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Vol. 6, No. 2, June 17, 2004




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As I said in the previous issue of the Graves Family Bulletin, the lack of publication of the Bulletin for the past year and a half or so was because of some changes in my personal life. For a more complete explanation, you can read that issue of the GFA website by going to, clicking on the link at the top of the page for GF Bulletin, and then clicking on the link for the March 14, 2004 issue.


Now that my wife, Sarah, has retired, we are doing things together like traveling, hiking, and learning how to play golf. I am continuing to do many things other than genealogy, such as church, other organizations, tennis, long distance bicycling, and Senior Games.


The genealogies are continuing to be updated (slower than some might prefer), books are still being prepared for publication, the DNA program is continuing, and the website is gradually changing (this will accelerate this summer).






When you change your e-mail address, please be sure to let us know your new one. Otherwise, we will lose track of you.


An increasing number of online newsletters (including this one) cannot be received because of attempts by service providers such as AOL to reduce spam. The only option people have now is to read the Bulletin on the GFA website. In the future, however, we will probably also make the newsletter available from a web log (usually called a Blog), which should avoid this problem.


To read this Bulletin or others on the GFA website, go to, click on the link at the top of the page for GF Bulletin, and then click on the link for the desired Bulletin.






Small changes have already been made to parts of the website. Many bigger changes will be happening later this year.


Genealogies continue to be updated as information is gathered and time permits. If you have submitted new information and don’t see it in the genealogy on the website, feel free to let me know. I probably just haven’t had time to add it, but your reminder may change my priorities.


The biggest changes have occurred on the DNA pages of the website, as discussed in the next section.






The DNA study (testing for male line Y-DNA) has been extremely helpful in connecting families that were not previously known to be related, finding the earlier ancestry of American families in America and England, disproving connections that had previously been believed to be correct, etc. For more information, look at the DNA pages on the GFA website.



As new DNA testing results are received, they are added to the website almost immediately. The most recent addition was to expand the master DNA results table to 37 markers. It is recommended that all participants sign up for 25-marker testing. For lines that test as identical on 25-marker tests, increasing to 37 markers will provide differentiation between some of those lines. For instance, if we know that a family line may be descended from John Graves of Concord, MA, if we find a match between a particular branch of this John Graves family and a Graves family of unknown ancestry, then we may suspect that unknown family is descended from that branch. Of course, it is also essential to get test results from all known branches of this John Graves family to be able to find matches for unknown families.



Links to graphical charts for each major Graves/Greaves family have been added to the master DNA results table. Clicking on one of these links will cause display of a chart of that family, showing which lines have been tested, and giving an indication of which other branches need participants. With the chart for genealogy 169 (Capt. Thomas Graves of VA), I have provided a chart in both html and pdf formats. I would appreciate your input on which you prefer. The most obvious differences are that everyone with a browser can look at the html version, but it is not as sharp as the pdf version and it cannot be expanded, shrunk or as easily printed.



Although there was initially some concern about keeping results confidential, most people now realize that the DNA tests we are conducting don’t reveal anything about their personal DNA (such as health issues, physical characteristics, etc.). Instead, all males descended from the same male ancestor in a direct male line will have the same (or almost the same) DNA result. Many test participants would like to contact others with the same results to discuss genealogical research and ancestry. You may notice on some of the charts linked to the master results table that names (including mine) are displayed. If you took the test and are willing to have your name included on the appropriate chart, please let me know. I will not put your name on a chart unless you authorize me to do so.



If you have not yet returned your DNA samples, PLEASE do so as soon as possible.


If your part of the Graves, Greaves, or other spelling, family is not yet included in the DNA study, it would be very helpful if you could either volunteer to participate (if you are a male with the Graves, etc.) surname or find someone else in your part of the family who would be willing to take part.



To sign up for the study, go to the Graves Family Association website at, click on the DNA study link at the top of the main page, then click on the link in the large red box on that page, and complete the requested order information.


Alternatively, you can go to the Family Tree DNA website at, enter Graves or Greaves in the surname search at the top right of the main page, click on the link to the Graves project (NOT the “ordering” link), and complete the ordering form.  As long as you use one of these two procedures, you will get the group discount for the Y-DNA tests or any of the other tests you choose to order.  (When you order, you will see the word GROUP after the price.  If you do not see that, go back and be sure you have used the correct procedure.)



All contributions toward the DNA study will be much appreciated.  Many thanks to those of you who have already contributed.  We especially need funding for testing of descendants in the British Isles, some of whom will probably be less apt to pay the cost.  You may also want to consider sponsoring a relative as a way to get a test for your part of the family.






VIRGINIA: There will be a Graves Reunion in Virginia in 2007, to coincide with the 400th anniversary celebration of the settlement of Jamestowne. We urgently need volunteers to plan this. We will need a place to meet, dates, a program, suggestions for lodging, coordination with other organizations involved in the celebration, etc. Please let me know as soon as you can how you would like to help.


People who have already volunteered include Katrina Luise Everhart, Carol Graves (Peoria, IL), Ronald Nelson Graves (San Antonio, TX), Kathy James (Benton, AR), Laura Loding, and Eric James (Danville, KY). If you have already contacted me and your name is not on this list, please let me know. We really need to get started. Otherwise, it will never happen!!


TEXAS: Ron Graves of San Antonio, TX, has offered to organize and host a reunion in San Antonio next year, possibly in late summer or early fall. This would be for all Graves families. He would appreciate help with this, and would also like to know how many attendees to expect. For information and to volunteer to help, contact Ron directly at






Since the printed Graves Family Newsletter is no longer being published, queries will be included in this Bulletin if you submit them to me.  I will no longer be creating queries from the non-query information you send me.


Jeffrey L. Hall ( asks:

Does anyone have a recollection of a Book of Psalms that has a signature and the ABC's inside written by Richard Hall, dated 1698?  More detail:

Richard Hall Jr. of Bradford, Mass married as his second wife Mehetable Barker of Andover. Mehetable's brother married Sarah Graves (58) of the Samuel Graves of Lynn line. Sarah's brother Samuel (60) married Richard Hall's sister, Martha Hall Bond. Because of this close connection between the Halls and the Graveses I am hoping that the Book of Psalms passed down through the Graves side of the family to the present time.


In 1986, a new folder was opened in the Haverhill Public Library Special Collections room labeled: "Samuel Graves of Lynn / Richard Hall of Bradford". In that folder was a partial copy of the document "Descendants of Samuel Graves of Lynn" as well as a photostatic copy of two pages of the Book of Psalms of Richard Hall. Therefore, we know the Book of Psalms made it down to the 20th century at least until the photostat was in use. We also know that a researcher as late as 1986 found the Graves/Hall connection and left the evidence of it in this folder. However, the name of the donor is unknown and the location of the Book of Psalms is now a mystery.


It is likely that the researcher lived in the Haverhill area in the 1980's and was doing work on either Hall or Graves or both. Any help would be appreciated!





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