Vol. 1, No. 1, May 23, 1997


This is the first test of a group e-mail communication to all members of the Graves Family Association, and to others. We plan to use the Internet much more in the future to keep you informed of issues of interest to you and to ask for your input. Approximately 1/3 of members now have e-mail, and that fraction is sure to increase in the future.



(1) Do you want to receive future notices, and summaries of information and activities from the Graves Family Association? If you don't, please let me know.

(2) Is the e-mail address this was sent to the best address for you? (Obviously if it is no longer a valid address, you won't have received this at all, and I will have gotten it returned to me.) If you have more than one e-mail address and only want us to use one, let us know.

(3) If you know of other Graves descendants who might like to receive on-line news, send me their names and e-mail addresses.



For Everyone:

(1) The Graves Family Newsletter will be available (probably later this year) to members for downloading from the GFA website or via e-mail.

(2) The GFA website will be upgraded to include up-to-date news and information, photos, Graves genealogical information, and a message board.

(3) Books will eventually be published on all the various Graves families.

(4) We are proceding with the Ancestral Research project to gather and make available information from census and other sources about Graves/Greaves families, and to research the earlier ancestry of the various Graves families.


For GFA Members:

(1) You should all have received the first 2 issues of the newsletter for 1997 (Feb. and April issues).

(2) The 1997 GFA Membership Directory will be in the mail by Tuesday, May 27.

(3) The June newsletter will be sent to the printer next week (the last week of May), and will be mailed in early June.


For Non-Members:

(1) As soon as you join the Association, you will be mailed the first 2 issues of the newsletter for 1997 (the Feb. and April issues).

(2) Join now, help others, and gain additional understanding of your own family.



(1) There will be a Graves Gathering in Dallas, TX on thurs., Sept. 4, at the Federation of Genealogical Societies (FGS) Conference there. You are all invited.

(2) There will also be a GFA Exhibit Booth in the Exhibit Area at the Conference. Help from anyone who would be willing to staff the booth for a while would be much appreciated (I will provide details on days and hours later). You can also stop at the booth to see me if you can't be at the Thursday evening meeting.

(3) It isn't too early to begin planning for the GFA trip to Ireland and England in May 1999. More details will be available later this year.



(1) Watch this space and the newsletter for more details on lots of activities, including nomination and election of officers, future reunions, publicity and promotion of the Association, book publishing, gathering of information and family research projects, expansion of the GFA Internet web site, and some new things under consideration (creation of a Graves family afghan, creation of a Graves family CD-ROM, photos of Graves ancestral homes and villages in England and elsewhere, etc.).

(2) If you haven't already volunteered, we really need your help for Publicity & Promotion of the Association, for Organizing and Overseeing family research and record gathering, for helping create and maintain an expanded web site, and for organizing future Graves Reunions. I will provide details to anyone interested.


Best wishes to all my "cousins" --

Ken Graves