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Vol. 8, No. 5, April 5, 2006




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** Correction & Update for 2007 Reunion in Williamsburg, VA

** More News on the Trip to England this May

** Clarification About 59-Marker DNA Test

** GFA Mid-Atlantic Chapter Progress

** To Submit Material to this Bulletin & Other Things






Soon after I sent the previous GF Bulletin, I realized I made an error on dates.  I listed the dates as 6/15 through 6/18 instead of 6/14-6/17.  The corrected tentative schedule for the 2007 reunion weekend is:

Thursday, 6/14 – Registration and Reception

Friday, 6/15 – Tour of Jamestown in the morning, and presentations and discussions part of the afternoon and evening

Saturday, 6/16 – Tour of Colonial Williamsburg in the morning, and presentations and discussions part of the afternoon and evening

Sunday, 6/17 – Tour of the Eastern Shore of Virginia to see Hungar’s Church and Cemetery, and the area where Capt. Thomas Graves lived.


There are still some important decisions and lots of help that is needed to make this reunion a great success.  To participate in the discussion and planning, join the gravesreunion2007 Yahoo group if you have not done so already.  To join this, go to the GFA website, click on the “Graves Email Lists and Groups” link at the top of the page, and then click on the link toward the top of the second page.


I just checked yesterday morning and, as of then, 61 of the 75 rooms at the Patrick Henry Inn in Williamsburg, VA, had been reserved for the reunion.  I will talk to the manager of the Inn about increasing the size of our block of rooms.  I will also begin exploring other lodging nearby that might be available for overflow.  However, I suggest that if you want to attend, you should make your reservation soon by contacting the Inn at (757)229-9540 or toll free (800)446-9228, email  Tell them you are part of the Graves Family Association group.






Planning for the trip to England from May 10 until May 18 is still falling into place.  We now have firm plans for several of the meeting locations, and plans for the others should be in place soon.  As a reminder, we will be arriving in Manchester the morning of May 10.  There will probably be a total of 8 meetings with Graves/Greaves/Grieves descendants in Chester (May 10), Keswick (May 11), Sunderland (May 12), York (May 13), Boston (May 14), Coventry (May 15), Cottenham (May 16), and London (May 17).  I will be flying home from Heathrow on May 18.


One very significant change is that due to a very unexpected situation, Archie Affleck-Graves will not be able to escort us around England, and I will be renting a car and doing the driving myself.  We do hope to have Archie as our guide on a future tour.


There is still space for one more member of our group, in case there is still anyone who would like to go with us.  If you want to go, please let me know as soon as possible.






Anyone who has already taken part in the DNA study can now upgrade to 59 markers.  However, this will be of most benefit to those who still match one or more others, even with the results from 37 markers.  Examples of genealogies that will especially benefit from testing of additional markers to distinguish lines from each other are genealogies 78 and 258, and genealogies 166, 28, 247, 214, 98, etc.  In additional, I would urge anyone who has only been tested for 12 markers and is in one of the colored blocks of the master DNA results table to upgrade to additional markers.  This will greatly increase the value of your test results.


If your part of the family (any spelling, including Graves, Greaves, Grieve, etc.) has not yet been tested, now is the time to find a male descendants with the Graves/Greaves/Grieve surname and get them to take part.  Otherwise, you may never know what your ancestry is and what other families you are related to.  See the GFA website for instructions.






The planning and organizing of the Mid-Atlantic Chapter of the Graves Family organization is moving ahead.  The plans are still being developed but the geographical area to be included will include Maryland, Virginia, the District of Columbia, and probably Delaware.  A program of monthly meetings is a possibility, including perhaps a series of meetings with each on one of the immigrant Graves/Greaves families that settled in the area.


Anyone interested should contact John F. Graves, Chapter Coordinator, at  A few more eager participants are needed, especially someone who lives in the Jamestown-Norfolk-Newport News area.





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