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Vol. 5, No. 4, June 13, 2002




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**General Comments

**Distribution of this Bulletin

**February Issue of Graves Family Newsletter Mailed

**New Results from DNA Study

**Change in DNA Testing

**John Graves of Concord, MA Book

**Reminder When Viewing Websites

**More Participants Needed for the DNA Study

**Financial Help Still Needed for DNA Project

**To Submit Material to this Bulletin & Other Things






I was in Ireland for 12 days in late May and early June, so if you have wondered why you havenít heard from me, that is the reason.For those of you waiting for a response from me, I try to answer all correspondence, but am not always able to do so because of the volume of things demanding attention.I donít mind your reminders, however, since sometimes things do get overlooked.


Although the trip to Ireland was for pleasure, I did put an ad in the Irish Times before I went.I received a few replies from that.Irish radio interviewed me about our DNA analysis study on their 9 a.m. news program (that was 4 a.m. my time, a little earlier than I would have preferred).There donít seem to be many people with the Graves, Greaves, Grieves, etc. surname presently living in Ireland, but I did have the pleasure of meeting one Graves descendant while there.One respondent who heard my radio interview has information on the Quaker family that went from Ireland to Delaware, and I am hoping to get more information about that.Another person suggested that some of the descendants might be named OíGraves and other variants of that name.


Since I have been publishing the printed Graves Family Newsletter since 1976, publishing Graves family books since 1980, and sending this online bulletin for several years, you may figure I must be pretty old by now.Well, I may be, but Iím still trying to keep active.I competed in the Rhode Island Senior Olympics last weekend and won two silver medals in bicycling events.This coming weekend I will be competing in the Massachusetts Senior Games in track, cycling and tennis events.So I donít spend all my time with genealogy and my computer.






I am going to have to change the way this bulletin is distributed to you.I recently signed up for high speed DSL service with Verizon (our regional ďbaby BellĒ).Then when I tried to send this bulletin right before I left for Ireland, I found that they donít allow users to send more than a certain number of messages within a given time period.If the maximum is exceeded, they cut off service for 24 hours. This is intended to prevent spam from being sent but makes no allowance for legitimate multiple copies.As a result of this, you may see some changes in the Bulletin in the future.If any of you know of a good way to handle this situation, I would welcome your suggestions.






The newsletters are behind schedule, and the February 2002 issue was just mailed May 24.It includes a variety of information, including genealogies of Parents of Benjamin, Joe and John Graves of Lancashire, England; Anthony Graves and Mary Crashley of Lincolnshire, England; David Graves and Mary Holloway, descended from Johann Sebastian Graff; Christian Nielson Greve and Ane Madsdatter of Denmark; Gerd Grave of Germany; Thomas Graves and Rebecca Lawless of NC & OH; Willis Graves and Sarah Torrey Nelson of MA & OH; Socrates Renaldo Graves and Aseneth ------ of VT, NY, OH & IL; and Thomas Graves and Elizabeth Lanier, descended from Capt. Thomas Graves of VA.






We continue to receive additional test results from the Graves/Greaves DNA study, and we are gradually getting more participants.New results are put on the Graves Family Association website as quickly as possible.


Results received since the last bulletin include:

** Thomas Graves of Lincoln Co., GA (gen. 147) is an exact match with some of the Capt. Thomas Graves (169) samples.

** William Graves and Susanna ------ of Whitfield, Northamptonshire (gen. 47) almost exactly matches part of gen. 169.

** Herbert Fletcher Graves/Greaves of Lincolnshire (gen. 428) almost exactly matches Allen Graves of Dennisport, MA (457) and Samuel Graves of Lynn, MA (gen. 83).The conclusion is that both gen. 457 and gen. 83 are descended from the same Lincolnshire ancestor as the Herbert Fletcher Graves/Greaves descendants.This is what has been suggested for years, including the possibility that Lynn, MA was named for Kings Lynn in Lincolnshire.

** Results from Lt. William Graves of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, Canada (238) exactly match those for Rear Adm. Thomas Graves of Charlestown, MA (28), confirming that these are probably the same family.

** John Graves (Johann Sebastian Graff) (gen. 105) exactly matches William M. Graves and Mary M. Holloway of TN (356), confirming that gen. 356 is descended from gen. 105.

** A result from the Quaker family of Thomas Graves of New Castle Co., DE (gen. 85) exactly matches results from Thomas Graves of NC & Maury Co., TN (94) and Humphrey Isaac Greaves of NC (50), confirming that those families are probably descended from gen. 85.






This week it was announced by Family Tree DNA (our testing laboratory) that the number of DNA markers tested for has been increased from 21 to 25.All results for which the 21 markers were reported have now had all 25 markers reported and posted on the Graves Family Association website.Our group price for the DNA study is now $170 for testing of all 25 markers.






This is just a reminder that all copies of the John Graves of Concord, MA book that have been ordered have been shipped (with the exception of a few orders that have been recently received).If you ordered a book and have not received it, please let me know.At least a couple of shipments were lost by the Post Office as a result of apparent rough treatment, so I want to be sure that no others are missing.I will probably switch to using UPS for shipping these books in the future to avoid this problem.


Additional books are available and can still be ordered at $75 including shipping (some additional charge for shipping out of the U.S.).






One of the things that your web browser software (Internet Explorer, Netscape, etc.) does to speed viewing of web pages is to store the last version of the page that you looked at on the hard drive of your computer.That way you donít have to wait for the page to be downloaded from the website, since it can be retrieved from your computerís storage much more quickly.Unfortunately, that also means that sometimes when you go to a web page that has been changed, you may not see the latest version of that page.To be sure you always see the most recent version of pages on the Graves Family Association website or any other site, you can do one of two things.You can either delete the cached versions of the web pages on your computer, or you can click on the refresh command in your browser when you are looking at the page.






If you have not yet returned your DNA samples, PLEASE do so as soon as possible.


If your part of the Graves, Greaves, or other spelling, family is not yet included in the DNA study, it would be very helpful if you could either volunteer to participate (if you are a male with the Graves, etc.) surname or find someone else in your part of the family who would be willing to take part.






All contributions toward the DNA study will be much appreciated.Many thanks to those of you who have already contributed.We especially need funding for testing of descendants in the British Isles, some of whom will probably be less apt to pay the cost.You may also want to consider sponsoring a relative as a way to get a test for your part of the family.





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