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About the Graves Family Association

We are a voluntary, non-profit organization that is interested in the surname of Graves, Greaves, Grave, Grieve, Greve, and all other variations of that name for all time periods, worldwide. It is not necessary that you join the Association to be helped by us, but your financial contributions and your working with us to further the programs of the Association will benefit everyone.

Most Graves/Greaves ancestors were originally from the British Isles, but many were from Germany, and a few from the Scandinavian and other European countries. Some of the descendants, especially in the U.S. and Canada, who are also of African or native American ancestry are descendants of these European immigrants, and some (like some of the European immigrants) acquired the name in more recent times.

We believe that by working together as an organization and sharing our results, we can accomplish much more than by working alone. We hope you will join the Association and tell others about what we are doing.

Objectives of the Association

  • To collect, preserve, and connect all information on the Graves/Greaves/Grave/and other variations of the name, for all time periods, worldwide.
  • To contact and involve as many Graves descendants as possible in one or more activities of the Association.
  • To instill a feeling of pride and belonging, and a sense of heritage, in all Graves descendants.