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Vol. 6, No. 3, July 11, 2004



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My wife, Sarah, and I will be in Alaska for the next couple of weeks.  When I return, one of the things I will try to do is begin to make some of the major changes to the GFA website that I promised earlier this year.  This will include a "members only" area.  I also hope to begin to make this bulletin available as a "web log" or "blog", which will make it more convenient and accessible for some of you.


On October 30 of this year, I will be attending a conference in Houston, TX, sponsored by our DNA testing laboratory, Family Tree DNA.  If there is anyone who would like to meet with me in Houston at that time, I may be able to adjust my schedule, especially if I know before I make my final airline reservations.



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A few more test results have been added.  We now have a total of 153 sets of test results completed.  We are also beginning to get results for 37 markers, which will help us differentiate various branches of large families.

Lots of genealogies (Graves/Greaves family groups) have no participants in the DNA study.  Without being part of the study, descendants may NEVER find out which Graves ancestor they are descended from.  I urge you to take part in the study (if you are a male with the Graves surname and no one from your immediate line has participated) or to find someone else from your family
line to participate.

Let me know whether you prefer the HTML or PDF version of the family charts, or whether you think both should be available.  These are the charts that you can see by going to the DNA master results table (the one that shows all the test results), and clicking on the link in the genealogy column on the far right.  So far I have put both options only for genealogies 150, 166, 168, 169, and 247.

You can see in the master results table that sample numbers 1357 (gen. 443) and 20362 (gen. 877) both seem to be descended from Thomas1, John2, Thomas3, John4 (the yellow and green blocks on the family chart).  Research needs to be done to determine the exact connection.

Descendants of other lines from Capt. Thomas Graves are needed as participants in the study.  Descendants of Francis2 Graves are especially needed to confirm the ancestry and structure of that part of the family. Among many fragments of the family probably descended from Francis2 Graves are genealogies 889 and 892 of King & Queen and Gloucester counties, VA.  A descendant of 892 and one of 889 have been tested, and both match Francis2, but we don't know how they are connected (if they are).  And while we are discussing possible descendants of Francis2, James Graves and Mary Copeland of VA & GA (gen. 150) should be included too.

We have also been working on the part of the Capt. Thomas Graves family descended from Capt. Thomas Graves' son Thomas, especially that part that lived in Chesterfield Co., Amelia Co., Norfolk, VA, and vicinity. Information on that part of the family and DNA participants are needed.

It is apparent that the largest group of participants are descended from the common ancestor of the large blue group in the master DNA results table. This includes John Graves of Concord, MA (gen. 166), Rear Adm. Thomas Graves of Charlestown, MA (gen. 28), John Greaves of St. Mary's Co., MD (gen. 247), James Graves who married Mary Copeland of VA and GA (gen. 150), probably Francis2 Graves (previously believed to be a son of Capt. Thomas Graves of VA), and most of the Graves families of Randolph Co., NC.

By testing descendants of each of the lines in each of these genealogies, we can infer the haplotype of the head of each of these families.  That is, although it is impossible to test the patriarch of each of these families (since he is long since dead), we can find how he would have tested by testing his descendants.  If we test enough markers, the patriarch of each family will have a slightly different set of results (a slightly different haplotype).  It may then be possible to match each of these haplotypes to a branch of an even older family. For instance, we should be able to tell whether James Graves of VA & GA (gen. 150) was descended from Francis Graves (which I think is most likely), or from gen. 166, 247, or other family.  And then we should be able to tell the ancestry of Francis Graves (although that may require much more participation from Graves descendants in England).

In conclusion, it is very important to the success of this project that more people participate in the DNA study, that more families are represented, and that tests for results in this large blue group be extended to 37 markers. Otherwise, the likelihood of finding relationships will be very low.  The same reasoning discussed above applies to family groups other than those in the large blue group to a greater or lesser extent.

If you have not yet returned your DNA samples, PLEASE do so as soon as possible.

If your part of the Graves, Greaves, or other spelling, family is not yet included in the DNA study, it would be very helpful if you could either volunteer to participate (if you are a male with the Graves, etc.) surname or find someone else in your part of the family who would be willing to take part.


To sign up for the study, go to the Graves Family Association website at, click on the DNA study link at the top of the main page, then click on the link in the large red box on that page, and complete the requested order information.

Alternatively, you can go to the Family Tree DNA website at, enter Graves or Greaves in the surname search at the top right of the main page, click on the link to the Graves project (NOT the "ordering" link), and complete the ordering form.  As long as you use one of these two procedures, you will get the group discount for the Y-DNA tests or any of the other tests you choose to order.  (When you order, you will see the word GROUP after the price.  If you do not see that, go back and be sure you have used the correct procedure.)



All contributions toward the DNA study will be much appreciated.  Many thanks to those of you who have already contributed.  We especially need funding for testing of descendants in the British Isles, some of whom will probably be less apt to pay the cost.  You may also want to consider sponsoring a relative as a way to get a test for your part of the family.




Last issue we mentioned the planned reunion in the Jamestown/Williamsburg, VA area in 2007, and the one in San Antonio, TX next summer.  Contact Ken Graves ( to volunteer to help with the VA reunion, and contact Ron Graves ( about helping with the TX gathering.


We have now been told of another one. The 2nd reunion of the descendants of Enos Graves and his siblings of Randolph County, NC, will be July 16 and 17, 2004 in Siler City, NC. On Friday evening, July 16, there will be a barbecue, cookout, and fish fry, and on Saturday at the Siler City Moose Lodge, there will be various sports activities, plus live band music and picture display. For information, contact Harvey Lester Graves, 345C Jordan Grove Rd., Siler City, NC 27344, 919-663-0355,, or Mary Graves Cunningham, 116-68 155th St., Jamaica, NY 11434, 718-848-6569, (This is genealogy 789 on the GFA website.)


Mrs. Frances O'Connor Periconi, 3103 Cashwell Dr., Apt. 101, Goldsboro, NC 27534, is descended from John Graves and Margery Harvey of Randolph Co., NC. Her part of the family went to Indiana. She want to know whether there are any Graves reunions in Indiana or NC for this family.




Since the printed Graves Family Newsletter is no longer being published, queries will be included in this Bulletin if you submit them to me. I will no longer be creating queries from the non-query information you send me.




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