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Vol. 9, No. 3, March 7, 2007




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** General Comments

** Help Still Needed for Important GFA Tasks

** Help Needed Especially for Williamsburg Reunion

** June 2007 Reunion in Williamsburg, VA

** Other Reunions

** Graves Books Available

** 1692 Will of John Graves of VA Needs Transcribing

** Immigrants to Virginia

** Presentations by Ken Graves at Family History Conference in Franklin, MA

** New Announcements from Family Tree DNA

** To Submit Material to this Bulletin & Other Things






Our time here in Bradenton, Florida is just about over.  We will be leaving for home tomorrow, Thursday, March 8.  Although I have spent more time than I should responding to email messages, updating the GFA website, and working on the June reunion, the weather has been great and the time has been relaxing.


Most of the planning for the June reunion in Williamsburg is now complete, the revised schedule with costs is now on the website, and (as part of the planning for the tour in June) I will be stopping on the Eastern Shore of Virginia on the way home to see the places where Capt. Thomas Graves lived and worshipped.  Other details about that reunion, other reunions, and other exciting happenings are discussed in this issue of the Bulletin.






Website Design: As a result of this announcement in the previous issue of this Bulletin, we did get one volunteer to help.  However, more help is needed if the new features that are needed are to be added in the near future.  I know some of you have some expertise in this area, and there are others who have children or other relatives who are expert web designers.  Because I don’t have all the knowledge needed and I am having difficulty finding satisfactory professional assistance, I would appreciate help.  The most important feature to be added to the website is a “members only” section that would be password protected and would contain databases and other information of special interest and benefit to members.  It would also allow members to update their personal information and pay dues online.


Other features to be added will include an online store where books, Graves/Greaves products, etc. can be purchased.


If you have the expertise and the willingness to assist with some of this, please let me know.


Publicity and Promotion: Getting the goals and activities of the Graves Family Association mentioned in magazines and newspapers around the U.S. and elsewhere would help attract members and support.  If anyone has experience and expertise in these areas and would like to help, please contact me.


Membership Recruitment: One of the tasks that would be very helpful is contacting all genealogy and history societies in the U.S., Canada, Australia, England, and other pertinent countries, and telling them about what we are doing. This would include our reunions and trips, our efforts to track down all Graves and Greaves descendants, gather their family information, get them to participate in the DNA study, etc.  Another task could be contacting all people of our surname in an area and talking to them about meeting, sharing family information, etc., preferably by phone and personal contact rather than by mail.






Musical entertainment at June reunion

It would be nice to have some musical entertainment at our June reunion in Williamsburg.  There are lots of Graves family members who are musical.  Can anyone lead singing, provide a Graves soloist or musical group, etc?  Major Richard P. (“Rich”) Graves will have his guitar and bass there.  How about some of the rest of you?


Genealogies in Genealogy Programs, and Large Family Charts

I want to provide large wall charts of descendants for the families that will be at the June reunion.  These charts can easily be generated from genealogies in any of the common genealogy programs such as Family Tree Maker.  The problem is that all the many genealogies that are on my computer and on the GFA website are in Microsoft Word rather than in a genealogy program.  That is because when I started compiling genealogies in the 1970’s there were no such programs in existence.


So what I want to do now (especially for the Capt. Thomas Graves genealogy, but also for all other genealogies) is to put all the information into a genealogy program.  I know some of you have entered huge amounts of family information from your own research or have transferred the information from a genealogy on the GFA website.  If you have a very large and fairly complete genealogy for any Graves or Greaves family that you would be willing to send me, please let me know as soon as possible.  This will save me a huge amount of time and expense compared to my having to re-enter all my information into a genealogy program.






There is still time to register for the reunion in Williamsburg, VA on June 14-17.  Big attractions are the history of the area, the many events for the celebration of the 400th anniversary of the first permanent English settlement in America, and the fact that Capt. Thomas Graves arrived in Jamestown in 1608.  However, we will be discussing all the various Graves families at the reunion, and many of the families of Virginia were related to families in New England and elsewhere.  No matter which Graves or Greaves ancestor you are descended from, this reunion should be helpful and rewarding.  If you can possibly attend, you should.


If you are thinking about attending, you may still be able to get a room at the Patrick Henry Inn, or they will refer you to a nearby hotel.  But don’t put it off any longer.  See the reunion page of the GFA website for details on how to contact the Inn, etc.


There is now an updated registration form and schedule of events on the website.  The new form has many more details of the schedule and costs for the meals and tours.  Even if you have sent the preliminary registration form, you now need to send the information on this final registration form and your payment to reserve your place for the dinners and tours.






Information about the following GFA reunions is also on our website.


Saturday & Sunday, June 23-24, 2007, Frankfort, KY - Reunion for all Graves and Greaves families, Frankfort, KY. Ken Graves will be speaking on Sunday, and will probably be there on Saturday evening also.


Anyone who would like to help with this or who might like to attend, please contact Jim Graves at or call 502-347-0967, or Mary Lou Watkins at or call 859-846-4087. They would especially appreciate your help in contacting your cousins and other Graves descendants about attending.


Friday & Saturday, July 27-28 2007, probably Waco, TX, for all Graves descendants.  For information and to help, contact Ron Graves at


March 2008 - Reunion for all Graves and Greaves families, probably in Auburn, AL (but possibly in Montgomery or Birmingham area). Anyone who would like to help organize this or who might like to attend, please contact Dick Graves at






All the following books are still available for purchase in hardcover format, as described on the GFA website.


ROBERT GRAVES of Anson Co., NC and Chesterfield Co., SC, Ancestors and Descendants

This book is about all known descendants of Robert Graves, sixth generation descendant of Capt. Thomas Graves, who arrived in Jamestown, VA in 1608. The probable descent of Robert is: (1) Thomas, (2) John, (3) Thomas, (4) John, (5) Thomas, m. Ann Davenport, (6) Robert.  Published in 1980, 408 pages, $26.00 + $3.00 shipping.



Born in England, may have lived in Gravesend, County Kent. He came to America about 1630, and settled in Lynn, MA. Published in 1985, 446 pages, $36.00 + $3.00 shipping.


THOMAS GRAVES of Hartford, CT and Hatfield, MA

Born before 1585 in England, settled in Hartford before 1645, and moved to Hatfield, MA in 1661. Includes everything in the 1896 book by John Card Graves, plus much more. Published in 1985, 710 pages, $46.00 + $3.00 shipping.



A summary of all Graves/Greaves families everywhere. Contains a summary genealogy (at least the first 2 generations) of 200 families, a brief description of 39 others with insufficient information for a genealogy, and discussion of possible connections between some of the families. Published in 1994, 509 pages, $41.00 + $3.00 shipping.



Born 1605 at Ratcliff or Stepney, England, settled in Charlestown, MA about 1637. Includes descendants in England of his great-grandfather, Thomas Greaves. Published in 1994, 267 pages, $23.00 + $3.00 shipping.



Born in England, settled in Hartford, CT about 1636, as one of the original proprietors. Published March 1995, 446 pages, $35.00 + $3.00 shipping.


JOHN GRAVES of Concord, MA

Born in England, settled in Concord, MA about 1635. Published March 2002, 1703 pages, $75.00 + $5.00 shipping.


The following books are not yet available.  Announcements will be made as soon as more is known.









Karen Chilton Beverly, descended from Capt. Thomas Graves of VA (genealogy 169), recently told me about a reference to a will in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury (England) for the “will of John Grave of Virginia, North America”.  The will was dated 24 September 1692.  I ordered a copy of the will and have put it on the GFA website.  You can see it by going to the website, scrolling down to the “What’s New” section, and clicking on the link.  I need your help in transcribing it.  Please let me know when you have it deciphered.






I would like to develop a complete list of all immigrants to Virginia, with references for where they are mentioned (such as the will in the preceding article).  Please let me know if you can help, or send me your lists.






Ken Graves will be making two presentations at the 2007 Franklin Family History Conference on Saturday, April 21, in Franklin, Massachusetts.  One presentation will be about using DNA for genealogy, and the other will be about the benefits of family associations.  For more information or to register for the conference, go to






The following announcements were in the recent newsletter from our DNA testing company, Family Tree DNA, but I thought they might be of broader interest to some of you who didn’t see them.


Family Tree DNA now has over 132,000 records in its database. They have over 90,000 records of Y-DNA results, and over 3,900 Surname Projects, which include over 60,000 surnames. Their mtDNA database has over 41,000 results.


European Office

Family Tree DNA is pleased to announce the opening of a European office in Zurich, Switzerland. This office provides support for our European customers in Spanish, French, Italian, German, and English, as well as providing local shipping and payment in European currencies.


"Opening this new office is just the latest company expansion designed to improve services to our customers," says Family Tree DNA President Bennett Greenspan. "It solves the problem of our international clientele preferring to pay for our products in their specific country's currency or in Euros and being able to write an e-mail or pick up the phone to ask a question in their own language."


To contact the European office or to order products through the European office, use the link below:


Advanced Tests

Family Tree DNA is pleased to announce that the Autosomal and X-STR testing panels are now available to new customers. Customers can order Autosomal Makers Panel 1, Autosomal Markers Panels 1 & 2, X-STR Markers Panel 1, or X-STR Markers Panels 1 & 2. These are the same testing panels that are already available as Advanced Order add-ons for existing customers. For more information about these tests, please click on the link below:


The Genographic Project

The Genographic Project is a real time effort to map how humankind populated the earth. It is a five-year research partnership between National Geographic and IBM with support from the Waitt Family Foundation, and public participation through Family Tree DNA.


If you have tested with Family Tree DNA, you can join the Genographic Project and participate in this real time research project.


If you haven't yet joined the Genographic Project, go to your Personal Page at Family Tree DNA, and click the tab labeled Genographic Project. There is a small fee of $15.00 USD (US Dollars) to join the Genographic Project. Proceeds from this fee will be directed to the Genographic Legacy Fund, which supports local education and cultural preservation efforts to benefit the participating indigenous populations.


A Personal Page will be created for you at the Genographic Project web site. This page will provide information about your distant origins. In addition, there is an optional questionnaire, where you can provide information about your family history and approve the inclusion of your data in the research project to assist the Genographic Project with achieving their goals.


To learn more about the Genographic Project, click on the link below:


Sign up for the new email newsletter from the Genographic Project. You will be kept informed about the latest news on field research, Genographic stories and highlights from the Genographic Project Web site. To subscribe to this new newsletter, click on the link below, and page down until you see the Genographic Project.





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