Vol. 19, No. 7, August 31, 2017


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** General Comments

** Order Y-DNA Test Upgrades Before Sale Ends

** More About Famous People Descended from Graves/Greaves Ancestors

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This is a first.  Although I just published a GF Bulletin yesterday, this is an addendum to that.  The urgency has to do with today being the final day of the special DNA test sale at Family Tree DNA.  I am hoping that we can get a few more people to order Y-DNA upgrades before the sale ends tonight.


For those in the U.S., we wish you a happy Labor Day weekend.  And for all of you living in Houston and elsewhere in that area, our prayers are with you for survival and recovery from the storm disaster.






Mike Walsh, the volunteer R1b lead project administrator just posted the following message to the ISOGG list.  His comments definitely apply to most of those in our Graves DNA study.


We've had a lot of upgrade activity in the R1b project with the August sale that ends TODAY at 12 midnight Houston time.  I've had email exchanges with a tremendous number of people over the last couple of days.


Some of the largest subclades of R1b-M269 already have 1 of 2 haplogroup project members with 111 Y-STRs and 1 of 3 with Big Y.  We should be able to notch that up a bit with all of the recent orders.  The good news is that the more people that upgrade, the more people will see benefits, then the more people will upgrade. I think we are reaching critical mass for R1b Y DNA.


Big  Y helps

1. Discovers your own line of SNPs from the ancient into the genealogical timeframe

2. Places you accurately and precisely on the big Y DNA tree of mankind

3. Better Time to Most Recent Common Ancestor estimates

You can't go wrong with this ($395 sale price)


111 Y STRs can help with

1. More differentiation of branching within a surname and extended family by identification of signature markers

2. Better prioritization of matches including reduction of false matches

3. Better Time to Most Recent Common Ancestor estimates

4. Reduce targeted SNP testing costs (if not doing Big Y)

5. More encouragement for your better matches to test your SNPs (if you did do Big Y)

Get all the STRs you can (Y25-67 $148, Y37-67 $79, Y37-111 $168, Y67-111 $99 sales prices)


To order an upgrade:

1. Log in with your kit # at

2. From your myFTDNA Dashboard click on the blue UPGRADES button in the top of the Y-DNA section

3. Select the upgrade you want. You will see the discount on your SHOPPING CART display where you can place your order.







In the previous issue of this bulletin, I wrote: There has been some recent discussion on the Graves Family Association Facebook page about famous people with Graves or Greaves ancestry.  There is a page on the Graves Family Association website for this. You can see who is included there by going to the website, hovering over History/News, and clicking on Famous Family Members.


The People included there are the following. Any additions you can suggest will be considered.

           James Arness, American actor (Gen. 166)

           George H. W. Bush, 41st U.S. President (Gen. 169)

           George W. Bush, 43rd U.S. President (Gen. 169)

           Hoagy Carmichael, American song writer (Gen. 11)

           Grover Cleveland, U.S. President (Gen. 168)

           John R. Coffee, American General and "father of Tennessee" (Gen. 169)

           (John) Calvin Coolidge, U.S. President (Gen. 28)

           Jay Norwood ("Ding") Darling, American Conservation Hero (Gen. 168)

           Frank Murray Dixon, Governor of Alabama (Gen. 169)

           Jesse Franklin, U.S. Senator and Governor of NC (Gen. 270)

           Absalom Graves Gaines, President of St. Lawrence University (Gen. 169)

           Adam Graves, Canadian ice hockey star (Ancestry unknown)

           Bibb Graves, 2-time governor of Alabama (Gen. 220)

           Danny Graves, U.S. baseball player (Ancestry unknown)

           Denyce Graves, American opera singer (Ancestry unknown)

           Georgia Graves, American classical music singer (Ancestry unknown)

           Henry Graves, American Millionaire and watch collector (Gen. 166)

           Henry Lee Graves, president of Baylor University (Gen. 270)

           Howard D. Graves, Lt. Gen., U.S. Army (Gen. 13)

           John Alexander Graves III, American author (Gen. 169)

           John Woodcock Graves, English composer, artist, entrepreneur, and eccentric (Ancestry unknown)

           Josh Graves, American musician (Gen. 92)

           Michael Graves, American architect and designer (Gen. 94)

           Michael Graves, American actor (Ancestry unknown)

           Morris Cole Graves, American painter (Gen. 65)

           Nancy Stevenson Graves, American sculptor (Ancestry unknown)

           Peter Graves, American actor (Gen. 166)

           Robert Ranke Graves, English author and poet (Gen. 68)

           Rupert Simeon Graves, English actor (Gen. 338)

           Sam Graves, U.S. Congressman from Missouri (Gen. 270)

           Samuel Graves, English Admiral (Gen. 68)

           William Pierce Evans Graves, editor of National Geographic magazine (Gen. 169)

           William Preston Graves, governor of Kansas (Gen. 152)

           William Sidney Graves, American Major General (Gen. 270)

           Ann Greaves, creator of the world-famous Bakewell Pudding (Ancestry unknown)

           Anthony ("Tony") Robert Greaves, Baron Greaves, member of the House of Lords (Ancestry unknown)

           Clinton Greaves, Buffalo Soldier and recipient of the U.S. Congressional Medal of Honor (Ancestry unknown)

           Jimmy Greaves, English football star (Ancestry unknown)

           William Abraham Greaves, American Artist (Gen. 70)

           John Mumford Gregory, Jr., governor of Virginia (Gen. 169)

           Alex Haley, American author (Gen. 270)

           Rutherford B. Hayes, U.S. President (Gen. 213)

           Barbara Mandrell, American country music singer (Gen. 13)

           Louise Mandrell, American country music singer (Gen. 13)

           Steve McQueen, American Actor (Gen. 270)

           John Motley Morehead III, American Industrialist and Philanthropist (Gen. 270)

           Mickey Rooney, American Actor (Gen. 270)

           John Graves Simcoe, English Lt.-General and moulder of present-day Canada (Gen. 68)

           John Wayne, American Actor (Gen. 345)





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