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Graves Family Association

On this page (or on pages linked to this) are photographs of unknown descendants of various Graves/Grieve/Greaves family members. These people may have the Graves (or variation) surname, or they may be descendants of such a person. If you can help identify any of the people in these photos, please contact Ken Graves and/or the person mentioned in the descriptive information.

The photos or groups of photos included are:

  • Ruby Graves from Tennessee, genealogy unknown
  • Grandpa and Grandma Graves of Savannah, MO, genealogy 77
  • Unidentified members of the Graves family of Highland Crow Graves, genealogy 116, on a separate page

Ruby GravesThis is a photo of RUBY GRAVES as a teenager. She was from Tennessee, born about 1928, one of 12 children. Although it is believed that her middle initial was J., it is possible she is the Ruby C. (or G.) Graves, age 2 years, 9 months, in the 1930 census for Memphis, Shelby Co., TN, ED 104, page 15A.

Ruby Graves is the mother of Toni (Prowell) Brinklow, TMBrinklow@bellsouth.net. Toni is very anxious to learn about Ruby Graves and her family.

Grandpa and Grandma GravesAdded 28 Dec. 2010: This is a photo of Grandpa and Grandma Graves of Savannah, Andrew Co., MO, taken at the Rudolph Uhlman Studio in Saint Joseph, MO. The photograph appears to have been taken in the 1880's with the couple perhaps in their 60's. It seems most likely that this is part of the family of John Graves and Margery Harvey of Randolph Co., NC (genealogy 77). Possible candidates include Drewry Graves (b. 1834) and Elizabeth Ellen Robinson, his brother James Graves (b. 1838) and Margaret Harvey, or even possibly one of their younger brothers.

If you know who this is, contact either Shelley Cardiel, cardiels@comcast.net, or Ken Graves.