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Vol. 10, No. 7, June 30, 2008




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** General Comments

** Graves Family Luncheon in Dallas, TX July 19

** Changes to the GFA Website

** Death of Archie Affleck-Graves, Tour Guide

** Familypedia, The Genealogy Wiki

** To Submit Material to this Bulletin & Other Things






I was hoping to have some additional news to report by this time, but the wheels of progress move slowly.  We need more of you to compile and submit genealogies, research connections between existing genealogies and find the earlier ancestry of existing genealogies, and more of you to find Graves descendants to take part in our DNA study.  We still have many genealogies that have not had male Graves/Greaves descendants who have been DNA tested.


You may find some of the additions to the website of interest.  If you have any suggestions, please let me know.






My wife Sarah and I will be in Dallas, TX and vicinity for several days this July.  We are tentatively planning a luncheon at a restaurant in Dallas on Saturday, July 19.  If you are interested in meeting with us then, please let me know.  I will be happy to discuss your part of the Graves family, our DNA study, or anything else of interest to you.  If you have a suggestion for a good place to hold the meeting, let me know that also.






Notable Descendants Page

The only recent addition to this page is Clinton Greaves, Buffalo soldier and recipient of the U.S. Congressional Medal of Honor.  However, it would be a tremendous help if you would contact one or more of the living people already on the page (especially those whose ancestry we don’t know) (or others not on the page who are famous), find out their ancestry, and try to get them interested in the Graves Family Association.


Addition of Page for Products and Services from Graves/Greaves Family Members

This is accessible from the Products tab of the GFA website.  This page is for businesses owned and services provided by Graves/Greaves/Grieve family members.  There are presently categories for Entertainment, Lodging & Resorts, and Travel & Tours.  Anyone is welcome to suggest or submit businesses to be included here.  When the ancestry of family members is not identified, please tell us the ancestry if you know.  As we add more businesses, we may identify those that are owned by members of the Graves Family Association, and may increase content and promotion for some.


Addition of Page for Houses and Places containing the Graves/Greaves/Grieve name

This is accessible from the History/News tab of the GFA website.  Among the places noted are Gravesend, Kent, England; Graves County, Kentucky; Graves Ledges and Graves Light in Boston Harbor; and a number of places in the U.S. named Graveston, Gravestown, and Gravesville.  Let me know if you know of others in the U.S., Canada, England, Australia, and elsewhere, and if you can add more information about the ones already on the page.


Addition of African American Page and Native American Page

These are both accessible from the Research tab of the GFA website.  All suggestions to improve the pages will be appreciated.


Continuing Additions to the Current News Page

This is accessible from the History/News tab of the GFA website.  Items continue to be added to this, gleaned mostly from automatic Google searches.  Is this page of interest to any of you?  Do you have any ideas about better ways to find articles about family members?






As I was recently creating the start of a webpage for products and services of Graves/Greaves family members, I remembered that I promised Archie Affleck-Graves that I would put his tour guide service on the GFA website when the page was created.  When I tried to access his website and couldn’t, and then found from a search that he had died, I was shocked.  Archie was a friend and a person very interested in his Graves ancestry.  He and I had communicated often.  Archie was descended from Thomas Graves of Dublin, Ireland (genealogy 785), and participated in our DNA study.  His picture is on the Current News page in the History/News section of the website.


Archibald (“Archie”) Affleck-Graves was a Blue Badge tour guide who lived in London, England.  He was planning to be our driver and tour guide for the Graves Family Association tour of England in May 2006.  He had a change of plans at the last minute and was not able to do that, although he did provide very helpful reservations and some transportation for that tour. We had the pleasure of meeting him in London at the end of the tour.


The only notice of his death that I could find was on the website of the Astrological Lodge of London.  Archie was a regular at their Monday meetings.  He died on 2 November 2007. He had been battling motor neurone (or neuron) disease." (This is a group of progressive neurological disorders that destroy motor neurons, the cells that control voluntary muscle activity such as speaking, walking, breathing, and swallowing. One form of this is ALS or Lou Gehrig's Disease.)


From the Astrological Lodge website: "Archie will be much missed by the committee. I found him a constant source of support and honest feedback. I know other members of the committee feel the same.”


A comment entered on his website after his death (no longer accessible): “Archie will be sorely missed by his colleagues, not just for his unending pursuit in promoting the Blue Badge guiding profession, but for his gentle humour, huge kindness and genial company."






I have just become aware of a new website which may be of interest to some of you.  It is Familypedia, a genealogy wiki, at


In their words: “This is a place where you can create articles about your ancestors, and easily link them to other articles about where and when they lived. You can work wholly within this wiki, or you can link your articles to sites on the world wide web. And because this is a wiki format, you can work collaboratively with others to create a network of articles about your ancestors and about those they lived and worked with---or simply about people you find interesting. As this site grows it is our hope that we will be able to gradually link our ancestors into a network that goes far beyond the simple nuts and bolts of who lived where and when, and a list of begats.


The focus of this site is on capturing the details of the lives of our ancestors, both those historically significant people and the everyday people usually not listed in encyclopaedias, histories, or even "people's histories". Along the way, it is our hope that the site will also provide information about the historical and social context that our ancestors found themselves within. Finally, this site aspires to be truly global, with active contributors and information from multiple cultures and all four Hemispheres.”


Help with getting started and using the wiki site, and how to communicate with others is provided on the site.  Please let me know if you think this could be helpful to you and/or the Graves Family Association.





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