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Vol. 8, No. 8, August 24, 2006




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** General Comments

** Graves Gathering in Ohio

** First Official Meeting of the GFA Mid-Atlantic Chapter on Sept. 16

** New DNA Test Results

** Researching the Graves Families of Caroline Co. & Halifax Co., VA

** Capt. Thomas Graves of VA, and Other Graves Families of Virginia

** Answers to Questions about Genealogies on Website, and Book Publishing Costs and Profits

** To Submit Material to this Bulletin & Other Things






Here it is the end of August already, and I think of all the things that haven’t yet been done, including the fact that this is the fir.  On the other hand, I am excited about all the many things that have been accomplished with the Graves Family Association, and am eagerly looking forward to the future.


There was a problem with my email (including the Graves Family Bulletin of June 1, and possibly ones before that) not being able to reach a few of you.  This was supposedly because of my internet service provider (ISP) needing to upgrade its capability to respond to verification that emails from its servers were actually sent from that server (implementing SPF, Sender Permitted Framework).  In the long run, this upgrade should reduce the volume of unwanted email, but in the short term it was a nuisance.  The problem has now been resolved.  If you think you may have missed any of the GF Bulletins and you want to see them, go to the GFA website, click on the Products link, and then the Bulletin link at the top of the page.


We have now received our first DNA test result from a Grieves family member, and the result was very exciting.  It matched some of our Graves and Greaves family members, apparently confirming that spelling of our surname doesn’t matter and many of the various spellings have a common ancestor.






September 17, 2006, Middleburg Heights, OH (near Cleveland) - Graves/Greaves gathering at 4:00 PM in meeting room at Comfort Inn-Cleveland Airport, 17550 Rosbough Drive, Middleburg Heights. We will go to dinner at a nearby restaurant about 6 PM, and then those who would like to continue the discussion may return to the hotel. Dinner at your own expense will be the only cost. Please let me know if you plan to attend the meeting and/or the dinner so I can make appropriate plans. I (Ken Graves) will discuss the recent series of meetings in England, the latest results from the DNA study, and other subjects of interest. You will have a chance to discuss your own part of the family, and perhaps learn more about your ancestry.






You are encouraged to attend the first official meeting of the Graves Family Association Mid-Atlantic Chapter to be held on Saturday, Sept. 16.  This is a pioneering effort for this new organization, and we encourage you to give it your full support.  The meeting will be held 2-5 PM in the conference room of the Courtyard by Marriott New Carrollton Landover, 8330 Corporate Drive, Landover, MD.  This is conveniently located in suburban Washington, DC, just off I-95.


John Graves of West River, MD will be presenting “A Brief Review of the Known Mid-Atlantic Graves Families”.  All attendees will have a chance to discuss their own family.  For further information, contact John at (443)542-2860 (work) or (410)867-6758 (home), or by email at


A mailing was sent earlier this month to all known Graves/Greaves descendants in the mid-Atlantic area.  If you did not receive a letter, that probably means we don’t have your current address.  Please let both John Graves and me (Ken Graves) know what it is.






(1) We have now received our first DNA test result from a Grieves family member, and the result was very exciting.  It matched some of our Graves and Greaves family members, specifically those descended from genealogy 70 (Richard Greaves of Bradfield, Yorkshire & Chesterfield, Derbyshire, England), apparently confirming that spelling of our surname doesn’t matter and many of the various spellings have a common ancestor.


(2) It appears that genealogy 84 (William Lynch Graves), genealogy 223 (John Graves), and genealogy 175 (Raymond Graves) are from a common ancestor, all related to the Graves families of Caroline Co. & Halifax Co., VA.  See the next section for more details.






In the last issue of this Bulletin, there was discussion about finding the ancestry of Capt. Thomas Graves of VA, and determining his true descendants.  This time I want to discuss the families that are all related to John Graves of Halifax Co., VA (born about 1735, genealogy 145), and probably all descended from an ancestor in Caroline Co. and Halifax Co., Virginia.  We have not yet found a related family in England, but that discovery is probably only a matter of time.


If you go to the Graves Family Association website and click on the link in the DNA Study section for Charts, and then scroll down to the section for Graves Families of Caroline Co. & Halifax Co., VA, you will see all the family segments that are presently believed to be part of this family.  Note especially the family of Richard Graves and Jane Fielding presently included in genealogy 169.  The DNA results make it clear that the descendants of this couple do not belong as descendants of Capt. Thomas Graves (gen. 169).  Since the DNA result of a descendant of Richard Graves and Millie Murrell matched other descendants of this part of genealogy 169, it is apparent that there were two different men named Richard Graves, and the same Richard Graves did not marry Millie Murrell and then Jane Fielding.


A new DNA test result has now been received for a descendant of William Lynch Graves (genealogy 84).  This result exactly agrees with that for the descendants of Richard Graves and Jane Fielding.  It has been believed that this Richard Graves and William Lynch Graves were brothers and sons of a John Graves, possibly the one shown in genealogy 169 as their father.



(1) If possible, the lines of Richard and James Graves (the other sons of Richard Graves and Jane Fielding) should be DNA tested.

(2) The parents of Richard Graves were John Graves and Lucy Adams.  Some of the other lines from this John Graves should be DNA tested also, since some of the evidence is not as good as it should be.  In addition to Richard Graves, sons of John Graves were John m. Lucy Turner, Thomas m. J. Turner, and William Lynch Graves m. Sarah H. Turner.  Since it has already been shown that William Lynch Graves was part of the Caroline Co. family, it seems likely that his brothers who married Turner women were also.

(3) More traditional research is needed to gather more documentary evidence of the relationships.  It looks as if Critzer-Drumheller Ancestors and other sources for this part of genealogy 169 were wrong.






It is understandable that we all would like to have a book about our family, especially one that includes us and our close relatives.  And it would be nice to have that book now, and at an affordable price.  If it is for an American family, be sure to include the European ancestry.


The problems for the Graves families of Virginia are: (1) for most of the 20th century, it was believed by most people that the immigrant ancestor of all the Graves families in Virginia was Capt. Thomas Graves who arrived in Jamestown in 1608, and (2) many of the early records do not exist.  As a result, some parts of the Graves families as determined by excellent researchers with circumstantial evidence have been incorrectly placed.


We have learned much from the Graves DNA study, including the fact that there were a number of Graves immigrants whose descendants lived in early Virginia, and that some lines were ascribed to the wrong ancestors.  With help from DNA analysis and traditional research, we are now trying to straighten this out and learn the truth.


The genealogy for Capt. Thomas Graves (genealogy 169) and his descendants has been under development for 30 years.  The book for this genealogy will be the next one published (after the book for the Graves families of Randolph Co., NC, which is all compiled but not yet published).  Because it is such a huge task to try to straighten out the genealogy, and there are so many known descendants, the date of publication has been postponed many times.  It is still hoped to have a preliminary, summary version published by the reunion in 2006, but the full version will take longer.  This is disappointing to many of us, but it is also a blessing, since the result will be a much more accurate genealogy than would have been possible in past years.


However, your help is very much needed.  We need people from additional lines of descent to participate in the DNA study, and we need research in the U.S. to find where misplaced parts of the family belong, and research in England to find the connection with the appropriate family there.


Regarding the issue of there being multiple Graves immigrants to Virginia, the following families in Virginia have been identified by DNA analysis.  There may be other groups not yet identified.  As you can see, these 6 groups, indicating at least that many separate immigrant ancestors, are a far cry from the previous belief in only one Graves immigrant.

(1) Capt. Thomas Graves (gen. 169).  It is not yet clear which lines are actually descended from him, but my best guess at this point is that it is the line from John2, Ralph3, which shares a common ancestor with Thomas Graves of Hartford, CT from Hertfordshire, England.

(2) Francis Graves of Gloucester Co. & Essex Co., VA (gen. 220).  This is the line that was previously regarded as the youngest son of Capt. Thomas Graves, and shares a common ancestor with John Graves of Concord, MA, etc.

(3) Graves/Greaves families of Northamptonshire, England.  This is the part of genealogy 169 that is supposedly descended from John2, Thomas3, John4.  It matches genealogy 47, and we are working on finding the connection.

(4) Graves families of Caroline Co. & Halifax Co., VA, including genealogies 49, 84, 145, 217, etc.

(5) Graves families of VA, NC & Giles Co., TN, genealogy 32, etc.

(6) Graves families of Cambridgeshire & Lancashire, England.  This group is probably from two separate immigrants to Virginia (since there is more spread in the DNA results than would be expected from only one immigrant).  It includes William Graves and Elizabeth ‑‑‑‑‑‑ of VA, NC, TN & KY (gen. 13) and John Graves of Frederick Co., VA (gen. 116).






GENEALOGIES ON THE GFA WEBSITE: A question was recently asked about one of the genealogies on the website regarding whether it was taken from a book or compiled by me.  The answer is that all genealogies on the website have been compiled by me from multiple sources.  I have done some of the research, but most of it has been done by others.  Their information has been sent to me, and I have reviewed it (for reasonableness, consistency, etc.) and incorporated it into the genealogies, including original sources when known.  All contributors of information are indicated by R-numbers (reference numbers).  Although the names and addresses of these contributors are not shown in the online genealogies (to protect their privacy), they can be obtained from me on request.


The online genealogies do not generally contain information for any living people.  However, the complete versions on my computer do include all descendants for whom I have information, and all descendants are included in the published books unless I am specifically requested to omit any information.


BOOK PUBLISHING COSTS AND PROFITS: On rare occasion, people have been under the mistaken impression that I make money by selling books with their contributed information, so they have been reluctant to send their material.  Quite the opposite is true.  I have spent a huge amount of my own money to compile and publish the books, having to spend that money in advance.  Then, over a period of many years, I gradually get a small percentage of that back from sales.


The most recent example is the book for John Graves of Concord, MA (genealogy 166), published in 2002 and still available for purchase (like all the other books).  It is about 1700 pages long, in two volumes.  I worked on it for about 6 years and spent more than $50,000 compiling and publishing it.  Compiling cost about $35,000 for an assistant I hired, and about $17,000 for the actual printing.  My own labor was at no charge, as always.  Net income from sales through the present adds up to about $13,000.  Including presales in 2001, I have only sold 219 of the 523 books printed, not exactly blockbuster sales.  Rather obviously, I publish and sell the books because I think it is important to make the information readily available and because I enjoy doing it, not because it makes money.


Because of the huge amount of work and the high costs of traditional publishing, all future books will be published as “print on demand” books and possibly as CD’s.  This will eliminate the need for me to spend as much money in advance and get stuck with unsold inventory.  It will also make it easier to update the books in the future.





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