An Occasional Online Summary of Items of Interest to Descendants of all Families of Graves, Greaves, Grieves, Grave, and other spelling variations Worldwide

Vol. 1, No. 2, Nov. 2, 1997


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This bulletin is written and edited by Kenneth V. Graves, Ken Graves is also editor of the Graves Family Newsletter, the official publication of the Graves Family Association. This bulletin will contain announcements and news of special interest to Graves descendants with Internet access. It will not contain queries, genealogies, photos, and the kind of in-depth articles that appear in the Graves Family Newsletter.

This is a follow-up to a test of a group e-mail communication that was first tried in May 1997 (that was vol. 1, no. 1). We plan to use the Internet much more in the future. Approximately 1/3 of Graves Family Association members now have e-mail, and that fraction is sure to increase in the future.



All 6 Graves family books that have already been published are still available for sale. For information, see the GFA web site. Eventually, books are expected to be published for all the various Graves/Greaves families.


Additional books that are presently in the works (in order of their publication) are:

* Graves Families of Randolph Co., NC

* John Graves of Concord, MA

* John Graves of Frederick Co., VA

* Capt. Thomas Graves of VA

These really are progressing, and it is expected that the next two will be ready in the first half of next year.



There are 6 issues of the newsletter per year, so it is supposed to be mailed in Feb., April, June, Aug., Oct., and Dec. Occasionally it gets behind schedule, but always gets caught up. The August issue was mailed Oct. 27, and the October issue will be mailed next week.



There is a Graves online mailing list for the purpose of asking questions and sharing information on Graves families. This is a forum in which every e-mail message that is sent to the list is automatically resent to every person on the list. To subscribe, send a message with the word subscribe as the only word in the body of the message to The title of the message can be anything, since it will not be read.

Although this list has not been especially active and it is not part of the Graves Family Association, it is potentially a good way to exchange information and ask questions of others. I do recommend it.



An online mailing list has been established to discuss activities, research, publications and programs of the Graves Family Association. This is different from the preceding list, since we will not be posting queries on specific Graves ancestors on this list, but we will be discussing how to do the research to find the ancestors. You must be a GFA member to subscribe. To subscribe, send a message with the word subscribe and no additional text to The title of the message can be anything, since it will not be read.



The Graves Family Association web site is hosted by Keith Calkins at Keith has not had the time to expand this site as was hoped. If you have interest, expertise or ideas, your help would be welcomed.



There will be a Graves Gathering in Denver, CO, at the National Genealogical Society (NGS) Conference there on May 6-9, 1998. The Graves Gathering will probably be Thursday evening, May 7, 1998.

A National Graves Reunion is tentatively planned for the weekend of Aug. 14-16, 1998 in Cincinnati, OH. This is dependent on people in the area (and elsewhere) volunteering to help plan and host the event. This is the weekend before the Federation of Genealogical Societies (FGS) Conference in Cincinnati on Aug. 19-22, 1998.

There will also be a GFA Exhibit Booth in the Exhibit Area of both conferences. Help from anyone who would be willing to staff the booth for a while would be much appreciated. You can also stop at the booth to see me if you can't be at the meetings. The success of the booth and the help from the volunteers at the booth in Dallas, TX at the FGS Conference this past September was outstanding!

Send information about reunions and other events for your part of the family, and they will be publicized here also.



It isn't too early to begin planning for the GFA trip to Ireland and England in May 1999. This will be similar in format to the tour in 1995, but will not duplicate it. The part of the tour to Ireland will be an optional add-on. We will visit tourist, historic and scenic sights in addition to visiting villages and homes of present-day and historic Graves/Greaves family members. We also expect to include a couple of gatherings with English and Irish family members on the trip. More details will be available in the next several months.

A 1-hour video is available of the 1995 trip for $20. A professional photographer will be taking photos of the places the 1999 tour will be visiting prior to the tour. This is being coordinated by Nancy Lovell ( The photos will be available to both people going on the tour and to others.



Michael A. Graves ( of Baldwinsville, NY, is gathering information on all Graves descendants who served in the U.S. Civil War, on either side. He would appreciate all help that others can provide. The completed list will probably be published in the Graves Family Newsletter.



Watch this space and the newsletter for more details on lots of activities, including nomination and election of officers, future reunions, publicity and promotion of the Association, book publishing, gathering of information and family research projects, expansion of the GFA Internet web site, and some new things under consideration (creation of a Graves family afghan, creation of a Graves family CD-ROM, photos of Graves ancestral homes and villages in England and elsewhere, etc.).

If you haven't already volunteered, we really need your help for Publicity & Promotion of the Association, for Organizing and Overseeing family research and record gathering, for helping create and maintain an expanded web site, and for organizing future Graves Reunions. I will provide details to anyone interested.

In case you are wondering about some of these projects and others that have been progressing slowly, hang in there. Nothing that matters will be forgotten. It just takes longer than most of us would like to do big projects and to get the volunteers.



Send any material you would like to have included in this bulletin to The author reserves the right to accept, edit or reject and material submitted.


If you do not already belong to the GFA, you can join by sending $20 per year to Graves Family Association, 261 South St., Wrentham, MA 02093. Note that membership is for a calendar year so if you join late in the year be sure to specify which year dues are for. Benefits include 6 issues of the newsletter, membership directory, and help with learning more about your Graves/Greaves family. The purpose of the GFA is to bring together as many descendants as possible to work toward learning more about the Graves/Greaves families, to help other descendants, and to instill pride in our ancestry.


Although the contents of this bulletin are copyrighted by the Graves Family Association and Kenneth V. Graves, you are hereby granted rights, unless otherwise specified, to re-distribute articles to other parties for non-commercial purposes only. Do not re-distribute the newsletter in its entirety.


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