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Graves Family Association


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  • President & DNA Study Coordinator: Kenneth Vance Graves, 20 Binney Circle, Wrentham, MA 02093, phone 508-384-8084, ken.graves@gravesfa.org
  • Treasurer: Sarah J. Graves, Wrentham, MA
  • Graves Online List Manager: Marjorie Ferris, Rialto, CA
  • Coordinator of Promotion and Fundraising: Ronald Nelson Graves, 108 Earl St., San Antonio, TX 78212, gravesronn@cs.com


GFA regional chapters and their leaders can be found on the Regional Chapters page.


The desired responsibilities for research coordinators are listed on the Volunteers page.

  • Research Coordinator, Graves of Cambridgeshire, England (Gen. 139): Nedra Dickman Brill, CG, 2410 NE 58th Ave., Portland, OR 97213-4002, brillnd@pacifier.com
  • Research Coordinators, Rear Admiral Thomas Graves (Gen. 28)
    • Research Coordinator, Rear Admiral Thomas Graves of Charlestown, MA and his Greaves family of Stepney, London, England: Raymond C. Flesher, 313 West Lehow Ave., #24, Englewood, CO 80110-6744, rcflesher@juno.com
    • Research Coordinator, Charles Newton Graves (descended from Rear Admiral Thomas Graves of Charlestown, MA): Janet Craw, HC 4, Box 23B, Payson, AZ 85541-9531, vjcraw@cybertrails.com
    • Research Coordinator, Asa Graves and Roxanna Ottman (descended from Rear Admiral Thomas Graves): Elvin Ogg, PO Box 1405, Sault Ste. Marie, MI 49783, elvinogg@yahoo.com
  • Research Coordinator, Samuel Graves of Lynn, MA (Gen. (Gen. 83): Carol Kenney Graves, 4121 North Koerner Rd., Peoria, IL 61615, ckenney7@aol.com
  • Research Coordinator, John Graves and Isabella Lea of Caswell Co., NC (born about 1715, descended from John Graves/Greaves of Northamptonshire, England & VA, Gen. 270): Richmond Stanfield ("Rick") Frederick, Jr., 1945 Jamaica Way, Punta Gorda, FL 33950, rfrederi2@comcast.net