  • 332
  • 373
  • 386
  • 390
  • 407
  • 415
  • 417
  • 423
  • 427
  • 524
  • 535
  • 563
  • 574
  • 598
  • 695
  • 722
  • 740
  • 768
  • 772
  • 780
  • 809
  • 911
  • 919
  • 959