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Vol. 3, No. 1, March 3, 1999




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Some of you probably notice that some of the same subjects are covered in more than one of these bulletins. That is sometimes because there are changes and new things are happening. But it is also sometimes because I get questions about things that were in previous bulletins. Please be sure to check the GFA web site or previous bulletins before asking questions. (Previous bulletins are all on the web site, or soon will be, in case you don't save them.)


Some of you have contacted me by e-mail or regular mail (snail mail) and have not received a response. I apologize, but it is not physically possible for me to respond to all mail and do the other things I need to for the Graves Family Association (or for the rest of my life). Please do not take a lack of response as a lack of interest. If more of you will volunteer to take on some of the responsibilities listed on the GFA web site, I may be able to respond more promptly. Also, we are gradually learning how to use the talents of many of you who want to help.


My personal schedule sometimes interferes with genealogy and the other way around too. For example, we put our house on the market last August and a buyer has finally signed a sales agreement. I have spent much time renovating the old house and moving into our new house on Dec. 23.






We are a voluntary, non-profit organization that is interested in the surname of Graves, Greaves, Grave, Grieve, Greve, and all other variations of that name for all time periods, worldwide. The country of origin of your ancestors doesn't matter, as long as you are interested in or descended from Graves/Greaves ancestors.


It is not necessary that you join the Association to be helped by us, but your financial contributions and your working with us to further the programs of the Association will benefit everyone. We believe that by working together as an organization and sharing our results, we can accomplish much more than by working alone. We are gradually building on the foundation of accumulated research, so we don't have to start over for each search. We hope you will join the Association and tell others what we are doing.






Your articles and items of general interest to Graves families and researchers are welcomed. Send anything you think might be appropriate to Ken Graves at


We will not be including queries. Those can be submitted to the Graves Family Newsletter and to the Graves mailing list (mentioned on the GFA web site and highly recommended).






The section of Graves/Greaves ancestors and genealogies is constantly being added to. The plan is to have genealogies or some information about every ancestor on the list. As we have time, we will also be adding information about the research project to find the earlier ancestry of all ancestors, especially those who were original immigrants to America.


I am happy to report that we are beginning to get volunteers for various projects and tasks. However, most of the need for volunteers discussed on the website still exists.


Take a look at the site, and let us have your comments and suggestions.






As of 2 days before Christmas, the new mailing address for the GFA and Kenneth V. Graves is: 20 Binney Circle, Wrentham, MA 02093.


Also, please remember that my e-mail address is and not my previous AOL address.






No, the post office didn't lose your copies of the October and December Graves Family Newsletters (for those of you who are GFA members). They haven't been mailed yet, but will be going out this month. The February issue will be mailed in about a month from now.






The trip to England and Ireland that was scheduled for May 1999 was cancelled because we didn't get quite enough people signed up by the deadline. However, it will be rescheduled in the future.






(We are repeating this article from last May's bulletin because of its importance.)

Personal computers are absolutely marvelous. And the communication revolution that the Internet has made possible has allowed us to find so much more information than we could ever have found in the old days. However, there is an old saying, one version of which is "Garbage in, garbage out." The value of the information you have is only as good as the sources from which you got that information.


We are seeing a proliferation of computerized genealogical information, much of it on the Internet, but some in submitted, unverified files such as the LDS Ancestral File and Broderbund's World Family Tree, that is of uncertain accuracy. Much of it is correct, but much of it is misleading or completely wrong. The problem is, we can't tell what is correct and what is wrong because there are usually no sources cited to allow verification. Do not accept that genealogical information is correct just because it is available in computerized form!! Use such information as guides and starting points only, and look for proof.


An example that keeps on being asked about is the ancestry of Capt. Thomas Graves, the 1608 settler in Jamestown, VA. His ancestry is given in some submitted LDS records as son of Thomas Graves and Joan Blagrove, with Joan shown as daughter of T. Blagrove and Joan Bellame, etc. The family is shown as from Lambourn (misspelled as Lamborne), Berkshire, England. I and other researchers have searched diligently to try to substantiate this, but have never been able to show that there is any evidence to support it. It is unsubstantiated rumor, yet it keeps being repeated and presented as fact. The fact is that we do not know the parentage and earlier ancestry of Capt. Thomas Graves, but we have hired researchers to help us find it. We do believe that Capt. Thomas Graves lived in Dublin, Ireland immediately before arriving in Virginia, and that his family was originally from Yorkshire, England.





This bulletin is written and edited by Kenneth V. Graves, Ken Graves is also editor of the Graves Family Newsletter, the official publication of the Graves Family Association. This bulletin will contain announcements and news of special interest to Graves descendants with Internet access. It will not contain queries, genealogies, photos, and the kind of in-depth articles that appear in the Graves Family Newsletter.



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